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Chapter 210.4 - Will Not Let You Die

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 210.4: Will Not Let You Die

    “What do we do?” Watching the scene, Qing Bei could not help but knit up his brows.

    He believed that his level of cultivation was not low, and could be considered to be one of the more highly skilled pugilists throughout these lands. But against this supernatural manifestation of evil before him, he found himself completely clueless.

    But for some unknown reason, the man beside him gave him a strange sense of security, just like the feeling that Qing Yu always gave him every time.

    Seemingly able to sense the youth’s frustration, Lou Jun Yao lowered his eyes and his voice was low and magnetic: “Rest assured. I will not let you die.”

    Upon saying that, those eyes then cast an expressionless gaze upon the black mist suspended in midair. The laughing black mist mass that was blustering with haughty arrogance suddenly froze for a moment, instinctively sensing danger. Turning to gaze towards the source of imminent danger, it met the man’s highly devilish and mesmerizing pair of violet orbs and saw a silent surge with them. The humanoid figure formed out of black mist unconsciously then shrank back warily.

    [It’s him? The man that Master wants to kill!]

    [Just who is this man? To think that he would have such a terrifying gaze.] Even though the black mist mass did not possess a flesh body, it could still sense the danger and fear rising up in its heart.

    The black mist mass struggled internally for a while, but then gritted its teeth to overcome the fear it felt inside. The humanoid figure then transformed, to split into countless masses of black mist, that surrounded the group of people completely.

    At that same moment, Lou Jun Yao’s eyes changed, and a deep violet tinge came over his eyes, rising from deep within.

    All the trees and plants around, together with the rocks on the ground were suddenly thrown up into the air by a maniacally strong wind, that came to form into an incredibly powerful twisting hurricane. The next moment, it was as if every single one of them had gained its own awareness, each growing four limbs and a body as they started to walk over the ground, surrounding the group of people within a deadly circle.

    Lou Jun Yao then said expressionlessly: “These things will only hold us back for a while. We will have to move much more quickly. The entire Fleeting Cloud Fortress must be filled with danger everywhere now and the only safe place for us would be at the highest point at the top,”

    He had come to understand that these were things that should not appear in a mere Friendship Meet between the sects, and the Carefree Valley’s Valley Chief must be in cahoots with that guy behind it all.

    Hearing that, Xi Zhan Chen was in agreement and his eyes turned to look at the frail and weakened Yi Han lying on the ground. “How are you feeling? Are you able to walk?”

    His face white as a sheet, Yi Han slowly stood up with help from Feng Qi and Yan Jue. “I….. can walk.”

    [I cannot die so ignobly here. I must not….. disgrace the Assassins Temple like this.]

    On the many thousands of steps in the Fleeting Cloud Fortress, the path narrowed the higher they went. At the start, more than ten people were able to move abreast at the same time but after going several thousand steps up, the width only allowed two people to move side by side together, and if one was brawny and of a stocky build, they might have to walk sideways, their bodies slanted to one side.

    The more timid ones were not even able to look down at all, as it was really too high up. If they became overwhelmed by fear and fell off, it would be a most unjust and humiliating death.