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Chapter 38 Wanna surpass me? Go practice so more!

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Sis Die, look, isn’t that your Liu Yi?”

    On the road to the side, a black Mercedes slowly drove by.

    It was the Murong family’s car, in the car sat two lively and beautiful girls, Murong Die and Wang Lele.

    The driver was the bodyguard and driver Wang An. Hearing Wang Lele’s shouts, he glanced at the rearview mirror.

    Sure enough, that kid who had embarrassed him last night was currently running on the side road.

    Because of what happened yesterday, Wang An secretly wore contact lenses today.

    Liu Yi’s looks and physique was clearly imprinted in his pupils.

    Unable to help himself, Wang An secretly frowned.

    This kid must’ve ran all the way over here!

    This bridge was constant, running halfway across the bridge was already a very long distance!

    But there’s not a single droplet of sweat on this kid’s forehead!

    He really wasn’t someone ordinary...

    But he had already investigated this Liu Yi yesterday. He was of ordinary birth, his parents were even more ordinary.

    His father was a not so effective purchaser of a small company, his mother was a little bit better, she’s the head nurse of the municipal hospital.

    His grandparents were also ordinary farmers, there was nothing unusual about them at all!

    He was unknown throughout elementary, middle school and high school. With average grades, he could be said as being one of those transparent individuals of the class!

    However, it’s precisely this ordinary, a bit extraordinarily ordinary student that unexpectedly managed to caused the late ‘Fierce Tiger’ of the special forces soldier to suffer immensely!

    Who exactly was this kid?!

    On his information, it stated that he had neither been in the army before nor had he ever learned martial arts before!

    Could it be that he had met an martial arts master who took fancy of him and taught him some techniques?

    That was a bit possible….

    That’s because Wang An felt that this kid looked very fragile with his skinny body, for him to be able to exchange blows with he who had gone through years of devil trainings, he must know some kind of internal fist techniques!

    Especially that last attack! It must be the so called internal energy of the internal fist technique!

    There were some internal experts back when he was still in the military. Unfortunately, to practice internal techniques, one must start from childhood. Wang An’s age was too old and could only practice external fist techniques and some body techniques.

    He remembered that there’s an old expert of the internal fist techniques, man was he strong.

    That man would casually hit Wang An’s certain acupuncture points and he would immediately lose all his strength and become free to be trampled upon by others.

    That old expert called that technique ‘pulse cut’, it was a technique meant to cut off the bloodstream by attacking the acupuncture points.

    However, unless one have the qi energy of an internalist, one cannot pull off a pulse cut.

    That move that kid used on him yesterday must certainly be one of those used with the qi energy of an internalist!

    Such a dangerous student being near the Miss, that cannot do.

    Wang An went and told the master about this issue. Murong Die’s father told him to not do anything first and just observe the situation.

    “What do you mean by my Liu Yi?! It’s your Liu Yi! Your whole family’s Liu Yi!”

    Murong Die had also noticed the Liu Yi who was running, her eyes even shined a bit.

    However, after hearing what Wang Lele said, her face suddenly grew red and she immediately grew angry.

    “Heehee…. and you’re still denying, look, our Miss Murong’s face is completely red!”

    Said Wang Lele while hugging Murong Die’s arm. Her two plump meats gave Murong Die both comfort and jealousy.

    “Nonsense, from the way I see it, it’s obviously you who turned into a lass in heat!”

    Said Murong Die after grabbing Wang Lele’s chests strongly.

    “Look, they’re already that big, have you started lactating yet?!”

    “Sis Die is such a meanie….”

    Wang Lele’s face turned red. “I not even married… how could I be lactating?....”

    “If you’re not lactating, how can they be so big?!”

    “I don’t know… my mother’s is also very big, my grandma’s is also very big… say, aren’t all girls supposed to big this sized?....”

    Murong Die suddenly felt like killing herself.

    “But… Sis Die… are you really going to let Liu Yi compete with that Lan He?”

    “What, did you start feeling sorry for him? Did you really fall for him?”

    Murong Die suddenly felt a little bit sour.

    This sour feeling… where did it come from?...

    It’s like, I have never experienced such a feeling before...

    It’s really uncomfortable….

    “Of course not! It’s just that Liu Yi got into this situation because of us….”

    Wang Lele blinked her large eyes, she looked at Murong Die and said. “Wang He isn’t a good person…. if he were to take advantage of the competition and do something to Liu Yi… if something were to happen to Liu Yi, Sis Die, I won’t feel ease…”

    “Little witch, wasn’t this all because of you?!”

    Murong Die gave Wang Lele a sidelong glance. She said. “If it wasn’t for you messing around, how would Liu Yi get involved?!”

    “I know my mistakes….”

    Wang Lele pouted. “Sis Die, what should we do?....”

    “I don’t care… it’s none of my business…”

    Said Murong Die with her neck raised high and her lips curled.

    “But… I don’t know what to do… Sis Die is smarter than me, she certainly would have an idea, right?!”

    “Well, that’s true…”

    Murong Die nodded, she then held her hand out and placed her fingers on her temple. “Well… how about this. Fake injury before their competition at noon, I’ll have Liu Yi send you to the hospital and then push this matter past; what do you think?”

    “This idea is great! Sis Die, you’re the smartest!”

    Said Wang Lele while smiling as she pulled Murong Die’s arm. A slight cunning sense flashed past her eyes.

    “Humph humph, of course, who did you think this lady was?....”

    “Hee hee….”

    The two girls started to laugh out loud in the car.

    Liu Yi of course didn’t know that he had already became the main focus of the whole Murong family.

    At this moment, he was looking at the beauty in front of him and a slightly surprised.

    The beauty turned around, her pair of shiny black eyes fell on Liu Yi’s body.

    This beauty looked to be in her early twenties, her eyes were very alluring.

    Her gaze made Liu Yi’s heart flowers blossom.

    This woman was very beautiful and full of heroic aura.

    She was different from the fair and delicate beauties like Murong Die and Wang Lele.

    This beauty in front of him, seemly as if because of her constant exercise, had an immensely good figure!

    The way she stood there, it’s an genuine S shape.

    [TL: S shape: ]

    Furthermore, her wheat-colored skin revealed a healthy atmosphere causing her whole person appearing even more valiant.

    “Are you crazy?”

    Unexpectedly, that beauty suddenly insulted him; causing Liu Yi to open his mouth wide in shock.


    “If you’re not crazy then why are you talking to yourself? Also, don’t follow me!”

    The beauty gave Liu Yi a sidelong glance. She then turned around, moved her long legs and continued to jog.

    Hey hey hey!

    Immediately, Liu Yi was uncomfortable.

    What the heck do you mean by crazy?! What the heck do you mean by me following you?!

    So you can be so narcissistic because you’re a beauty?!

    “Humph, this woman is too arrogant!”

    Cried the little fox Ling Tong as she laid on Liu Yi’s head and waving her claws.

    “Liu Yi, go! Blast her!”

    Blasting her was impossible, but surpassing her was a certainty.

    Liu Yi took a deep breath. Through the usage of the breathing technique, he felt a lot more spirited.

    Gathering wind on his foot, he suddenly jumped forward and began running.

    Without much effort, Liu Yi ran past the wheat-colored beauty.

    Under that wheat-colored beauty’s surprised expression, Liu Yi was running while turning his head around and saying.

    “It’s you who’s following behind me now!”

    “Little rascal!”

    That beauty bit her lips, a flash went through her eyes and she suddenly accelerated.

    It would seem that she’s also an unyielding person!

    In a flash, she started chasing after Liu Yi.

    That beauty was certain to have exercised all the time. Not only does she look very good running, she was also very vigorous. After a mere distance of two hundred meters, she had already reached Liu Yi.

    “With only you? If you want me to chase after you, go back and run for ten more years!”

    The beauty actually gave Liu Yi a middle finger before continuing to stride forward.

    “Ahhhhhhhh! She’s way too arrogant! Liu Yi, push your Spirit Fox Steps to the maximum! This lady had thought you all your abilities, don’t you dare make me lose face!”

    “Understood, Big sister fox immortal!”

    Liu Yi didn’t want to disappoint Lin Tong. He started the power within himself to the maximum.

    At this moment, Liu Yi felt as if there was two small electric motors in his legs, full of horse power!

    With a fierce step of his leg, like a cheetah, his speed increased instantly.

    That beauty was running while grabbing her ipod earbuds; she was planning to put them on.

    Seeing Liu Yi’s slim figure suddenly running past her, this chick opened her mouth in a surprise. Her earbuds also fell from her hand.

    A full speed dash for two hundred meters, this frail looking student that she looked down on, she should’ve been way past him now.

    People who haven’t exercised much, for a full speed dash of two hundred meters, they’ll certainly not have much strength left.

    However he actually…. managed to overtake her!

    How is this possible?!

    Was he really just a student?

    Right when this beauty was dumbstruck, a clamor came from far behind her.

    The beauty and Liu Yi were both attracted by the clamor.

    They saw a woman shouting anxiously from the distance.

    “My bag, my bag…”

    On the busy bridge, this voice should’ve been very soft and hard to hear.

    However, after Liu Yi opened his first star jade, both his hearing and vision had greatly improved.

    The cries of the woman was also clearly transmitted to his ears.

    And not far from them was a man riding a motorcycle. He grabbed a woman’s bag on one hand and his motorcycle on the other and was driving toward them.

    That beauty slightly frowned, could she have also heard the cries for help?

    Liu Yi anxiously watched the incoming motorcycle, he was thinking at a lighting speed about how to catch this bag snatcher.

    “Time to be meddle in other’s business again…”

    Lin Tong seemed to have understood what Liu Yi was planning to do, she laid on his head lazily and said. “Seems like you’ll be late again….”

    And before Liu Yi had an idea as to what to do, the beauty had suddenly turned around. She stepped back a couple steps before running strongly toward that motorcycle.

    All of this happened in a split second. Liu Yi eyes was wide open, he was thinking about what this beauty was planning to do!