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Chapter 54 The Magical Effect Of The Breathing Technique

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Liu Yi, come on, tell me, from which website did you buy the drugs?!”

    A few days later, after the class, Chen Cai finally couldn’t bear anymore and, with a sad face, pulled Liu Yi’s arm to ask him.

    “What drugs? Are you impotent?” Liu Yi could not help but quip.

    “Fuck you, you’re impotent!”

    Chen Cai immediately looked at Liu Yi with clenched jaws and then said in a low voice.

    “Didn’t you say something about immortal cultivation?….I have practiced your set of broken exercise for days….but without any result at all! You’re just messing up with me! Liu Yi, the two of us are best friends; you can’t do that to me! At a time like this, you must help out your brother!”

    Chen Cai pathetically said, “For our years of friendship….You cannot leave your brother behind, right?”

    “The exercise is indeed feasible…but you don’t have any talent in immortal cultivation.”

    Without better options, Liu Yi had to tell Lin Tong’s previous words to Chen Cai.

    “Huhuhu, I don’t care, I must become powerful like you!”

    Chen Cai pulled Liu Yi by the arm, acting like a spoiled brat.

    Cold Sweat poured out of Liu Yi…

    The nearby boys and girls were pointing their fingers at them.

    “Ai….I was confused about why Liu Yi wouldn’t have a liking for me….turned out he’s gay….”

    The sighing sound of the nearby fat girl sneaked into Liu Yi’s ear.

    ‘Fuck me, my sexual orientation is being suspected, I can’t let this happen!’ Liu Yi thought.

    He quickly stretched out his left and brushed away Chen Cai’s claw.

    “Brother….Everyone has their own talent….I’m not a deity, how could I help you….?”

    “Then what should we do!? Did you know that I took a fancy of the prettiest girl in the neighboring class for a very long time!? But I have always been afraid to make a confession to her!”

    Chen Cai suddenly sighed.


    Liu Yi was shocked, looking at his best friend who also share the same table with him and said, “Did you have a fever? No, that’s not it!”

    “Fuck, you’re the one who has the fever! I’m normal, ok!”

    “Didn’t you, Chen Cai, always want to conquer all the beautiful women in the world? Why you suddenly constrain yourself to just one woman?”

    Liu Yi laughed, “How could you still eyeing a flower in the neighboring class!? This is not like you!”

    “Ai, after romancing for so long, I feel tired and empty, so, I want to find a woman to anchor my heart.”

    Chen Cai sadly said.

    Hearing this, Liu Yi, who was drinking water right now, immediately couldn’t help but spurted it all out, and directly sprayed Chen Cai in the face.

    Chen Cai’s face was full of resentment.

    “So, sorry….hahaha….I, I just can’t hold back….”

    Liu Yi was clutching his stomach, laughing out loud.

    “Are you a fountain…?”

    Chen Cai wiped off the water on his face with a tissue and glowered at Liu Yi several times.

    “Can’t I, the father, have a girl that I like?”

    “Can, can, can. Of course you can. Who is she?”

    “The girl in the next door priority experimental class, Wang Yuzheng!”

    “Who is that?”

    Liu Yi blinked his eyes a few times; he absolutely had no recollection of her.

    “Damn, are you really a student in this school?”

    Chen Cai could not help but complained, “Indeed, previously, your eyeballs were set only to stare at Ma Yixuan’s body. You never paid any attention to other female students.”


    Liu Yi can’t help but silent.

    Ma Yixuan hasn’t attended the class for several days. Liu Yi didn’t know if that was because of what happened the other day, making her afraid of him.

    Moreover, Ma Yuanyuan also hasn’t secretly came to his room. Liu Yi was in the dark about this.

    “This Wang Yuzheng is the most beautiful woman in the experimental class!”

    Chen Cai told Liu Yi, “Moreover, she was different than the wealthy Murong Die and Wang Lele….Wang Yuzheng’s family is ordinary. I also heard that it was a single parent family. Her manner is amiable and approachable. But it’s precisely because of this, I heard that she was being pestered by their classroom bully Lin Huayang. The reason I want to become powerful is because I want to handle this Lin Huayang!”

    ‘Lin Huayang?’ Liu Yi thought and suddenly remembered, “The Principal’s son?”

    “Yes, it’s him. He relied on his father as the Principal to bully other students in school!”

    Chen Cai nodded heavily, “He pursue Wang Yuzhen in a particularly barbaric way, clinging to her everyday and making Wang Yuzheng sick of him! If I could deal with Lin Huayang like you handled Lan He, Wang Yuzheng will surely give me a favor!”

    “…I suddenly feel the school is so complicated…” Liu Yi mused.

    “Boss Liu Yi! From now on you’re my boss ok!”

    Chen Cai said, “As long as the boss is willing to help me, little brother will be your horse and ox, I will do your bidding for you!”


    Liu Yi has a headache. This Chen Cai was simply a clown.

    However, there’s no fault in liking a girl. Liu Yi himself, once also took a liking at Ma Yixuan.

    If Ma Yixuan was willing to give him a chance, perhaps he wouldn’t be like this now.

    Fate, sometimes is a marvelous thing.

    “Boss….I beg you, please lend your hand for this little brother, ok….” Chen Cai was almost on his knees.

    “This….I really can’t help you.”

    Liu Yi raised his hand to swear, “I, Liu Yi, swear to you that the exercise is absolutely real, and all the other things that I’ve also said, were all true. If there is a slightest lie, then I, Liu Yi, will never be married!”

    “Fuck me! This oath is too fucking vicious!”

    Chen Cai was shocked, he firmly believed Liu Yi now.

    Men sometimes do swear casually.

    But if he swears in the name of his sex life, it must certainly be true!

    Which man who wants to make a joke about his own sex life….

    “Then what do I do….Could it be that I, Chen Cai, is doomed to be lonely for the rest of my life….”

    “Isn’t there anything else that I can help you?”

    Seeing Chen Cai mournful look, Liu Yi quickly comforted him, “Perhaps there are other ways….”

    “There is…another way!”

    Chen Cai’s eyes suddenly lit up and then said, “Wang Yuzheng is a conservative girl…She certainly likes to be pursued in a traditional way!”

    He clapped his hand, “That’s right, that’s right. I want to write a love letter to her….But Lin Huayang always took a close look at her; Any male students who approach her will be beaten by him….Boss, this delivering the letter thing, will have to depend on you!”

    “Okay….I can help you with this.” Liu Yi nodded his head.

    In any case, Chen Cai is his best friend; Helping his best friend is the same as helping himself.

    When he was at his lowest, Chen Cai also never stop giving his support to him.

    “Great! Then I will immediately write my love letter in our class! Ai, Although I, Chen Cai, can’t be compared with you, boss, in other aspects, I have quite an accomplishment in writing love letters! When my sage passion goes into action, a simple love letter will be very easy!”

    After that, Chen Cai lied on the table and started to scribble furiously, strategizing his love letter.

    As for Liu Yi, he sat down and began to circulate his red stream of qi within his body.

    He doesn’t need to control the white stream of qi because it moves by itself.

    But to strengthen the red stream of qi, it needs to be manually circulated along the small heavenly circulation and big heavenly circulation, or, he needs to increase his favorable impression among the girls.

    Liu Yi didn’t enter his virtual environment this time because the teacher of his next lecture is his homeroom teacher.

    If that teacher finds him dozing off in his class….

    It would be the same as inviting a beating!

    Soon, the school bell rang.

    Liu Yi’s homeroom teacher, a more than fifty years old middle-aged woman, came to the class while clutching the textbook.

    Liu Yi’s homeroom teacher is an English teacher. To Liu Yi, both English and Math are hieroglyphics.

    Especially this time. When the homeroom teacher reached her desk, she immediately announced there will be a sudden test, which instantly made the students felt as if the doomsday arrived.

    “I will give you ten minutes to memorize the text on the lesson 13th. After ten minutes, I want to test your recitation. If you failed, you’d have to copy the text 30 times.”


    The doomsday arrived, the hell approaches.

    Chen Cai cannot even attend his love letter. He widely opened his mouth, just like a toad.

    “Ten minutes…teacher, this text is too long…”

    Chen Cai pitter-pattered his mouth, and then complained in a single sentence.

    “Chen Cai, I’ll give you 15 minutes. If you fail to recite, you’ll have to copy 50 times.”

    The homeroom teacher kindly smiled at Chen Cai, which directly made him silly.

    ‘Fuck me…the second kill!’ Chen Cai thought.

    Liu Yi quickly followed the other students who were preparing to make a complaint, which was to open the English book and desperately started to memorize!

    Knowing how long the text is, they don’t want their fate to end up like Chen Cai!

    “Why don’t you meditate and continue your cultivation?”

    Feeling that Liu Yi had abandoned his cultivation, Lin Tong quickly flew out from his spiritual environment, turned into a small fox, landed on his desk, and looked at the English book near her feet.

    “Don’t you know that your present situation may be very dangerous!? We’ll never know when that white-clothed woman will come looking for you. You cannot relax your cultivation!” Ling Tong warned.

    “Compared with that beautiful white-clothed woman…Copying the text is the real disaster….”

    Liu Yi bitterly smiled. His eyes unblinkingly looked at the English text.

    ‘Fuck…these are long piles of words…’ He thought.

    Moreover, there were many English words in that text that Liu Yi didn’t understand, which forced him to mark these words so that he can find the meaning in the dictionary later!

    But as the matter stand, within ten minutes….he could never memorize all the text!

    ‘Teacher, you’re trying to kill your students with this!’ Liu Yi complained in his heart.

    “Idiot….You’re an immortal cultivator now, how could you let this thing stump you!?”

    “Immortal Cultivation is simply increasing one’s strength…not to boost one’s brain power!” Liu Yi was depressed, “Such a long text….I will definitely die this time….”

    “Fool! Use your breathing technique!”

    Lin Tong snapped, “Do you think breathing technique is just an ordinary technique!? It can improve your mental power! When your mental power is high, you can achieve the realm of ‘never forget (photographic memory)!’

    “Really?” Liu Yi was overjoyed.

    “When this lady has ever deceived you!?”

    Lin Tong jumped and clawed Liu Yi’s nose with her small paw.

    Liu Yi quickly hugged the little Fox and started exercising his breathing technique.

    After two big deep breaths, at his moment, Liu Yi felt that he was very clear headed, and refreshed.

    With such feelings, he began to read the text.

    Sure enough, it was a lot of fun!

    When Liu Yi closed his eyes, the text was still clearly printed in his mind!

    Magical! This was simply amazing!

    Liu Yi really wanted to hug and kiss the little Fox twice!

    ‘Fox sister, you’re great!’ He thought.

    But right at this time, the class leader, who sat in the front of Liu Yi, suddenly said.

    “Such thing doesn’t need to be ten minutes long, teacher. That’s too long!”