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Chapter 208.4 - Everyone’s Stuck In A Hopeless Situation

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “What is that…..”

    Appearing from within the darkness before their eyes, was a gigantic ape formed out of ice and snow. Its long fangs extended out till its neck, its red eyes staring malevolently at the group of people.

    Snow continued to fall relentlessly, not showing any signs of letting up at all, very quickly reaching ankle height.

    Such a scene seemed to be rather familiar.

    Qing Yu and Mu Lai looked at each other and they saw understanding dawn in each other’s eyes.

    Back when they had been in the demon beasts lair within the arctic region up in the north many years ago, they had accidentally fallen into a cave and they had encountered a similar scene just like this.

    But what they encountered there had been an ancient ice human, the ice and snow almost burying them. They managed to escape from there in the end but they had only been about ten years old at that time.

    Since time immemorial water and ice do not mix and ice is formed when water freezes, so it is afraid of fire.

    But this was not just regular ice and of course any normal fire would not be able to do anything to it.

    A highly radiant smile suddenly curled up at the corners of Qing Yu’s lips as she looked at the young woman with a cool expression on her face beside her. “Do you remember that we took more than two hours last time to kill that ice person back then? I wonder how long we need this time?”

    Mu Lai laughed scoffingly, her gaze disdainful as she stared at the ice ape that was fully intent on tearing them all to pieces. She then said coldly: “I think an hour will be more than enough this time.”

    “Then, my guess is half an hour.” Qing Yu said with a smile.

    The next second, with perfect unspoken chemistry, the two of them slowly raised their hands, one with gold and red flames, the other with her palm crackling with a deep electrifying purple light, lunging lighting quick into the air as the two spheres of elemental power crashed into each other, the power of the impact contorting the air surrounding the collision.

    The two spheres of elemental powers contended with each other for a while before they meshed together. The two of them then threw out a palm strike at the same moment, throwing the powerful sphere of joint elemental powers straight towards the ferocious ice ape.

    The ice ape roared loudly and opened its mouth wide, to swallow the elemental power sphere down into its belly. It looked like it was not affected in the slightest and it went on to launch a relentless assault on its two opponents.

    The expression on Qing Yu’s face remained unchanged, her gaze fixed upon the ice ape lunging straight towards them.

    Counting down silently in her heart. [One, two, three…..]


    An enormous explosion erupted, accompanied by a blinding intense fiery light, to blow up under the quiet night sky. It was such a large explosion that even the men who had entered from the other entrance from a different side were able to feel it.