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Chapter 52 Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi took several steps back and finally have his back against the door behind him.

    There was no turning back or a U-turn to escape.

    But Liu Yi didn’t want to escape. If he escapes this time, others will look down upon by him for the rest of his life.

    “Let’s see where you’re going to hide this time!”

    Li Bing was the fiercest among them. With the brass knuckle on his right hand, he threw a vicious punch at Liu Yi’s nose.

    In the past, there was a movie called ‘Young and Dangerous.’ Although this film was quite good, it also has a lasting influence on the younger generation.

    Many students and teenager tried to emulate one of the gangster characters in that movie.

    Yuan Shaojun is one of them and “Chan Ho-Nam” is his idol.

    While this Li Bing, from the beginning, always calls himself as the “Mountain Chicken.” (Referring to the character Chicken in the movie)

    But today this “village” chicken is doomed to be beaten up.

    Liu Yi looked at chicken’s incoming fist and just moved his head slightly to the left.

    Suddenly he heard the “bang” sound.

    “Ah, ah, ah! My hand!”

    Li Bing’s fist directly hit the iron door.

    Although he wore the brass knuckle, the reaction force that was acted against his fingers was a lot worse. His entire right hand went numb and aching. His brass knuckle directly fell to the ground; producing a clattering sound.

    Liu Yi did not hesitate. He threw a kick at Li Bing, making the later stepped a couple of steps back and then sank to the ground.

    Li Bing was a bit silly. Not just because of the pain, but also because of the shock.

    He can’t comprehend why the coward and loser Liu Yi from two days ago suddenly became this masterful!

    “Bam, bam!”

    Using his Spirit Fox Steps, Liu Yi wandered in front of these several students and, occasionally, shot his palm into their chests.

    Liu Yi just used his plain palm and not his Great Brilliant Sun Palm.

    Otherwise, these students were going to be vomiting blood.

    However, even without using his palm skill, each and every one of the students that were hit by his palm were thrown upside down for over a meter and fell to the ground.

    After Liu Yi threw three of them in a row, the legs of the remaining students, who surrounded him, were shaking.

    Liu Yi was supernaturally strong like the Buddha’s Warrior Attendant now, who would still dare to go after him!


    Liu Yi’s mouth was gasping.

    Although he is now a lot stronger than the average person, and these students are not his opponent, once the fight is up, he also consumes a lot of his physical strength.

    If he didn’t have the breathing technique to restore his energy, Liu Yi might have tired of sweating.

    “You, you are Liu Yi…”

    Ma Yixuan was standing there while clutching her mouth with a look of disbelief.

    “Did…did you go to a Karate training course?”

    Ma Yixuan thought that Liu Yi had secretly gone to a Karate training and whatnot and finally showed his masterful skill at this time.

    “Ma Yìxuan.”

    Liu Yi steadied his breathing and then walked slowly toward Ma Yixuan.

    “Don’t, don’t come here! I’m warning you, although you have some skills, you’re certainly not my husband’s opponent! If you lay a finger on me, my husband definitely will break your legs!”

    Ma Yixuan stepped back a couple of steps and started to scream as if Liu Yi will going to do something to her.

    Seeing her distorted and screaming face, Liu Yi suddenly felt a burst of grief.

    ‘Could, couldn’t he save his image in this woman’s heart?’ Liu Yi thought.

    Liu Yi opened his Eyes Of Favorable Impression and looked at the panic-stricken Ma Yixuan.

    Favorability, -59.

    It seemed, he really can’t save his image.

    Liu Yi can only lightly sigh in his heart.

    “Forget it, just leave.”

    Liu Yi suddenly waved his hand, “I never liked you.”

    “Crazy, who wants to be liked by you!”

    Ma Yixuan nervously cried, “Who do you think you are? Stop dreaming! Even if you can beat some guys, so what?! Your family is still poor, and you’re still a scrap wood! Your whole life is doomed to just do a menial waste wood job!”


    Liu Yi’s heart ached. His eyes were slightly red. His body suddenly burst out a violent, murderous aura.

    Golden threads that were similar in size to the small blood vessel in the eyes suddenly emerged in his eyes.

    At the same time, a strong demonic aura bloomed and filled the entire rooftop.

    Ma Yixuan felt her body instantly went soft. Both of her legs were numb, and her lower body parts went sour. She suddenly has the urge to pee really badly.

    At that time, she suddenly felt that the Liu Yi before her was terrifying….

    “Liu Yi! Don’t be a demon! Wake up for this Lady, ah, ah, ah!”

    Lin Tong, who was lying on Liu Yi’s shoulder, constantly cried, trying to wake him up.

    But Liu Yi suddenly flicked out his hand and threw out Lin Tong from his shoulder.

    Lin Tong felt pain**cried and fell to the ground.

    “Smelly Liu Yi, you dare to throw out this Lady!? Ouch, ouch, ouch, you big oaf!”

    By now, she can only go all out and use her spiritual power to preserve Liu Yi’s consciousness.

    After all the trouble to gather her spiritual power, perhaps she would lose it all here.

    Lin Tong bit her mouth and, with a firm and resolute look, turned into a red light and entered Liu Yi’s body.

    At the same time, Liu Yi suddenly shuddered, and the little bit of gold in his eyes faded.

    Lin Tong used all of her spiritual power to suppress the awakening of Liu Yi’s other personality.

    He just stood there, feeling dazed and weak; He cannot even feel his own power.

    Ma Yixuan and them were frightened. When they saw Liu Yi’s imposing aura was loosened, they all started to act. Whether running or crawling, they all escaped from the roof.

    On top of the roof, there was only one person left, Liu Yi.

    Cold sweat poured out of his body. He felt like he was going to collapse.

    “I’m indeed a waste wood…”

    Liu Yi couldn’t help but cursed himself, “I almost let the other me to awake….”

    There was no movement from Lin Tong at this time. She probably was resting because she has used much of her spiritual power.

    At this moment, Liu Yi felt that there was a huge force in the sky that was continuously approaching him!

    He suddenly looked up in surprise when a flash of cold mountain slammed down in front of him.

    The resultant shock wave forced Liu Yi to take a couple of steps backward.

    When the white light dispersed, a beautiful woman with a hairdo stood there.

    “It’s, it’s you!”

    Liu Yi was surprised to see the beautiful woman in white in front of him.

    “The source of that huge demonic aura….turned out to be you!”

    The sharp black eyes of the woman in white fell on Liu Yi, her eyebrows slightly frowned.

    “I, Gu Yu, after slaying demons for many years…this is the first time I saw a situation like yours….”

    Guyu said, and then moved her legs toward Liu Yi.

    “What do you want? Don’t come here!”

    Liu Yi tightly held his arms and backed away step by step.

    “Cih! I’m not going to take advantage of you!”

    Seeing the knee-jerk reaction from Liu Yu, Gu Yu instantly felt a headache.

    ‘How could he think of me as a female pervert!’ She thought.

    ‘Moreover, how could his reaction to me be this big!’

    “I just want to remove your power!”

    Gu Yu said and held out her hand toward Liu Yi.


    Liu Yi suddenly was unwilling.

    ‘Where did this crazy woman come from!?’ He thought.

    ‘How could she keep on looking for me for trouble!’

    ‘She also wants to remove my power!’

    ‘On what ground!?’

    Liu Yi’s heart felt uncomfortable.

    “This is for your own good.”

    Gu Yu stretched out her right hand and slowly said.

    “The six beings were all different. You are a mortal, and a mortal has a mortal way. The other way doesn’t belong to you.”

    With that, Gu Yu’s body started to lit up with brilliant white rays of light.

    Liu Yi suddenly felt that his whole body shuddered. His body seemed to be locked by Gu Yu. And then, with an inexplicable force, his body was dragged in an unnatural way toward Gu Yu.


    Liu Yi exclaimed again and again.

    He must not let her eliminate his power!

    Absolutely not!

    “Mortal, go back to become normal again!”

    Gu Yu said, and then gently attached her palm toward Liu Yi’s forehead.

    Liu Yi suddenly had a feeling of nausea, as if something in his body was continuously being pumped out.


    Liu Yi shouted in his heart.

    ‘I don’t want to become an ordinary man!’

    ‘I, Liu Yi, definitely must succeed and do great things!’

    ‘I don’t want to be normal!’

    Liu Yi’s eyes opened.

    Two flashes of white bursts from his eyes.

    And an immortal power burst out from his forehead and directly hit Gu Yu, forcing her to take a couple of steps back. Her two beautiful immortal’s eyes were staring at Liu Yi in amazement.

    “That…was an immortal power!”

    She was shocked to the extreme, “That should be the immortal power that was left by me inside his body….But why is it suddenly become so much more powerful now?”

    After erupting this immortal power, Liu Yi calmed down a bit. He squatted down on the floor, gasping for breath.

    Gu Yu stood opposite of him. She looked at this – according to her feeling, inconceivable men.

    “Could it be….that this is a heaven’s arrangement?”

    Gu Yu’s eyes were constantly changed.

    “But if I let him go….I wouldn’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse….”

    Gu Yu continuously weigh on what she should do.

    “His demonic power….was protected by his immortal power…If I want to get rid of his power, I have to completely crush his soul, and that would be tantamount to killing him….But if I don’t kill him, he could become a great demon that harms humans. What should I do then….”

    Gu Yu was in a dilemma.

    An immortal like her have a rule that forbid her to kill a mortal!

    This person is not even a big evil. Instead, he was even a little silly.

    There’s something wrong if she just straight up killing him.

    After thinking for a long time, her eyes suddenly lit up.

    “Since god has given you half the choice, I’ll take that bet.”

    After that, her right hand flashed a flashing rays of light, and she immediately poked Liu Yi’s temple with her index finger.

    Liu Yi has no time to react. He only felt like there was a flower before him and just like that, Gu Yu’s index finger was already on top of his temple.

    Before his own black eyes.

    A heap of knowledge instantly appeared in his mind.

    Liu Yi kneeled on the ground; his mind was in a mess.

    A Heart Sutra appeared in his mind.

    “Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra….”

    Guyu unexpectedly has given him her own technique?

    What kind of technique is this Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra?

    When Liu Yi gave this Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra a glance, the white stream of qi inside of him suddenly began to unceasingly revolve in agreement with that Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra!

    Liu Yi was suddenly scared.

    ‘Heaven!’ He thought

    ‘I don’t even know if this technique was good or bad, it actually already started to cultivate!’

    ‘I wouldn’t turn into a devil who never shrink from any crime would I!?’

    Liu Yi was suddenly worried, his white stream of qi was revolving faster and faster. A flash of flower instantly appeared before his eyes again, making him directly fainted and lay on the rooftop.