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Chapter 212.1 - It’s One’s Own Flesh on Both the Front and Back of One’s Hand

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 212.1: It’s One’s Own Flesh on Both the Front and Back of One’s Hand

    Lou Jun Yao did not show much change in emotions throughout it all and upon hearing those words, he merely lifted a corner of his lips as he said indifferently: “You took so much effort and did so many things merely seeking to gain her attention even though you will only make her detest you more, thinking that you’re just a shameless pervert through and through.”

    “What did you say?” Qing Tian Lin’s gaze darkened in an instant, his gentle and graceful countenance twisting up. “Say that one more time! Do you believe that I’ll kill you right this moment! ?”

    “If you’re really able to kill me, would you have waited till now?” Lou Jun Yao curled up his lips into a contemptuous smile. “If you had not employed sly and crafty tricks, how could a character like you be able to do anything to me?”

    The handsome face with its flawless features was filled with a kind of noble haughtiness that showed no regard for anything, the mesmerizing violet irises imbued with an unstoppable power that made people could not help but fall deeply immersed into that devilishly alluring sea of violet purple.

    Qing Tian Lin turned his gaze away after looking into those eyes for two seconds, forcibly repressing the discomfort that was rising up in his heart.

    [Eyes of the devil indeed, that possessed irresistible powers of the devil.]

    [But so what? Isn’t he tightly bound up and unable to move at all right this moment?]

    This man, one would know that he was an exceptional person just by looking at his extraordinary outlook. Qing Tian Lin had not been able to find out anything about the man’s identity even though he had secretly investigated into it. But that pair of devilish eyes was something he had a slight impression of.

    [That was the trademark of the Netherworld’s Night dark tribe from far ancient times.]

    [But….. how could it be so coincidental?]

    [If he is really a descendant from the bloodline of the Netherworld’s Night dark tribe, he would really cannot carelessly make any moves against the man.]

    [Even when he comes to ascend to the highest position in the future, there are still some people he would have to keep at a respectful distance, and not to offend them carelessly. An example would be the Nethworld’s Night dark tribe who had held incredible power in far ancient times. It was said that they were the earliest ancestors and origin of the evil factions, where all the other so called righteous and orthodox factions of light were unable to blunt their increasingly sharp edge back then.

    But throughout the vestiges of time and inevitable change, who knew whether that powerful tribe of legend still existed.


    The youth with his good looking features slowly stirred awake, the pain on his body causing him to knit his brows. Upon discovering the state he was in at that moment, the expression on his face became a little surprised.

    His eyes scanned the surroundings and saw the man similarly hanging suspended in midair beside him, and he started to say in utter disbelief: “You…..”

    “You’ve come awake?” Lou Jun Yao curved up his lips into a smile. “It’s good that you’ve regained consciousness.”

    “Where are we now?”