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Chapter 208.1 - Everyone’s Stuck In A Hopeless Situation

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 208.1: Everyone’s Stuck In A Hopeless Situation

    The youth’s exceptionally good looking face was at least sixty to seventy percent alike to Qing Yu’s and he was at that moment gazing highly curiously at the man beside him. Even the youth himself had not come to notice that in those good looking eyes of his, they were tinged with an almost imperceptible sparkle of worship.

    Lou Jun Yao curved up the corners of his lips and glanced at the youth to say: “Those golems have developed their spirit consciousness, so they would naturally not do something stupid like striking a egg against a rock. They know innately just how great the disparity in power really is, where even if all of them were to attack at the same time in a single surge, they will only end up being smashed up into dust.”

    Qing Bei raised an eyebrow and looked at the man doubtfully as he asked: “Are these monsters really able to sense that you’re someone not to be trifled with more than everyone else and that is why they’re keeping themselves far away from you?”

    [But besides being a little more good looking than most men, this man does not look to be all that much different from others doesn’t he?]

    Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao merely smiled quietly at the youth as he stretched a hand out to ruffled the youth’s hair. “Wait till the day you become truly powerful and you’ll then understand what I mean.”

    Caught off guard and finding his head being ruffled up, Qing Bei jumped back a couple of steps in shock as he stared incredulously at the man and said: “This… This habit of ruffling up people’s head….. Did you pick that up from Qing Yu! ?”

    [It isn’t enough that his head was always being rubbed like a little puppy by Qing Yu and now he has met a man who likes to ruffle his head as well? And the man holds such unfathomable powers that there was no way he would be able to stand against him, so he had no choice but to quietly let his head be rubbed…..]

    [Thinking of that he felt that his life seemed so dark. Is his future one that he will forever be suppressed by these two people? Is he not allowed to have some dignity! ?]

    The changes over the expressions on the youth’s face were really fascinating to watch, altering so many times before turning into one of utter despair. Lou Jun Yao curved up his lips feeling rather amused. “What? The lass likes to touch your head as well?”

    [He had asked the lass why she would always throw such a fit whenever he touched her head. So it’s because she was so used to touching the lad’s head and was just not used to it happening to her instead.]

    Upon hearing the man say “as well”, the expression on Qing Bei’s face was a little astounded as he asked: “Don’t tell me that Qing Yu ruffled your head before…..”

    Lou Jun Yao scoffed upon hearing that. “She wouldn’t dare.”

    Qing Bei then heaved a sigh of relief. [He had though…..]

    “Keep close to me and stop daydreaming.” The man called from in front and Qing Bei quickly snapped back to his senses, taking a few quick steps to go catch up.

    Su Li Mo had already been rather curious about this mysterious purple robed man and having just witnessed the man’s terrifying powers intimidate the enemies right before his own eyes, deterring them from attacking the man at all, that was not something that just any skilled pugilist was able to do.

    He was not about to believe that this man was simply just a mere Seven Star Grade teacher.

    And, he seemed to have appeared together with that lass Qing Yu, the relationship between those two appear to be rather close.