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Chapter 210.3 - Will Not Let You Die

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 210.3: Will Not Let You Die

    Xi Zhan Chen and his men had left before everyone, and had kept themselves a step ahead of Lou Jun Yao. With their speed, they were rather surprised that someone had actually managed to catch up with them.

    Upon seeing the several men in front, Lou Jun Yao was also slightly surprised at first, and his violet eyes then turned sharp as he opened his mouth to say: “Move on quickly. Something’s chasing us and catching up fast from behind.”

    “What?” Xi Zhan Chen was initially surprised by how the man’s eyes had changed in colour, but upon hearing what the man said, he could not help but ask in bewilderment.

    “It’s too late….. for any of you to escape.” Accompanying that incredibly evil sounding voice, a thick dark black mist descended from the skies, enveloping over a thousand miles around, a surreal sight manifesting before their eyes.

    The black mist came to take on a humanoid shape, suspended in midair as it looked down at the group of people from high above, swirling thickly with contempt.

    “What kind of a damned creature are you?”

    The toweringly tall and burly Yi Han asked with his face darkened, before he threw out a violently heavy punch. The powerful gust of wind kicked up by the punch seemed like it was almost going the tear the air itself apart. If that strike had struck onto a person’s body, it would surely end up being smashed up into countless pieces.

    But his attack was doomed to miss this time. The black mist broke out in scoffing laughter, and held the punch that Yi Han threw frozen in mid air. The very next second, the expression on that brash and rugged face twisted up, and a heart rending cry burst forth from his mouth.

    “A mere pesky insect who does not know his own limits.” The black mist said with utter disdain in its voice.

    “Yi Han!”

    The towering body crashed heavily to the ground, and Feng Qi and Yan Jue rushed over to check on the man. The two men suddenly teared up upon seeing the brutally bloody scene that met their eyes.

    Yi Han’s body was twitching uncontrollably, his face deathly pale and his breath barely just a thin sliver. The sleeve of his robe had been torn off and only one half of the bones in his hand was left, smattered with blood. A black mist was still swirling around the wound, like it was seeking to burrow into the man’s body.

    “Get away from him!” Yan Jue shouted with his eyes reddened, standing up and was all prepared to fight the black misty mass to the death. But Xi Zhan Chen held up a hand to block him off.

    “Chief!” Yan Jue shouted angrily. “Don’t stop me from killing that bastard!”

    Xi Zhan Chen looked at the man expressionlessly and said: “You will only end up delivering yourself to your own death if you go.”

    [They still did not know what the black mist really is and even he himself is not entirely confident he is able to stand against such a foe, let alone the others whose cultivation levels were lower than his.]

    “Hahahaha….. All of you insignificant insects, there is no need to stubbornly persist in futility. Obediently accept that death is upon all of you!” The black mist laughed loudly in pure unbridled arrogance.