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Chapter 213.1 - Kissing is Something One Becomes Familiar with After the First Time

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 213.1: Kissing is Something One Becomes Familiar with After the First Time

    Qing Yu took a deep breath and before she could even do anything, she heard Lou Jun Yao’s low and magnetic voice say: “Save that kid.”

    Qing Yu clenched her jaws tightly together and glared at him. “Shut up. I will not give up on either of you!”

    The moment her voice fell, her body was already moving very quickly to grab the youth who was a distance away from her, barely able to just get a grip on his clothes to pull him up.

    Without even stopping to catch her breath, she sped towards the spot where Lou Jun Yao fell. But as the place he had fallen was rather far away from her, she would not be able to grab him and pull him up anymore. With that realization, Qing Yu’s brows furrowed and her body suddenly went headlong over the edge, barely hanging on by the tips of her feet as she stretched her hand out to grab upon Lou Jun Yao’s clothes at his shoulder.

    “Give me your hand. I’ll pull you up.” Qing Yu stretched her other hand out towards him but her face did not show the slightest sliver of strain or toil.

    One could not help but be bewildered how such a petite sized little girl could be so strong, able to carry a grown man’s weight in one hand. Moreover, her entire person was in such a precariously dangerous position, hanging over the edge of the cliff only by their tips of her feet to support two people’s weight.

    Lou Jun Yao creased his brows together and said in a low voice: “Have you lost your mind? Do you know how dangerous it is! ?”

    “No kidding! If you know the danger, then hurry up and give me your hand!” Qing Yu roared right back at him as she stretched her hand out once more. Lou Jun Yao would only have to reach his hand out and he’ll be able to grip her hand.

    Lou Jun Yao’s gaze darkened, suddenly seeing a white figure slowly coming closer and the man’s gentle melodious voice was then heard.

    “Qing Qing, you’re finally here…..”

    Qing Yu’s body stiffened and her voice turned chill. “Stay away from me!”

    “How can I possibly stand back and do nothing while seeing you place yourself in such danger?” Qing Tian Lin said with a helpless sigh. “Listen to me and release your hand, so that I can pull you up. That man will just drain your strength and be a burden to you.”

    Qing Yu’s face was grave and severe as she spat out her words one at a time: “I’ve said that I will not allow you to harm the people by my side. Qing Tian Lin, I will never forgive you. Never will you and I ever be able to coexist in peace. In this life, one of us has to die!”

    Her words seemed to strike the man where it hurt most as the smile on that handsome countenance slowly faded, to gradually become tainted with a tinge of malevolence.

    “Since that is the case….. I must definitely have this man here killed today!”

    Once his voice fell, Qing Tian Lin stretched his hand out to grab Qing Yu’s ankle that was hanging just over the ledge, seeking to pull her up. With his other hand, he hurled a black gaseous mass downwards, to strike at Lou Jun Yao.

    Within that black misty mass, an indiscernible creature could faintly be seen, its body thrashing menacingly inside.

    Qing Yu’s eyes dimmed and twisted her feet in a cross to break free of Qing Tian Lin’s restraining grasp. Grabbing onto Lou Jun Yao’s hand, she actually went plummeting down into the seemingly bottomless black abyss below.

    “NOOO! Qing Qing~”