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Chapter 48 Picking Up A Girl Is Not Easy

Mai Kitsune Waifu
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    Liu Yi and Murong Die was surprised at the same time.

    ‘The coward Wang Lele unexpectedly willing to stand up in a time like this?’ They thought.

    Actually, Wang Lele’s heart was very ashamed.

    If not for her hard words, things would not spin out of control like this.

    So to said, it was also because she didn’t want Liu Yi and Murong Die to suffer injustice.

    Just like what Liu Yi said, something like, she, Wang Lele, cannot be looked down upon by other people.

    Especially, she cannot let Liu Yi look down upon her.

    “Hehe, relax, you’re all can’t get away from this. I never thought a little girl with a huge chest like you would also have a pretty big courage, I like it.”

    Yuan Shaojun said and licked his lips.

    That appearance directly made Wang Lele took two steps back; she almost cry out in fright.

    “Huhuhu, sis’ Die, he’s really ugly….”

    “Be good, Lele. No matter what, even if his appearance is one of a kind like that, he also have dignity. We must sympathize and not discriminate him…. Come on, look at him. Don’t be afraid.”

    “Em, em… Huhuhu, sis’ Die, he still ugly. So terrifying….”

    Wang Lele hid in Murong Die’s arm, crying.

    Yuan Shaojun’s nose was almost crooked because of anger.

    ‘Damn, calling this old one ugly!’ He thought.

    What he, Yuan Shaojun, hated the most is when someone called him ugly!

    “Yuan Shaojun, if you’re a man, let’s have a duel right now.”

    Liu Yi was standing there, facing Yuan Shaojun; His finger made a come at me sign at Yuan Shaojun.

    “Hahaha, stupid idiot!”

    Yuan Shaojun could not help but laughed, “You want to challenge me, do you? You’re not even worth to put me my shoes! But if you beg this grandpa to hit you, after a time, I’ll personally spit on your face.”

    After that, he waved his hand, a group of students immediately came at Liu Yi menacingly.

    Liu Yi took a couple of deep breaths and started to circulate his breath according to the breathing technique.

    ‘Since you’re here, I’ll not be afraid.’ He cheered himself up.

    He suddenly found out that today’s Liu Yi is not the same as yesterday’s Liu Yi.

    The yesterday Liu Yi, if he sees such situation, the only thing that he can think of is to run away.

    But the current Liu Yi actually want to meet this fight head on!

    Just when Liu Yi prepared to move his hands, a roaring sound suddenly came.

    “What are you doing!? Not attend the class yet!?”

    Hearing this roar, everyone couldn’t help but stop in their track and turned around to look.

    ‘Fuck me….’ They thought.

    That’s the robust frame of the Director!

    Seeing this man, Yuan Shaojun could not help but sweat out cold sweat.

    Don’t look at his balding head and his forty years old age, this Director is the famous Sanda champion in the city.

    Many years ago when the school was poor, there were many bad students, and consequently, this school was named as the City’s worst high school.

    Finally, the school has no other way than to invite this big brother to serve as the school’s Director.

    Since then, those who became the school bully were taught obedience by him. How he taught them? Nobody knew!

    Since this major reform, this school changed its status from the worst school to the school with the highest graduation rate now. It’s all thanks to this big brothers effort!

    All in all, this Director is the school’s legendary figure.

    “It seems like you guys want to see a show right?”

    This Director slowly walked into the field. The students in front of him immediately shied away to make a path for him.

    “Who wants to fight, come here. I haven’t been fighting for a long time, and my hands were itched. Come on, help me relax my bones!”

    After Director Wang had said this, he pinched his fists, which made “clack-clack” sound.

    Those students who just now acted menacingly, each and every one of them immediately froze and wilted away just like an eggplant.

    “What? Nobody wants to fight?”

    Director Wang looked around at the students, who didn’t dare to say anything now, and loudly roared.

    “If you don’t dare to fight, go back to class!”

    Hearing his voice, the scared students suddenly woke up and immediately scattered in panic.

    Liu Yi couldn’t help but sighed, thinking, ‘Director Wang’s might is enormous.’

    ‘His voice alone easily frightened those bullies.’

    The students who surrounded them just a moment ago now vanished one by one.

    Ma Yixuan was also stunned; she didn’t think that her laborious effort to gather these many students were suddenly thwarted just like that.

    In particular Yuan Shaojun, who has just lost his ‘face.’ But he didn’t dare to go against that Director Wang.

    Young overlord can only be lording over other students.

    “Yuan Shaojun, Why are you still looking at me?”

    Director Wang’s eyes stared at Yuan Shaojun and said, “You’re not going back to class?”


    Yuan Shaojun glowered at Liu Yi, “Bastard, count this day as your lucky day!”

    “Dare to threaten people? You think I am just a decoration here?”

    Director Wang immediately stepped forward and said to Yuan Shaojun.

    “I think you may have an itch. Why don’t we practice first?”


    Yuan Shaojun immediately turned around to leave the basketball court.

    Wang Lele and them were suddenly relieved.

    “Director Wang, fortunately, you came in time…”

    Wang Lele rubbed her magnificent breast, and said, “Otherwise we may be really miserable.”

    “You two wenches behave, don’t act willfully and make a scene.”

    Director Wang cautioned, “While your Family’s power out there is not small, Yuan Shaojun can act lawlessly inside the school. If I didn’t arrive in time, he would go against the heaven’s will. You’d better not mess with him, or else, nobody knows what will happen when you go out of the school.”

    “Hehe….understood. Thank you, Director Wang!”

    Wang Lele playfully laughed.

    “You naughty girl…You’re the worst troublemaker here.”

    Director Wang and Wang Lele seemed to be very familiar with each other. He rolled his eyes and turned around to see Liu Yi.

    “You are….Liu Yi, right?”

    “Yes, Director…”

    Liu Yi quickly nodded.

    Director Wang has previously saved him once. Today, he saved him again.

    In Liu Yi’s heart, he was somewhat grateful.

    “I remember you. You were pestered by Kevin yesterday.”

    Director Wang touched his bald head and said, “I remember you used to be an honest child….How can you get entangled with Kevin and Yuan Shaojun….”

    “Director Wang….this, this was my fault….”

    Wang Lele sheepishly rubbed her hands together, “In fact…this has nothing to do with Liu Yi gege….”

    “Ai, you little girl! In short, less contact with Yuan Shaojun in the future! Don’t mess with him, it’s useless. Just call me if he bothers you again. As long as I’m in school, I will arrive as soon as possible.”

    After that, Director Wang turned around and left.

    “Liu Yi, I let you all get away this time!”

    Ma Yixuan was still standing there. Her eyes viciously stared at Liu Yi and them and said.

    “But don’t think this matter ends here! Be careful when you walk after school!”

    And then she turned around and walked away.

    “This woman really think highly of herself!”

    Wang Lele couldn’t help but curled up her lips, “Just relying on her face, what’s the big deal!”

    “Lele, don’t talk about other people, you must reflect on yourself!”

    Murong Die reminded Wang Lele, “In the future, you must guard your mouth, don’t just say anything that comes into your head. You see, Liu Yi was almost killed by you.”

    “Hehe…Otherwise, how can I know that Liu Yi gege turned out to be so powerful!”

    Wang Lele suddenly laughed. She said to Liu Yi.

    “Liu Yi gege, in the future, you must protect me and sis’ Die okay?!”


    Liu Yi was silly. He doesn’t know what it means.

    “Drop death, Wang Lele, you speak nonsense again. You really want me to rip off your mouth!”

    Murong Die’s face was instantly red for a moment, and then she reached out both of her hands. She pinched Wang Lele’s cheeks and then pulled on both sides.

    “Huhu, sis’ Die….I was wrong….it, it hurts…”

    “Humph, let’s see if you’ll talk nonsense again!”

    The two girls have made up.

    “Liu Yi… Did you, did you really not use any stimulants?”

    At that time, Chen Cai bounced over and asked.

    “You never played basketball before, why….why today, you became so fabulous? Did you drugs?”

    “Go to hell, you’re the one who nibbled drugs!”

    Liu Yi gave Chen Cai a supercilious look.

    “Then how come you became so powerful! I don’t believe you suddenly came across a world class expert who taught you peerless martial art, hahaha!”

    Chen Cai couldn’t help but laugh.


    Liu Yi looked at the strained ears of the two beauty by the side and then somewhat awkwardly glanced back at Chen Cai.

    “Cih! We don’t want to know it either! Lele, let’s go!”

    Murong Die proudly lifted her neck and pulled Wang Lele to leave.

    “But sis’ Die….I want to hear it…”

    Wang Lele blinked her eyes a few times, and expectantly said, “I want to know…How come Liu Yi gege become so powerful….”

    “What’s so good about hearing other people’s secret! Hurry up and come with me!”

    Seeing her best friend didn’t live up to her expectation, Murong Die indignantly said and forcefully pulled away Wang Lele.

    “Liu Yi gege… After this, you must tell me okay….?”

    Being pulled away by Murong Die, Wang Lele pitifully said.

    “Also… I still owe you a chest push… Remember to ask me for it!”

    “Fuck me…. How envious….”

    Chen Cai’s saliva flowed out. He watched Liu Yi with hatred and jealousy.

    They were once diehard friends who share the same skirt together. They were best friends. But now, only one of them enjoyed such treatment…

    Really hateful!

    “I think…” Liu Yi muttered

    After Liu Yi calm down, he suddenly began to understand.

    “That girl Wang Lele…might not know what this ‘chest-push’ really mean….”

    “What you said… I think it’s quite possible…”

    Chen Cai blinked. This two friends rarely reached an agreement.

    Meanwhile, Liu Yi was curious. He looked at the back of the two girls, who was walking away from them, and opened his eyes of favorable impression.

    “Murong Die favorable impression +2, Wang Lele favorable impression +10!”

    Fuck me!

    Those two girls impression of him actually increased that much!

    Liu Yi was momentarily shocked.

    Especially that Wang Lele. Her favorability jumped directly from 10 to 20!

    Her favorable impression’s increase was too high!

    No wonder his red stream of qi was getting stronger and stronger…

    “Don’t get too cocky!”

    Lin Tong’s voice appropriately rang out to put cold water on Liu Yi.

    “Favorable impression is easier to upgrade in the earlier phase. But it will be harder in the later stage. There is a threshold once you upgraded it to 30. If you want to raise it again, it will get harder!”


    Liu Yi was a bit surprised.

    “Humph, humph. Do you think picking up a girl will be that easy?”