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Chapter 49 Universe Diagram Of The Immortal Cultivation

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Immortal Cultivation?”

    Chen Cai looked at Liu Yi, blinked his eyes, and then suddenly enlightened.

    “Oh, I know, is that a web address?”

    Chen Cai was watching Liu Yi and asked, “Did you find someone, who sold a drug that can temporarily increase your strength when you played online games? Gee… Liu Yi, such a good stuff. Why didn’t you tell me where to buy it? How much is it? I want to buy it too….”

    “Ce….it’s not like that.”

    Liu Yi thought that it would be quite difficult to explain.

    The things that happened to him were indeed too amazing. Sometimes, he didn’t even believe it and thought that he was just having a dream. Moreover, he cannot wake up from this dream.

    “Actually…I am practicing a method of cultivation to become immortal cultivator…”

    Liu Yi slowly explained.

    “Enough, enough, stop kidding with me! After knowing you these many years, this is the first time I saw you became soo funny.”

    Chen Cai and Liu Yi were walking toward the classroom building while talking about this matter.

    “I’m not kidding. It’s true!”

    Liu Yi was somewhat anxious. How could Chen Cai wouldn’t believe him!

    If he were Chen Cai, he would also not believe it.

    “Crap, in this world, how could there be some kind of immortal cultivation!”

    Chen Cai patted Liu Yi on the shoulder and gravely said, “Believe in science! Taurus men like us must believe in science!”


    ‘How could someone who believed in astrology also said he believed in science….’ Liu Yi thought.

    Liu Yi has no idea how to think about this Chen Cai.

    This guy is out of the ordinary.

    “Anyway… Believe it or not, the reason why I can beat Lan He was indeed because I learned a set of immortal cultivation method.”

    “Fine then, teach me. I want to try it!”


    Lin Tong suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

    “Liu Yi, you’re crazy! This is our clan’s unique teaching! You want to just casually give it to other people!?”

    “Chen Cai is my brother…”

    Liu Yi said, “My only brother…”

    “What did you say? To compare?”

    While Chen Cai was playing with his phone, he looked up and asked.

    “Nothing. Listen carefully, I’m going to recount orally to you about the fundamental of this technique.”

    After that, Liu Yi started to recount to Chen Cai the beginning of the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra. Hearing this, Chen Cai was stupefied.

    “All of these things…can be any good?”

    “When you get back home, just try it.”

    The introductory parts of this method were just some sort of breathing and meditation exercise; It’s not that difficult. Liu Yi thought Chen Cai should be able to remember it.

    “Bah, this is more like a demonic technique! I’m going to try it later in the class. It’s a math class anyway, so, I won’t listen to it!”

    “It seems you didn’t listen to the other class either…”

    Liu Yi’s cold sweat poured down.

    “Nonsense, I paid attention in the English class!”

    “You obviously just paid attention to the English teacher!”

    The school’s English teacher is the youngest female teacher in the school. Her teaching was also good. The “listening rate” in her class is the highest.

    “Hei, don’t expose me….let’s get back to the classroom.”

    At this time, in an Internet Cafe near the school.

    Lan He was sitting in a room. His two feet were resting on a chair while his hand was holding a phone. He unhappily asked.

    “Brother Ma, did you try your weapon yet? What do you think?”

    “This….Young master Lan….”

    Ma Wei was on the other side of the phone, in the billiard room. He said on the phone.

    “I know…you want to launch a retaliatory attack…”

    “Oh, you knew. Hehe, I, Lan He, who has lived for eighteen years, thought that for the first time, I’m going to get cheated.”

    “Impossible! Although I, Ma Wei, have some courage, I would not dare to cheat you, young master Lan!”

    Ma Wei quickly said, “But young master Lan, your information was not accurate! That Liu Yi is not some ordinary students! I brought several of my men to beat him yesterday, but almost everyone was injured. The hospital expense for those brothers, aih. I had to cut my own share for that. Even the weapon that you sent me, I almost sold it to cover the doctor’s cost!”

    “Fuck, don’t sell that damn weapon. You’re just asking for more money, aren’t you?

    Hearing that Ma Wei almost sold the weapon, Lan He was suddenly alarmed.

    But soon he realized that this is not the problem.

    “What did you say? Liu Yi injured your brothers? Did this boy really take a stimulant?”

    “In short, young master Lan, this matter is getting tricky now.”

    Ma Wei gloomily said, “With my brothers being injured like this, I don’t have any good excuse to report to my leadership. The medical expense was indeed not small…”

    “Don’t worry about the medical expense, I’ll handle it for you.”

    What Lan He have in plenty, is money.

    But what he wanted the most, is Murong Die.

    Right now, Liu Yi is the biggest obstacle between the two of them. If he doesn’t get rid of Liu Yi, he can’t achieve his goal!

    ‘Liu Yi…this guy, I must crush him!’ Lan He thought.

    “Oh, since young master Lan said so, I, Ma Wei, felt relieved!”

    Ma Wei’s face suddenly blushed, he laughed and said, “For young master Lan, even if I’ll shed some of my blood, your matter will be done!”

    “I don’t need you to shed your blood for me, I only want you to help me do something.”

    “Do you want me to get rid of Liu Yi?”

    Ma Wei licked his somewhat split lips.

    “Hehe, since you already know, I don’t have much to say anymore.”

    “Young master Lan, I’m afraid this matter will not be that easy.”

    Ma Wei suddenly said.

    “What? Is there anything that you, brother Ma, can’t handle? Weren’t you the one who chased and chopped the gang boss for several blocks?”

    “Young master Lan, that’s my, Ma Wei, past deed. You don’t need to make a joke out of me about that.”

    Ma Wei chuckled, “In the past, I did chop a big brother. But that big brother was a scrap wood. While Liu Yi is a person who skilled in martial arts. If you want me and my wounded brothers to go against this Liu Yi, I’m afraid that will not be enough.”

    “Then what do you think we should do?”

    Lan He was not stupid. He knew Ma Wei must have wanted something from him.

    “Hey, young master Lan is a sensible man.”

    Ma Wei’s face was full of smile, “Young master Lan’s matter is also my, Ma Wei, matter. I will naturally willing to spare no efforts to do it. But my strength is insufficient right now. However, recently our Black Dragon Society will have an election for a new hall leader that will be responsible for a large area. If I can become that new leader, then, my manpower will be sufficient. To deal with Liu Yi will not be much of a problem.”

    “How much money do you need?”

    “Two…two hundred thousand.”

    Ma Wei thought that he only need some sixty thousand to smooth his way to becoming the new hall leader.

    But he couldn’t help but wanted tens of thousands. At least, he can fill his own pocket.

    “You give me a bank account, I’ll give you three hundred thousand.”

    Lan He’s father was an official from the Bureau of Education. His mother was also a manager of a conglomerate. With his family’s political and business connection, he is terribly well-off.

    His pocket money was more than six figures.

    This amount of money is nothing for him.

    Moreover, if he can be with Murong Die, this money will be not worth mentioning.

    Murong Family’s possession….is huge.

    His investment will definitely pay off.

    If he assists Ma Wei this time, Ma Wei will definitely be grateful.

    By that time, he will have some influence in Black Dragon Society. The black and white world, he, Lan He, will control all of it. By then, nobody in the whole Beilong City will dare to offend him, young master Lan.

    “Young master Lan! In the future, I, Ma Wei, will become a gun in your hand!”

    Ma Wei was overjoyed. He gratefully said, “Whichever direction you point your finger at, I will immediately go and beat whoever that guy.”

    “Mm, I just want you to make Liu Yi disappear. You give me your account and then do what you must as quickly as possible. I want you to give me a deadline.”

    “Ten days later, our Black Dragon Society will reorganize. After I take the hall leader position, I’ll deal with Liu Yi! Half a month! Within half a month, Liu Yi will definitely disappear from your, young master Lan, sight!”

    “Okay, I’ll give you half a month’s time.”

    Lan He nodded his head.

    Liu Yi’s fate had been decided in a conversation between these two people.

    At this time, he didn’t know anything about that conversation. He was sitting with eyes closed in a classroom while continuing his cultivation training in his spiritual environment.

    From his confrontation with Yuan Zhenyue, Liu Yi realized how much useful his spirit fox steps was!

    This footwork technique is really useful. At least, even if he can’t beat his opponent, he can always run away using this footwork.

    The favorable impression increase from the girls in these two days has provided Liu Yi with a lot of power, making his red streamed of qi inside his body continuously enhanced.

    His first star jade was already full. Liu Yi found out that the forces inside his body continuously tried to attack his second star jade.

    This second star jade was called ‘Kang.’ If he successfully opened it, Liu Yi’s power will increase tremendously.

    “Fox sister, my second star jade seemed to react, when do you think I can have a breakthrough?”

    Liu Yi asked Lin Tong, who was sitting cross-legged beside him.

    “How can it be so fast! Continue your cultivation training honestly!”

    Lin Tong must be quite jealous.

    Only after she painstakingly trained for many years…did she able to open her second star jade.

    But this Liu Yi….achieved the similar result in just two days effort!

    His first star jade was already full. His second star jade will be opened soon!

    This terrifying cultivation speed can only be the attribute of a genius!

    After thinking carefully, Lin Tong surmised that this should be related to Liu Yi’s strange condition.

    The strength needed to successfully open the second star jade is many times more bigger than the power that was required to open the first star jade.

    But Liu Yi’s forces are actually double.

    One part is the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra red stream of qi, the other part is the white stream of qi that was bestowed by Guyu!

    Liu Yi’s red stream of qi has amassed a massive amount of favorable impression in these two days. His progress is simply astonishing.

    His white stream of qi was even more strange. It seemed to have a competition with the red stream of qi. As long as the red stream of qi grows, the white stream of qi will also grow.

    This dual power-up made the originally difficult to cultivate star jade, amazingly quick to increase!

    Lin Tong slightly narrowed her eyes. She used her unique ability, the star jade eyes.

    She immediately saw the star jade world in Liu Yi’s body.

    There is a small dark world inside the body of Liu Yi.

    There was a total of twenty-eight star jade inside this world.

    This was what made Lin Tong jealous of the universe diagram of human’s immortal cultivation. All of the star jade was there. But only one of them is bright. The others were all bleak.

    Liu Yi’s “Jiao” star jade exudes a charming radiance. It was simultaneously entwined with the red and white stream of qi. The two stream of qi slowly flew out to form two rays of light and fell laterally to another star jade not far from it.