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Chapter 212.4 - It’s One’s Own Flesh on Both the Front and Back of One’s Hand

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Qing Bei did not continue to tell what happened after that, but Qing Yu was already able to guess at the ending without needing the youth to say anything.

    In order to break and dispel an illusory attack, one would have to overcome their own weakness portrayed in the illusion. Only by overcoming one’s insurmountable weakness, would one be able to walk out from the attack.

    But Lou Jun Yao did not do that, as that person in the illusion had been Qing Yu.

    He had not had any weaknesses before, until this young lady suddenly came crashing straight right into his world, and he was completely defenceless against it.

    If he could make himself allow the young lady in the illusion to be killed, he could have just walked out from that illusion easily, but the man could not.

    Because that was Qing Yu in there, the young lady that he cared the most for, and he could never allow her to be in the slightest bit of danger, even though he knew that it was all not real.

    Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed with a glint, her feelings rather complicated inside.

    In that one moment, she was suddenly unable to grasp and understand the kind of emotions rising up inside her.

    [Was she moved?]

    [But it feels a little more complex than just being moved. She just did not understand it.]

    She slowly raised her eyes up, to look at the man indifferent and nonchalant man. She did not know what to feel, but was somehow rather vexed and frustrated. “You fool, do not do such a thing anymore next time. You would really lose big time if you had paid for it with your life in such a senseless gamble.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s face was serious. “It wasn’t a gamble.”

    Pausing a moment, he then added: “If the same thing happens again, I will still make the same choice.”

    Qing Yu scoffed and went on to say: “You say it as if I am someone very important to you.”

    “Mm. Very important.” He quickly followed up with this statement.

    Qing Bei sensed that the atmosphere had turned a little queer. [Why does it feel like these two people are seemingly….. flirting with each other?]

    [He might just be mistaken here.]

    But the most important thing before her was to get the two of them off the edge first. It was not known what kind of technique Qing Tian Lin used to trap the two of them in their spots, making it impossible for them to even move.

    “Are you able to move at all?” Qing Yu turned to look at Lou Jun Yao and ask. “It should be some kind of binding technique. Why don’t you try and see if you are able to break the spell in some way?”

    Lou Jun Yao smiled and shook his head. “He carved the Puppetry technique into my body, so I will not be able to break the spell.”

    The primer for the Puppetry technique was a person’s blood and Qing Yu then subconsciously scanned her eyes over his body. She then came to find a trace of what she was looking for, a few small holes in those lavish robes. The cloth in that area was slightly darkened and she saw dried blood on the back of the man’s hand.

    Qing Yu knitted her brows and was just about to do something to rescue the two of them when the two people who were hanging suspended in midair suddenly had the distance between them pulled several meters further apart, before their bodies plummeted straight down.

    At such a great speed and so far apart from each other, Qing Yu would only be able to save one, impossible for her to care for both sides.

    Qing Tian Lin had only given her half an hour and he must not have meant to have her rush here within that half hour but wanted her to save the two of them within that time, and it was with the two of them separated.

    He was forcing her to make a choice. She could only choose one among the two and the other one would fall while completely defenceless, where it could only mean certain death.