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Chapter 209.4 - All Who Covet Qing Qing Has To Die

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 209.4: All Who Covet Qing Qing Has To Die

    The memory stopped there, and there was nothing after that.

    Lou Jun Yao turned his gaze away. [It’s that man afterall.]

    [Besides that guy, nobody would be able to create so many puppets. Looks like the many kinds of danger here today were all set up just for him.]

    [Ha! That is so thoughtful of him.]

    To think that there would be such a crazed and perverted man in this world, who would harbour such shameless and insidious thoughts towards his own younger sister. How much more immorally corrupt could one be.]

    The violet irises flashed with a bright glint and he suddenly remembered something.

    “Keep this with you.” The young lady handed a black porcelain bottle over to him and said: “Make sure you keep this safely on you. It will be useful at the most critical juncture.”

    “What is it?” He asked as he took it, giving it a shake. There was the sound of something sloshing inside, like it was some kind of liquid.

    “This is my blood, the only way we know of countering the Puppetry Technique at the moment. Ordinary techniques have no effect against the Puppetry Technique and as those puppets are monsters impenetrable with blades or knife, unable to feel pain or exhaustion. No matter how powerful you are, and they are not able to hurt you at all, a swarm of ants can still bring down an elephant.”

    “They do not tire, but the time where your energy depletes will come, so remember to not clash head on with them.”

    He was a little confused as he stared at the tiny bottle in his hand. “I saw how much you bled in order to defeat those puppets. With this tiny thing here…..”

    He had not even finished with his words when Qing Yu understood what he was trying to say. She was silent for a moment before she said softly. “This is blood from the tip of my heart. The Heart’s Blood of the purest bloodline. The power in one single drop of this is more than a hundred times stronger than my regular blood.”

    “How could you…… How could you be so foolish! Don’t you know how dangerous it is? How can you do that! ? What if something happened to you…..”

    Qing Yu’s eyes were serious as she looked at him. She then said: “That guy will definitely avenge any humiliation inflicted onto him. Having failed this time, he will not give up. I do not want you to meet with any danger because of me. I do not wish for you to get implicated but you have already been dragged into this and he will not let you off.”

    “Remember what I am telling you. If you meet him, do not clash head on with him. You might be very highly skilled and few can stand up to you in Cloud Heaven, but powers exist in these lands that you are not able to fight against and his Puppetry Techniques is one of them.”

    Lou Jun Yao slowly came back to his senses and his large smooth had slowly pulled out a black porcelain bottle. He gently pulled off the stopper and the powerful aura of the blood wafted out. The puppet that had been approaching aggressively immediately retreated a step back in fear, like it was suddenly frightened of something, not daring to take another step forward.

    Those were probably a bunch of low leveled puppets that were controlled to carry out orders. But they were still able to instinctively sense things that posed to be of grave danger and all of them did not dare to go another step forward.

    Very soon, an evil and sinister sounding voice quickly rose in their minds to convey an order: “Kill that man!”