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Chapter 213.2 - Kissing is Something One Becomes Familiar with After the First Time

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 213.2: Kissing is Something One Becomes Familiar with After the First Time

    Qing Tian Lin’s eyes flared wide with horror, frantically reaching his hand out to try to catch her, but merely just managed to pull off a pale purple bit of cloth from her clothes. Losing her anchoring point of support, the slender figure was like a kite with a broken string, plummeting speedily down and disappearing from sight in a blink.

    [She would rather choose to die than to stay by his side!]

    [She had destroyed her life’s cultivated powers and sought only for death to claim her in her previous life. But he was not beside her back then and it was understandable that there was nothing he could have done.]

    [But this time, he had actually watched her fall down into the deep dark abyss with his very own eyes, so how could he possibly allow her to leave him one more time?]

    [Even if he had to break both her wings to imprison her by his side, he would not ever allow her to depart from his world in such a resolute and heartless manner again.]

    In a moment, dark clouds gathered over the palace as lightning and thunder crackled and boomed, like an immense storm was imminent, causing the air around to become heavily oppressive, a terrifying sight.

    Behind the white robed figure, a countless multitude of shadowy figures suddenly appeared, crouched respectfully before the man as their voices rose in unison: “Ready to do the Master’s bidding!”

    The man’s gracefully handsome countenance was partially shrouded under the darkness of night, and the expression on his face could not be seen. But the evil malevolence emanating from his body palpably felt and his voice sounded in a deep and low tone: “No matter the price, she must be found.”

    “Yes Master!”


    At the bottom of the gorge, the place was filled with relentless, icy and bone chilling winds. Qing Yu was grabbing on to the hilt of a dagger lodged into the face of the cliff, her other arm curled tightly around the man’s waist, the two of them pressed close against each other as they hung off the sheer cliff face. Caught in such a dangerous situation, she really could not afford to be bothered by the intimate position they were in.

    Knowing Qing Tian Lin’s suspicious nature, he would definitely send people to come down to search for her, so she would have to hold out till dawn at the very least.

    Though this body she had in this life was weak and frail, fortunately she had undergone highly difficult and stringent training with it over so many years, so no matter if it was in terms of physical fitness or resilience, she was now stronger than more people.

    “Foolish lass, were you thinking to die with me in the name of love?” The man’s mirth filled voice sounded beside her ear.

    Qing Yu was stunned into a daze for a moment before she shot him a sharp glance. She then scoffed Imitating a spitting sound: “Ptui, you wish. Who wants to die with you for love? I have yet to live enough!”

    Lou Jun Yao curved his lips up at the corners, his violet eyes shining with a tenderly alluring glint as he said: “Why didn’t you just throw me off? A scourge lasts a thousand years, so I will not die so easily.”