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Chapter 207.3 - Come Here, Let Me Tell You A Secre

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 207.3: Come Here, Let Me Tell You A Secret

    The burning flames lit up the slightly sinister feeling air surrounding them, and closely at the glowing lights more closely, Qian Yun’s face turned pale from fright, almost letting out a squeal. The sudden light from the flames seemed to alarm the glowing lights, as they let out an ear piercing sharp screech.

    All those tiny little green and blue glowing lights, in what way were they just a natural pretty looking phenomenon?

    It was a bunch of blood sucking bugs whose wings were bigger than their bodies, and the light was emanating from their eyes.

    These creatures were highly timid and as long as one did not go agitate them, they basically would not pose to be of any danger. But they were however a maniacal bunch where if you were to even accidentally touch one of them, they would think that they were under attack, and would counter attack mercilessly.

    Thinking about it, with the Fleeting Cloud Fortress so high up, ten thousand steps of stairs up, filled fully with so many of those terrifying blood sucking bugs, just the thought of it will send chills up one’s spine.

    Setting that the girl was really quite shocked, Ming Yi Yi sighed and stretched a hand out to pat the girl comfortingly on her back. “That’ll teach you not to be so careless again. How could you make such a mistake? You should know better than to go touch something so dangerous like that.”

    Qian Yun’s body was still in shock, frozen in place. Her face was pale as she stammered: “I….. I don’t know why. I was just unconsciously….. reaching my hand out wanting to touch…..”

    “You cannot blame it all on her.” Qing Yu chirped in when she saw what was happening. “Those bugs have some rather unusual eyes and staring at them for too long would indeed mesmerize a person, causing them to do things that they are not aware of themselves…..”

    She had not even finished her words when a maniacal voice suddenly reached them, and many people were frantically trying to persuade her to stop.

    “Hahaha….. I’m the strongest in the world…… I’m the most powerful….. Look….. I can fly….. I’m flying haha…..”

    Once she finished saying that, a petite little figure was seen suddenly leaping off right off from the Fleeting Cloud Fortress. Before anyone could even react, there was already no sign of her to be seen.

    “Little junior~”

    A number of people beside the spot she was standing at hung their heads and cried.

    That entire scene had happened too fast and there was no way any one of them was able to prevent that tragedy from happening. Although they had not been moving all that fast but they had still come up a few hundred steps. That height, to a girl who had already lost her mind and was completely defenceless meant only certain death from the plummet.

    “How…..” Qian Yun’s eyes were wide, her voice quivering quite a bit.

    Qing Yu shook her head with a regretful sigh and then looked at the young girl and said: “Lucky for you you had not looked at them for too long and Yi Yi was still able to smack you back to your senses. Otherwise, I fear that your body might already have been sucked dry of blood by now.”

    “Let’s all be more careful from here on and try to stick together. Do not stray too far away from the group so that we’ll be able to help each other in time in case of any danger.” Mu Lai said with a grave face, her voice tinged with a chill.