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Chapter 212.3 - It’s One’s Own Flesh on Both the Front and Back of One’s Hand

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Qing Yu and the several others in the dimensional portal reached the Fleeting Cloud Fortress’ top level very quickly.

    Although Ming Yi Yi and Qian Yun had stronger mental powers than most people, their bodies’ constitution were however weaker. Hence when they came out from the dimensional portal, their faces were a little pale.

    Mu Lai did not feel much discomfort as she had been used to wandering around the lands from a young age, having encountered all kinds of hostile and inhospitable environments, so she was able to adapt much better.

    The higher one went, the narrower the space became. When the dimensional portal opened, Qing Yu almost lost her footing as she stepped out. Fortunately, she was able to catch herself quickly enough to right herself up.

    There was a magnificently majestic palace that looked to have been built long ago from far ancient times on the top level with nothing else on the top level, which made the place feel vast and empty.

    When they went closer to the palace, they discovered that only Qing Yu was able to go inside. Mu Lai and Ming Yi Yi had just gone closer to the palace when they found themselves pushed back out by a barrier array, which should be what Qing Tian Lin had intended.

    Qing Yu narrowed her eyes to scan over her surroundings with a measuring gaze before her eyes froze fixedly upon two human figures hanging suspended in the air beside the palace over the edge, where it seemed like the slightest movement would cause them to drop off, caught in a highly precarious situation.

    She immediately went walking over quickly towards them, and saw the two familiar faces just as she had expected.

    “Lou Jun Yao, Little Bei, are you guys alright?” Qing Yu asked worriedly.

    “Qing Yu, you do not have to worry. I am fine.” Qing Yu put on a reassuring smile on the corners of his lips, and said comfortingly.

    Lou Jun Yao narrowed his eyes and the tone of his voice sounded rather displeased. “You really came here.”

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow to stare at him. “You still have the cheek to say that? What did I tell you earlier? This is just great! When Bai Zhi Yan and the others come to find out how you’ve been tricked and taken hostage, I’ll then like to see how you can still maintain your prestige and hold authourity over them!”

    [How infuriating! She had thought that coming in with this fella would allow him to help look after Little Bei. In the end, here he is getting himself caught by the enemy himself.]

    Lou Jun Yao heard her admonishing tone and merely arched up an eyebrow but did not say anything. It was instead Qing Bei who cried out in his defence: “Qing Yu, he cannot be blamed for any of this as I was fortunate to have him protecting me the entire way. If not for that despicable Lord who used you to threaten him, he would not have fallen into their trap and get himself captured at all.”

    “Kid, you talk too much.” Lou Jun Yao glared at him.

    Qing Yu was confused for a moment before she started to ask haltingly: “Use me….. to threaten him?”

    [What does that mean?]

    Qing Bei ignored the man’s eyes who was signalling for him to shut up and went on to say: “That person tricked us and trapped us in an illusion, which had a fake you inside who was right about to be killed, but this fella here thought that illusory figure was really you, and used his own body to ward off the killing blow.”