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Chapter 210.1 - Will Not Let You Die

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 210.1: Will Not Let You Die

    Upon hearing that voice, the puppets that were all being hesitant and fearful suddenly started to stir once more.

    Maybe the instinctive fear they felt inside was being overtaken by the control on their bodies, driving away the fear, even though the scent wafting out from the little porcelain bottle was able to make them lose their lives. They no longer retreated and there was only one thing on their minds. Kill!

    Lou Jun Yao narrowed his eyes and he dripped one single droplet of blood onto a fingertip. The blood droplet then shot out, splitting into countless tiny specks as they tore through the horde of puppets in a sweep. Immediately, painful howls rang out in relentless waves.

    The specks of blood that were too small to be seen were unbelievably damaging. When they landed on the puppets, they burned holes through their bodies with plumes of white smoke rising up.

    All those blood droplets did not only damage their skin and flesh on the surface, but tore up the nerves inside, intensifying the pain they felt by many times, which brought their lurching advance to a halt.

    But Lou Jun Yao did not let his guard down as he stretched a hand out to pull Qing Bei standing a short distance away to his side and said: “Do not turn your head back. Just keep making your way up.”

    Qing Bei was taken aback with shock. “What about you?”

    “I can settle this, but you’ll be holding me back by remaining here.” Lou Jun Yao said harshly, and then gave him a slight push forward.

    Caught off guard with that push, Qing Bei almost stumbled over his feet. Humiliated by those words which made him seem so useless, he could not help but feel a little angry, immediately turning himself around and leaving in a huff.

    But he had just taken a few steps when he remembered Qing Yu’s reminder to him, that he must not separate from this man.

    Not exactly knowing why, but maybe he was so used to trusting Qing Yu, Qing Bei’s footsteps came to a halt, hesitating as he did not know whether he should continue to move forward. But that momentary pause caused him to feel a gust of sinister wind to blow over his back and he quickly turned his head around. A puppet suddenly came leaping straight at him, his face malevolent as he lunged forward with a bite.

    Qing Bei’s eyes flared wide as he stared, seeing the terrifying puppet magnifying right before his eyes as the puppet came closer. Just as the monster came within punching distance, the puppet suddenly fell with a howl, his body twitching incessantly.

    He slowly came back to his senses from the shock and he saw the purple robed man’s handsome face turn grave, his violet eyes staring darkly at him as he said: “Why are you standing there in a daze? Didn’t I ask you to leave quickly?”

    [If anything happened to this foolish little kid, wouldn’t the little fox extend her claws and scratch him to his death?]

    Qing Bei creased up his brows, his eyes staring intently on the man. “You’re hurt.”

    On the man’s clearly defined hand and upon his slim palm, bright red blood could be seen slowly flowing down, the bright red of the blood a stark contrast against his fair skin.

    Lou Jun Yao lowered his eyes to look at his hand. He got scratched by a puppet lunging at him in a moment of carelessness earlier.