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Chapter 211.1 - Game of Death

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 211.1: Game of Death

    In contrast to the many dangers that filled the path through the other entrance, it was smooth sailing for Qing Yu and the others on their side, where in less than a hour’s time, they were expected to reach the top.

    “I wonder how things are over on my Big Brother’s side.” Ming Yi Yi and Qing Yu were walking side by side, when she suddenly opened her mouth to say.

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow to look at her. “What’s wrong?”

    “I can’t help having a bad feeling about it.” Ming Yi Yi creased up her pretty looking face. “By right, the two entrances into the Fleeting Cloud Fortress should be the same and the dangerous obstacles set up in them should not be that different. But look at us here, aren’t things too smooth sailing for us here? Compared to the peace and tranquility here, would all the dangerous traps then have been diverted over to the other entrance?”

    “What you said is rather logical.” Qing Yu nodded slightly as she replied.

    She narrowed her eyes as she contemplated on it for a moment, and then lifted up a hand. The purple communication orb suddenly appeared in her hand but when she injected her spirit powers into it, there was no response for a long while.

    Qing Yu was a little puzzled. [This shouldn’t happen right?]

    [That fella had even said to her that she must definitely call out to him if they met with any danger, so it was not possible that he would sever the communication link on his side. So what has actually happened?]

    “Lou Jun Yao.” She tried to inject her spirit power into the orb once more, to summon up the man on the other side, but there was still no response.

    Her heart grew heavy. [Could something really have happened?]

    [That fella was someone who came down here from Cloud Heaven. How could anything in these low level lands possibly be able to hold him down? Unless…..]

    That thought was still on her mind when the crystal orb suddenly pulsed in her hand, a dark scarlet shade filling up inside.

    “Today, all of you will die here.”

    A voice so familiar that she would never be able to forget it suddenly reached her ears, causing her eyes to flare wide in an instant.

    That aura of evil, could be felt even through the crystal orb.

    Upon hearing that voice, the other girls beside Qing Yu were also immensely shocked and Ming Yi Yi immediately asked worriedly: “Who is this? Have they really met with danger over on the men’s side! ?”

    Qing Yu’s fingers tightened around the crystal orb in her hand, gripping it tightly in her palm. Her voice was bone chillingly cold as her voice sounded, pausing in between each word: “Qing Tian Lin, what are you thinking of doing! ?”

    Although unable to see the scene over on the other side, she knew that the man was definitely watching her from behind the scenes, and knew every single move she made.

    As expected, the moment those words came out of her mouth, the man’s voice then rose from inside the crystal orb. In stark contrast to the sinister and evil sounding one just now, the voice was now gentle like it came from one’s lover as it murmured: “I am thinking of possessing you…. Qing Qing.”

    Qing Yu’s face grew dark, like a layer of icy frost had formed over that exquisite face. “What have you done to them?”