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Chapter 206.4 - Don’t Say Anything, Kiss Me

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 206.4: Don’t Say Anything, Kiss Me

    “What is Xi Zhan Chen thinking? Not mentioning whether he is scheming something by getting close to the young lady for the moment, what your subordinate does not understand is something else.”

    The subordinate contemplated for a moment before he suddenly opened his mouth to say: “Xi Zhan Chen had never failed any mission he went on, regardless whether it was to assassinate someone or to retrieve an item. But with the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus this time, he actually slipped up. Doesn’t the Valley Chief think….. that something feels strange?”

    Ji Yan Long raised an eyebrow to look at the man. “What are your thoughts about that?”

    “Your subordinate thinks that it’s impossible that he failed. Something must have happened during the mission.”

    “That is indeed unusual.” Ji Yan Long nodded as he rubbed his chin, a deeply thoughtful look coming to show on that amiable and harmless looking face. “It looks like something interesting must have happened on his last trip out!”

    Night descended and the people from the Three Great Sects participating in this year’s Friendship Meet had all gathered together. Besides the participating disciples, people who wanted to spectate were also allowed to follow them up.

    But the Fleeing Cloud Fortress was not a place that was easy to go up to. One would need to climb over ten thousand steps and no spirit powers could be employed or they would be sent flying out by the barrier array at the Fleeting Cloud Fortress. At that height, it was really no joke. If one was already halfway up and was struck down, haha, not to mention they would have wasted all that effort and be out from the competition, whether their corpse could still be found in one piece was another question.

    Hence, even though the Fleeting Cloud Fortress was one of the most wondrous sights in the Constellation Lands, no one had ever been able to easily climb their way up there, as it was not only a great test of one’s physical endurance, one needed to also possess extraordinary determination. If one was not able to persevere all the way right to the top but wanted to give up halfway, there was no chance for such regrets with death the only other option.

    With the Fleeting Cloud Fortress, there was actually a beautiful legend surrounding it.

    It was told that the place tested how true of heart the love between two people really was as only for people who were truly in love, would they be able to reach the top to the Fleeting Cloud Fortress for their loved one, to make a wish within the Fleeting Cloud Fortress that would definitely come true.

    For a man and a woman, the hidden hands of fate would be guiding them along, the two of them destined to end up together.

    “Don’t know whether the legend of the Fleeting Cloud Fortress is truly real, but reaching the top is the first thing that everyone needs to do now, and all of you must definitely persevere till you reach up there or you would come to lose your life if you give up halfway. So all of you must choose carefully.” Ji Yan Long repeated as he beamed at everyone, his gaze sweeping over them.

    “Everyone will also be welcome to verify whether the legend regarding two people in love is fact or fiction, as with such a great number of people here, maybe your destined one is among them. So on this climb up to the Fleeting Cloud Fortress, men and women would move separately, each group entering from a different side while we quietly await for your good word.”