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Chapter 211.2 - Game of Death

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 211.2: Game of Death

    “Them? Who….. are the “them” that Qing Qing is referring to?” The man’s voice was a little puzzled, seemingly not knowing what she was talking about.

    “Don’t act dumb with me. Why is something that belongs to him in your hands? !”

    “Tsk, you mean that violet eyes monster? Speaking of that, that pair of eyes are really something aren’t they? Like a pair of precious stones. If they are dug out and made into decorative ornaments, they would definitely become a treasure that’s one of a kind…..”

    “You maniac! Don’t touch him!” Qing Yu’s composure broke. “If you dare to hurt him, I will never let you off for it!”

    “Oh? Then it should be alright for me to make a move on these people right?”

    As his voice fell, the deep scarlet shade in the crystal orb faded away and the figure of Qing Bei appeared. His face was pale and there were traces of blood at the corner of his mouth.

    The image in the crystal orb suddenly changed and Xi Zhan Chan was seen inside. He was leaning against a rock surface, his body tightly bound by chains formed from a black mist. The more he struggled, the tighter the chains constricted around him, a trickle of bright red blood spilling out over his thin lips.

    There were a number of other disciples taking part in the Friendship Meet and they were all covered in wounds, some of them their bodies badly tattered and in bad shape, barely alive and hanging on their very last breaths.

    Qing Yu’s knuckles turned white. “You’ve harmed so many people. Aren’t you afraid of retribution from Heaven?”

    “Retribution from Heaven?” The man laughed softly. “Those are just lies to fool people. Qing Qing is really so adorable to actually believe in such things. If this so called Heaven’s retribution really exist, then I who carry the weight of so many sins on me would already have died Heaven knows how many countless times.”

    “Qing Qing, there is a little brat here as well. Is he your younger brother from this life? I heard that you care a lot for him and that man with violet eyes, it seems like your relationship with him is rather close as well?”

    “Let’s play a game here. I’ll give you half an hour’s time and you have to find their location. Choose one out of these two people and if you still have not arrived after half an hour’s time, I will throw both of them over the Fleeting Cloud Fortress.”

    “Oh, you need not hold any hope of getting a lucky break out of this. That man does indeed possess deep and unfathomable cultivation and was not easy to deal with. I really might not be his match in a one on one fight but unfortunately, I possess the most powerful Puppetry technique throughout the lands and added to the fact that his heart is filled with thoughts of you, a mere illusion was all it took to make him fall into my trap easily…..”

    “You must not hurt him!” Qing Yu roared softly through tightly gritted teeth.

    “Don’t worry. The half hour’s still not up so I will not do anything to him but just make him suffer a little that’s all…..”

    “Qing Tian Lin!”

    “I’ll be waiting for you Qing Qing. Come quickly alright…..”

    The image in the crystal orb was suddenly cut off and it reverted back to its original state.

    Mu Lai and Ming Yi Yi could understand how Qing Yu must be feeling at that moment and they both did not want to bother her but just waited for her to calm her emotions.