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Chapter 208.2 - Everyone’s Stuck In A Hopeless Situation

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 208.2: Everyone’s Stuck In A Hopeless Situation

    But, that lass was someone that the Chief was fond of and he would have to pay close attention to this man.

    On the other side, Ji Yan Long was seated inside the majestic palace at the highest point of the Fleeting Cloud Fortress. There was a very big mirror inside the palace and through that mirror, he was able to see everything happening below inside the fortress, everything within his grasp of control.

    Ji Yan Long was observing everyone through the mirror when the mirror suddenly turned a pitch black. A black mist then rose up and a voice filled with sinister mirth was heard. “Ji Yan Long, the Master has ordered for you to activate all of the Fleeting Cloud Fortress’ traps and arrays. Not a single person who has come here in the Fleeting Cloud Fortress today can live but just the young lady named Qing Yu.”

    Hearing that voice, Ji Yan Long who had been sitting proud and straight up in that kingly throne was suddenly taken aback a moment, before he suddenly asked in confusion: “Why has the Master given such an order? Isn’t it said that he will not interfere with my affairs? Moreover, there are many noble and important people with highly prominent backgrounds here in the Fleeting Cloud Fortress today, so if something unfortunate happens to them while participating in the Carefree Valley’s Friendship Meet, how am I going to be able to answer for it to their people?”

    The voice was still filled with evil malice. “These people have indeed not committed any wrong, but they can only blame it on the one single person who should not have set foot into this place is now here. The Master’s objective is just that one person but nothing among all the ordinary and mundane things here in the Fleeting Cloud Fortress can do anything to him, and only the trap the Master has devised himself would be able to take down this person.”

    “Really?” Ji Yan Long was a little surprised. “Makes me wonder who could this person be?”

    The face in the mirror clouded by black mist suddenly transformed, and the figure of a man appeared. Ji Yan Long found the figure to be unfamiliar, having no impression of having seen that person before. “Has this person offended the Master?”

    “You do not need to know that. This person is not from the Constellation Lands but a highly skilled pugilist from a higher leveled realm. He holds extraordinary power and that is why ordinary methods would not be able to stop him. Remember to activate all the traps and arrays and the Master does not want this person to walk out from here the fortress alive. As for all the other people, you just do as you deem fit.”

    Hearing those words, Ji Yan Long’s face turned pale from shock. “My Lord, the Constellation Lands is controlled by a set of laws. If I am to murder a person from a higher realm, I fear that I will suffer persecution. How could I possibly dare…..”

    “WIth the Master around, what do you have to fear? Very soon, the entire world will belong to the Master, so how much could just killing one person from a higher realm matter? You’re always being so timid and afraid of trouble.” The sinister sounding voice said with sarcastic contempt, his words filled with blind worship for his so called Master.

    Bolstered with that guarantee, Ji Yan Long’s worry in his heart then dissipated a little. That face who always carried an easy light smile looked a little grave at that moment.

    Deliberating on it for awhile, Ji Yan Long finally opened his mouth to say: “In that case, then I shall follow the Master’s orders. But if I come to suffer any persecution from this, I shall expect the Master to extend a helping hand.”