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Chapter 213.3 - Kissing is Something One Becomes Familiar with After the First Time

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 213.3: Kissing is Something One Becomes Familiar with After the First Time

    Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed and without knowing why, she then said this.

    “Because I know that you will not leave me behind as well.”

    Once those words came out, the two of them froze in place for a moment before Qing Yu was able to react after realizing what she just said. Her face looked a little awkward and she then turned her head away to the side feeling a little self conscious.

    After a long while, the man right beside her suddenly laughed softly.

    He seldom laughed out aloud from the heart like this but ever since he met Qing Yu, he often found himself laughing. With his already devilish good looks enough to bring ruin to nations and countries, seeing him laugh like that would make one willing to just die for him, only seeking to see him laugh heartily like that again.

    Lou Jun Yao suddenly said in a gentle voice: “Hold on tight.”

    “What?” Qing Yu was puzzled. [Was she holding him to tightly?]

    The very next second, her head that was looking to the side was suddenly turned back around by the man’s hand.

    Before she was able to ask him what he was doing, the alluring and soul captivating countenance suddenly loomed close before her eyes, and her lips felt something soft pressing against them, so tyrannical and fierce that she suddenly forgot to even react.

    That soft thing viciously assaulted those beautiful and luscious lips, but was then seemingly still not satisfied with the situation as it went on to sweep deeper inside.

    Qing Yu was shocked into a daze, almost releasing the grip of her hand as she was held tightly in the grasp of the man. It was in that dangerous and precarious situation along the surface of the sheer cliff that she froze in place, unable to move as she was bullied.

    The cold icy wind lower down the cliff face had not been able to clear and calm a certain man’s mind but instead stoked the flames of desire.

    Qing Yu did not even dare to struggle as only the Heavens knew just how high they were from the bottom, and their bodies would probably smash into pieces if they fell. Hence, this was the first time that she was so passively aggrieved and was taken advantage of like that.

    After that, the mesmerizingly alluring young lady’s face was tinted with a peachy tinge after the bout of bullying, looking rather pitiful looking as her eyes misted over and she said indignantly: “Weren’t you unable to move your body?”

    Someone was in rather great spirits having fulfilled his desires, his mood greatly improved as he blinked his violet eyes innocently. “I was suddenly overtaken with such a strong impulse earlier and my heart needed to do something to vent out that intense emotion, I suddenly found myself able to move.”

    “Who permitted you to do such a shameless thing to me in the first place? !” Qing Yu stared at him angrily, a tiny flicker of flame burning in her eyes.

    Lou Jun Yao laughed easily as he looked into the young lady’s pretty little face without blinking, the expression on his face tender. “I heard you say earlier that you will not leave me behind?”

    Qing Yu’s became slightly surprised, and before she could even say anything, she heard him open his mouth to speak again.

    “Remember your own words. You must never ever leave me behind, just like…… I will never ever leave you behind as well.”