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Chapter 211.3 - Game of Death

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 211.3: Game of Death

    After a while, her voice was heard saying apathetically. “Time’s running out. Gather close all of you. We’ll take ourselves straight up to the top through a dimensional portal.”

    The dimensional portal. A high leveled technique that existed only in the higher level lands which allows one to pass through space and time at an extremely fast speed, cutting unnecessary waste of time by shortening the distance of a journey.

    The few of them tried to hide the surprise that rose up in their eyes as they slowly stepped in closer to Qing Yu’s side. They then saw the young lady chant a spell with an icy expression on her face, before she gestured grandly with a wave of her hand. The figures of the several people suddenly disappeared from the spot they had been standing in, to enter into an all white world.

    The space beneath their feet whizzed by and millions of light specks fleeted past them at dizzying speed. The few of them who had never gone through a dimensional portal found it all curiously amazing.

    “What are all these light specks?” Mu Lai could not help but to ask curiously.

    Qing Yu started to explain: “In order to save time that will pass, we are now in a portal of space and time. As the passage of time cannot be stopped, everything has been turned onto these countless specks of light.”

    “Since there is a way to save time, does that also mean that if there is an event that I want to redo one more time, there is a way for us to actually go back in time?” Ming Yi Yi attempted a guess.

    “There is indeed a way to go back in time, but turning back the hands of time is an act that goes against the will of Heaven, so the person performing the spell will have to pay an equivalent price in return.” Qing Yu’s gaze turned sharp. Such a method would not be carelessly employed by anyone as the price to pay in exchange was just much too heavy.

    “You bastard! Let me go!”

    Tied to the boulders and unable to struggle free, Yan Jue could not help but opened his mouth to curse angrily.

    In the more than twenty years he had lived, when did he ever have to suffer such aggravating aggrievement?

    As a member of the Assassins Temple, not to mention that everyone from the Carefree Valley had to bend their backs before him in reverence, even when he’s out and around, who wouldn’t quiver in their boots upon hearing his name as Smiling Hades? To think that he would stumble here like this today, which was the greatest humiliation to him!

    But that was not the worst but the fact that he was shamefully tied up and bound here in the Fleeting Cloud Fortress, within the Carefree Valley’s territory!

    “Stop howling already and save your strength. Otherwise it would not be fun in awhile.” The humanoid figure formed out of black mist said contemptuously.

    At that moment, only Yan Jue and Yi Han who had lost an arm, an immobile cripple could be seen there, and everyone else had disappeared.

    Yan Jue clenched his jaws tightly together. “Where have you taken our Chief?”

    “You’re not even able to take care of yourself and you’re still worrying for others.” The black mist said sarcastically.