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Chapter 210.2 - Will Not Let You Die

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 210.2: Will Not Let You Die

    Without waiting for the man to open his mouth to reply, Qing Bei was already saying with strong resolve: “I will definitely not hold you back.”

    The moment his voice fell, he had already rushed his way right among the puppets, hurling brutal lightning energy blades to sweep across the horde of puppets. In an instant, the bodies of all the puppets were covered with a crackling electrifying purplish blue light as they fell to writhe in spasms on the ground, howling incessantly.

    Right before their eyes, the puppets seemed to be in great pain and were at a disadvantage. But very soon, they quickly recovered back their strength.

    These puppets could not be killed because it was not known what their weakness was and it did not affect them no matter which spot they were struck. Even though the puppets could be made to stop attacking for a while, that was still not a solution afterall.

    As the time will come when their own powers would be drained, but these things before them did not know exhaustion nor were they afraid of pain.

    Lou Jun Yao’s face darkened, his eyes looking at the wound on his hand. The blood was slowly turning dark red, a faint black tinge rising within.

    Anyone bitten by these puppets would be infected, and turned into a monster with no awareness, but it was not such a severe situation for him as he was born with a unique body constitution. In addition to that, Qing Yu had helped him nurse and recuperate his body, a blessing gained out of misfortune.

    The expression on his face suddenly turned sharp as the violet orbs stared at the blood on his hand, seemingly having thought of something.

    He had recalled the time back when the little fox’s body had freezed up. The golden haired youth had said back then that since the little fox’s blood flowed within his body, he was the only other one in the world to possess the blood from the purest bloodline, the blood of light.

    [Maybe, he might have come up with a solution.]

    Blood of the purest bloodline, where light and darkness were melded together, its power would be magnified by more than just a few times.


    Far away in the White Fens Lands at the Feng Family Manor, a gentle handsome looking man suddenly spurted out a big mouthful of blood.

    His eyes opened slowly, as a sinister glint flashed within. He lifted his hand to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth, and curled up his lips into a sneer. “They had actually….. managed to break the spell of my Puppetry technique.”

    [How is that possible?]

    [How could that man’s blood and Qing Qing’s blood possibly undo his Puppetry technique when they are mixed together! ?]

    [What did that represent? Has Qing Qing and that man…..]

    [No! That cannot be possible!]

    [Any possibility of that happening cannot even be allowed at all!]

    The power of the purest bloodline has caused large areas of the maniacal puppets’ bodies to corrode, leaving behind puddles of bloody fluid which gave off a most foul stench.

    “Let’s go.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s voice was low and deep, immediately turning around to quickly move upwards on those steps. They had already reached one third of their way up the Fleeting Cloud Fortress and all that could be seen below was a bottomless black abyss, where it seemed like something was slowing making its way up soundlessly and undetected.