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Chapter 211.4 - Game of Death

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 211.4: Game of Death

    “Where did all you monsters really come from? It’s not possible for anyone in these Constellation Lands to possess such maniacally high levels of cultivation and you are all using techniques that we have never even heard of. Are you people from one of the higher realms?” Yan Jue tried to guess, and then remembered something. “If people from a higher realm harms a person from a lower realm, they will be punished by the Heavens!”

    “Woah, Heaven’s punishment. I’m so scared. Hahahaha…..”

    The black mist the laughed arrogantly and then said: “My Master is someone even the Heavens would be wary to punish, would I need to fear such a thing? What a joke! But all you puny insects here would be making your way to eternal paradise very soon, so you do not have to worry yourself with such devious scheming and people fighting to gain an edge over others in this world anymore…..”

    At the highest point of the Fleeting Cloud Fortress, one would see just an endless night sky looking out from the palace. It was truly high among the clouds, several cloud plumes floating around the palace within one’s reach. Standing at such a high point, it was really an experience like no other.

    “It would be dawn in another few hours.” The gently good looking man said with a gentle smile on his lips, almost like it was driving back the chilly wind under the silvery cold moon, so soothing one almost felt like it was the spring breeze blowing over their bodies.

    In a suit of white robes untainted by a single speck of dust, looking like a high and mighty revered deity.

    A man stood submissively with his head lowered behind. Isn’t that the Carefree Valley’s Valley Chief Ji Yan Long?

    He was standing about two to three steps’ distance away from the man, his gaze carefully measuring up the other two people over the edge of the palace grounds. Their bodies were hung suspended in the air, looking as if the slightest movement would cause them to fall into the dark bottomless abyss.

    [Just who….. are these two people? That they could make the Master bring them up here personally himself.]

    “What? You’re curious about them?” The man’s voice was filled with mirth as it reached him softly.

    Ji Yan Long was immediately covered in cold sweat, and his head sank even lower as he said in horror: “Your subordinate would not dare.”

    That such a dignified entity famed throughout the lands, holder of the highest authourity over one of the Three Great Sects, would be so servile and submissive before another person, was a shocking scene to see.

    “No need to be so nervous.” The man laughed softly and patted Ji Yan Long on his shoulder. “You’ll find out in a while. Just stand back and enjoy the show.”

    Ji Yan Long immediately bowed obsequiously in agreement.

    The tall white figure went slowly closer and raised his chin slightly to look upon the expressionless face of the man. He then curled up the corners of his lips and said: “Wonder if Qing Qing will be able to rush her way here in half an hour’s time! If she slips up and comes here late, then the game would already be over.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s face still showed no emotion, like he could not be bothered with the man at all. His gaze glanced at the unconscious youth who had his eyes closed. [This kid is injured, really don’t know how much longer he can hold up.]

    Seeing that, the man was not angry, but showed an indiscernible smile on his face to ask: “Tell me, do you think Qing Qing will choose to let the boy die, or you?”