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Chapter 212.2 - It’s One’s Own Flesh on Both the Front and Back of One’s Hand

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Qing Bei did not know how to react. [Why are they in a completely foreign place the moment he woke up? And….. he seems to be unable to move his body?]

    [And….. Doesn’t this man possess unsurpassing skill? How did he end up being tied up and left hanging in the air just like he is! ?]

    Lou Jun Yao saw the shock in the youth’s gaze and he said rather helplessly: “It’s just as you see. We are now trapped and under the enemy’s control. We are now at the Fleeting Cloud Fortress’ highest level.”

    “With such great powers, how is anyone able to defeat you?”

    “There was nothing I could do. As a righteous gentleman of honour, when pitted against such a sly and scheming scum, I was naturally disadvantaged.” Lou Jun Yao said with a serious face, looking slightly aggrieved as he hung his head, like he was frustrated at having been outplayed by the sneaky and treacherous tricks only because he was too upright and righteous.

    Qing Bei was speechless. “…..”

    [Actually he just did not want to say it out loud to him, but with such devilish good looks that could bring ruin to a country and its people, you do not look that good a person yourself.]

    When Qing Tian Lin saw that the two of them were still in the mood for idle chit chat like that, he could not help but scoff disdainfully. [Calculating the time that had passed, half an hour should almost be up. If Qing Qing still does not come, the two of them can only pray in their hearts to the Heavens that their bodies will remain in one piece after they fall off.]

    Compared to the other two who were hanging dangerously suspended over the edge outside the Fleeting Cloud Fortress, Xi Zhan Chen was instead locked up against a pillar inside the palace. The black iron chains were so tightly bound around him that his already thin body was almost deformed.

    He had attempted to break free from them earlier but found that nothing he did was of any help, the chains just binding him more tightly to the pillar, and he had then given up.

    The sound of footsteps came in from outside the palace and Xi Zhan Chen slowly raised his eyes up. The white figure came before his eyes in a moment and a slender hand then held his chin, forcing his head up to look at the face of the man gazing down at him.

    The corners of Qing Tian Lin’s lips were still curled up in a gentle smile, but the fingers holding Xi Zhan Chen’s chin were gripping it tightly, like he could easily break the man’s jaw. “Having remained outside for such a long time, could you have come to forget….. what you are?”

    Xi Zhan Chen’s eyes darkened, but he did not say anything.

    “Covered with filth, are you even worthy of coveting someone as different to you as mud is to the clouds?” Qing Tian Lin slowly leaned in closer to the man’s ear, to say slowly. “I created you….. just to have you betray me? Hmm? My slave.”

    “I am sorry….. Master.” Xi Zhan Chen’s voice was weak. “I was just unable to control my own heart.”

    “Ho ho, since you’re unable to control it, what use would we have with such a disloyal heart? Might as well just dig it out and feed it to all your cheap and lowly peers to get rid myself of it.” Qing Tian Lin scoffed in disdain, his words mercilessly cruel.

    And he then slowly raised a hand to rest upon the man’s chest.

    Xi Zhan Chen closed his eyes, and there wasn’t a single sliver of fear or panic on his face, like he no longer had the will to live anymore.

    [He’s had enough. Enough of all the blood and slaughter, a life he lived only to kill, fated to be manipulated by others. To have been able to meet a person that moved his heart so deep inside his soul before his death, he had no regrets.]