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Chapter 209.2 - All Who Covet Qing Qing Has To Die

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 209.2: All Who Covet Qing Qing Has To Die

    Ling Yu tossed the disciple who was no longer breathing down onto the ground before finally raising his head up. His mouth was smeared all over in blood, the expression on his face maniacal. “So….. delicious!”

    His eyes were bright red, looking like a monster with an insatiable thirst for blood.

    He then lifted his hand that was covered in blood and licked his tongue over his fingers for a taste, his eyes gazing greedily at the whole bunch of food in front of him. His expression became incredibly excited as he howled: “Blood….. I want blood, I want more blood!”

    The moment his voice fell, his body moved very quickly to charge towards the several people closest to him. His two hands were like the sharpest weapons there was, instantly piercing right through two people’s chest before he pulled his hands back quickly to continue attacking other people. It immediately turned into a chaotic scene and terrified screams broke out all over the place.

    Lou Jun Yao was standing not too far away from there and his eyes were dark, deep as ink, a silent surge rising up within as the tall figure stood, not moving an inch.

    The man who had lost his mind was caught up in the fervour of uninhibited slaughter and the ground was already littered with many dead bodies in myriad positions.

    All of that was happening not too far away from them but standing in their positions, they were able to see everything that was happening down below. There was blood everywhere, staining the ground beneath their feet a grisly red.

    There were several people with rather good levels of cultivation fighting him and trying to take him down but it did not seem to have much of an effect. It was as if the enemy had taken some booster drugs and was sweeping through everything before it.

    Watching that scene, Qing Bei could not help but feel a little flustered. “What should we do? He will catch up with us here very soon…..”

    Lou Jun Yao said indifferently. “It’s not him.”

    The youth looked at him puzzledly, not knowing what he meant by those words.

    “It’s them.”

    As Lou Jun Yao’s voice fell, Qing Bei immediately knew what the man meant in the very next instant.

    Because from the next level below on those steps, the sound of an intense flurry of footsteps could then be heard.

    Saying there was an intense flurry to describe it was not exaggerated in the least as what reached everyone’s ears was a chaotic mess of footsteps. That kind of number cannot be described as merely many but could be said to be terrifying.

    “What….. What is happening here…..” Both Qing Bei’s eyes and ears could be said to have suddenly gone numb.

    Before him, countless droopy headed, stiff bodied people with tattered clothes and their hands hanging limply by their sides had suddenly appeared.

    The reason they are called people was because they looked human on the outside, but there were many other things that were not like what normal humans would do.

    For example, the manner they walked. Their steps were sluggish as they staggered unsteadily, like they were not that mobile, but their pace was neatly uniform as they came to appear before his eyes.