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Chapter 207.2 - Come Here, Let Me Tell You A Secre

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 207.2: Come Here, Let Me Tell You A Secret

    At the Fleeting Cloud Fortress, only when one was standing at the highest point would they be able to see the unbelievable view below.

    At that moment, Ji Yan Long and the Four Demon Ghosts who were never far from his side had reached the top through the secret passage. He gazed down from that high point and said with a soft laugh: “Wonder how many people will fall off from the Fleeting Cloud Fortress this time and have their bodies smashed to smithereens. From ancient times, people who are able to climb their way up here with their own strength have been few and far between.”

    One of the Four Demon Ghosts responded in a raspy voice: “It wouldn’t mean much for them even if those people manage to make their way up here as only one as capable as the Valley Chief with unsurpassing intelligence can be the Fleeting Cloud Fortress’ final host.”

    A deep and meaningful smile then curled up at the ends of Ji Yan Long’s lips as he murmured softly: “That’s right. The Fleeting Cloud Fortress is not a place that anyone can come up to so easily. But since they have chosen to deliver themselves to their deaths, what can I do…..”

    The people who were coming up were not just the disciples participating in the Friendship Meet competition, but it included many respected and highly revered personnel who held high positions in the other two great sects. Moreover, even the ones holding the highest authourity in the Faint Mist Sect and the Limitless Sect would be coming to spectate at the matches.

    [Haha. He had all the time in the world to wait for them to come up here, but just how many of them would be able to make their way up here alive was not known yet.]

    [He had already been very merciful to have given them a warning!]

    Everything at the Fleeting Cloud Fortress was clearly presented to everyone before their eyes that night.

    The path under their feet was rather uneven and bumpy. They were not surrounded in pitch black darkness but the place was speckled with soft glowing fairy lights like stars all around, some green some blue, a breathtaking sight that lent a sense of enchantment under the beautiful night sky.

    “What is that? It’s really pretty.”

    Qian Yun who had been by Ming Yi Yi side was drawn by the sight, and could not help but open her mouth to comment.

    Girls just love to look at beautiful looking things and when they see it, they just cannot help but to reach a hand out to touch them. Qian Yun knew very well that beautiful things were usually dangerous but she still went ahead to stretch her hand out like she was bewitched.

    The expression on her face was highly wary as she reached out, but before she could even touch the glowing light, a palm suddenly smacked her hand away.

    Qian Yun felt as if she had just woken up from a dream, staring in bewilderment at the reddened back of her hand. She then turned her head to look at the young girl beside her. “Yi Yi, what did you hit me for?”

    “If I did not smack you back to your senses, you would already be dead.” Ming Yi Yi creased up her brows and continued to say: “Look carefully again to see what those things are. And you really dared to stretch your hand out to go touch them.”

    Hearing that, Qian Yun then summoned up a ball of pale green flames in her palm. This was soulfire that people of the Soul Cultivators Tribe were born with, linked with the fact that they possessed such powerful soul powers.