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Chapter 209.1 - All Who Covet Qing Qing Has To Die

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “What has happened here…..”

    “It was such a huge blast! Which level did that explosion happen at?”

    “It was enormous! I wonder if the lassies were able to make it through that. I think that it’s unavoidable that a good number of them were not able to live through that.….”

    The colour of the flash of fire had not only been purely the fire element alone but was tinged with purple and gold, a combination of at least three types of elements. Hence, the blast had been so explosive that they were still able to feel the aftereffects even though quite a long while had passed.

    “That must have been Qing Yu.”

    Qing Bei felt that the powers behind that blast was rather familiar and immediately knew that Qing Yu definitely had a hand in that enormous blast.

    His brows furrowed together. “Could they have met with danger! ?”

    Lou JUn Yao glanced at the youth and told him: “Relax. She is able to protect herself well enough. With her level of cultivation and skills, very few things in this low level realm can hurt her, unless it is something not from these lands.”

    That’s right. This low level realm seemed to be showing more and more strange abnormalities and the universal laws over the different realms looked to be of little use as they were no longer able to hold down these strange powers exceeding the realm’s limits.

    Just like what happened not long before, when the devilishly powerful dark zombie had appeared in these Constellation Lands.

    It seemed like a mastermind was pulling the strings behind all these incidents.

    “Ugh…..” Accompanying that almost inaudible grunt, was the dull thud of a body falling to the ground following immediately after.

    Everyone turned to look in puzzlement towards the source of the sound, and came to see a disciple wearing the Faint Mist Sect’s uniform standing with his head drooping down, his hand held up in the air and his fingers curled up in the shape of a claw. The hand was all covered in blood, that continued to drip down to the ground.

    Right by his feet, lay a Faint Mist Sect disciple. That person was lying on the ground with his face up, his eyes wide open and had a gory hole in his chest that had blood flowing freely out of the wound.

    “Ling Yu! Have you lost your mind! ?” Another Faint Mist Sect disciple shouted as he looked at the first disciple in shock. “Why did you do that?”

    The man called Ling Yu kept his head lowered and did not respond at all. Seeing that, the infuriated disciple walked straight up to the guy and grabbed at his shirt collar and shouted: “Say something would you! Have you gone mad? How can you kill one of your own fellow disciple? You….. Arrrrgh~”

    Before he could finish his sentence, his voice was replaced by a painfully pitiful scream.

    Everyone saw Ling Yu who had not moved at all for so long suddenly grab the neck of the person before him before he leaned forward and bit right into it, and a gurgling sound was heard like he was sucking out the blood of his fellow disciple.

    The person was initially still cursing loudly in rage and surprise but quickly stopped struggling after a while, and not a sound could be heard from him.

    He was dead.