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Chapter 208.3 - Everyone’s Stuck In A Hopeless Situation

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 208.3: Everyone’s Stuck In A Hopeless Situation

    “That will naturally be the case. As long as you serve the Master loyally, the Master will not treat you shabbily.” The voice was arrogant and disdainful, and then continued to add: “Remember to not harm that young lady Qing Yu in anyway.”

    Upon saying that, the black mist in the mirror gradually dissipated and faded away, to show the view as it did before. At that moment, the fastest among the people had already ascended to reach over a thousand steps up the Fleeting Cloud Fortress, and among these people, was Qing Yu herself.

    Ji Yan Long’s face was one of incredulity as he shook his head and murmured: “Just who is this…. Qing Yu? Even that stone hearted and emotionless Xi Zhan Chen had tried to get close to this young lady, and now the Master was also treating her differently. How strange…..”


    “Does anyone of you feel like it’s getting colder the higher we go?”

    Ming Yi Yi’s lips were a little pale. Didn’t know whether it was because she was afflicted with that frost poison for so many long years, she seemed to have become extra sensitive to any fall in temperature.

    Although she had been cured of the frost poison and was not that afraid of the cold anymore, the sudden drop in temperature had still made her feel highly uncomfortable.

    “I am feeling a little cold as well.” Mu Lai nodded in agreement.

    [Maybe not just merely a little cold.]

    She lowered her eyes to look down at her hands, and she clenched up her long slender fingers. She actually saw a thin layer of frost break and fall in a glittering sprinkle.

    Winter had clearly passed and the temperature should logically not fall so low. Moreover, the climate in the Carefree Valley was usually warmer than the wintry Faint Mist Sect that would be blanketed in pristine white snow.

    Qing Yu who had been walking in front suddenly halted her steps and her eyes flashed with a sharp glint. Her cold clear voice then sounded: “Show yourselves!”

    Hearing that, Mu Lai and the others were taken aback. [What is it?]

    As Qing Yu’s voice fell, many white coloured things fell from the night sky, and soon, a layer of silver frost had formed under their feet.

    It had started to snow.

    Strange occurrences can only mean that there’s devilry afoot. The few of them immediately tensed up their bodies as they surveyed the surroundings warily.

    Razor sharp ice blades suddenly came shooting malevolently straight towards them, their tips tinged with a bright spot of blue.

    Qing Yu’s eyes darkened. “Look out! The tips of the ice blades are poisonous!”

    The few of them quickly dodged away, and they saw the ice blades scratch the blood sucking glowing bugs around them. In the very next instant, the light faded from those bugs, clearly already dead.

    After the few of them barely managed to dodge those icy blades, a sense of calm seemed to suddenly fall over the place, where no other strange signs were seen.

    The momentary peace passed very quickly and they felt a tremor under their feet, like something huge was approaching from the front, its heavy feet stomping on the ground with every step, lumbering towards them.