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Chapter 209.3 - All Who Covet Qing Qing Has To Die

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 209.3: All Who Covet Qing Qing Has To Die

    Qing Bei stared with his eyes wide. “All these happenings…..”

    “Puppets.” Lou Jun Yao slowly came to open his mouth to say, his face calm and tranquil without showing the slightest ripple of emotion. “Using dead bodies who have barely just breathed their last and were not completely dead to turn into puppets. They are several times stronger than those puppets created from dead corpses.”

    Hearing that, Qing Bei then turned to look back at the man who was still on a killing rampage. “Why did that Faint MIst Sect disciple become like that?”

    “It must be because he was bitten by a puppet and did not die, but got tainted by the puppet’s evil and deathly aura, turning into a blood thirsty monster who is neither man nor ghost.” Lou Jun Yao explained.

    His gaze then turned back to look at the constantly nearing puppets who were making strange sounds with their mouths, the expression his face looking a little complicated.

    To think that such a thing would appear here in the Carefree Valley within the Fleeting Cloud Fortress.

    If it was just purely the Friendship Meet between the sects, such a thing should not have appeared, and even if he possessed such a thing, Ji Yan Long would not have the audacity to release such monsters.

    Among the people who came today, many of them were prominent people of high position in these lands. If something happened to them while they were here in the Carefree Valley, Ji Yan Long would not be able to answer for it to the outside world.

    The Puppetry Technique was a skill lost to the world for many years and not to mention here in this low level land, it was rare to see even in Cloud Heaven itself. But despite that, this was already the second time that he was seeing puppets like this in this low level lands.

    It was not known when the man’s irises had broken its illusory magic and had turned an intense violet. Under all that frantic chaos happening all around, no one would notice the change in his eyes.

    With those devilish eyes uncaged, they immediately received a memory fragment from one of the puppets.

    It showed the fuzzy image of a man’s figure, but the glib and evil sounding voice was just too familiar that it refreshed one’s memory, or at least that memory came to leave a very deep impression in Lou Jun Yao’s mind.

    The fuzzy figure of the man became clear. It was a gently handsome looking man, his countenance as good looking as a god’s. But in the very next instant, that handsome looking face twisted up evilly.

    “Lou Bai Qian? If you are to die here today, it is all your own doing.”

    “Of all the things you should not have and must not have done, you shouldn’t have set your eyes on my Qing Qing! Qing Qing belongs to me! Her body, her soul, every single strand of hair on her head, they are all mine!”

    “Anyone who covets her, I will make them pay the price.”

    “And you, not only did you covet Qing Qing, you even seek to possess her. Absolutely unpardonable! I will make you suffer the greatest pain there is in this world. I will make you suffer a fate worse than death. Hahahahaha…..”