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Chapter 59 Get Out Of Here

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “If you come too late, you’re finished!”


    Liu Yi didn’t understand why would his Fox sister say that.

    He didn’t feel anything strange here.

    To be covered by invigorating sense and sufficient strength that were circulating within the body are clearly the benefits that were brought by the opening of the second star jade.

    “I feel pretty good….”

    “What do you know!”

    Lin Tong glowered at Liu Yi and then said, “There are two forces within your body, the red and the white. When you cultivate the sutra that was given by me and that woman, the two forces inside your body barely reached an equilibrium.”

    Lin Tong said in her heart, ‘although the power of the white stream of qi is slightly powerful, the red stream of qi has great potential and also more unstable.’

    ‘If the suppression from the white power of immortal is not good enough, plus Liu Yi’s sudden mood swings, the red demonic power will likely to erupts, making Liu Yi turned into a demon again!’

    ’Liu Yi’s demonic form is too terrifying….’

    ‘Although he has opened only two jade star, even the four star fox such as myself….will unable to bear but shiver in fear.’

    “You just opened your second star jade. You need to stabilize the two forces in the second star jade first! Take a look at your second star jade and see what kind of state is it in!”

    Lin Tong said and then opened her star jade eyes to look at Liu Yi’s chart of cultivation universe.

    Liu Yi was also observing his own universe chart.

    His first star jade was releasing two forces, the white and red, that were winding at each other through space and landed on the nearby second star jade.

    The second “Kang” star jade has shone brilliantly, full of mystery and power.

    All of these are wonderful, but Liu Yi suddenly discovered that in the interior of this star jade, the two forces were constantly collided with each other, back and forth, like two children fighting!

    Liu Yi was shocked. If this continue, he would be finished indeed!

    He quickly circulate his Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra and Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra and then steadied the two stream of qi, allowing them to gradually quiet down.

    Indeed, this is a hidden danger!

    If not for Lin Tong’s timely reminder, he might be in a very terrible situation!

    Fortunately, he has his Fox sister….Without his Fox sister, what can he do!?

    Under the effort of Liu Yi, the two forces finally slowly stabilized.

    They quietly floated within the second star jade, mixing around together.


    Liu Yi finally heaved a sigh of relieve.

    He doesn’t have to worry about this runaway force issue anymore.

    “Your strength is now sufficient to practice the second palm strike technique of the Great Brilliant Sun Palm, Vein Seal.”

    Lin Tong said, “Although it isn’t as powerful as the first palm strike, it wins in the control attribute. This should be a good control skill for you.”


    Liu Yi nodded, “I already want to practice this palm technique for a while, now I finally have the opportunity!”

    Lin Tong suddenly flew to the front of Liu Yi and said, “Come on, the old rules, we spar!”


    Liu Yi hesitated.

    “Why are you hesitating!? This lady is a four star you know! Although I am currently sealed, I have more experience than you! Come on! Hurry! Besides me, who can accompany you to have a spar! Real combat experience is the quickest way to master this technique!”

    After that, Lin Tong hooked her finger in the air at Liu Yi.

    “Play close attention! This lady may not want to accompany you, the foolish melon head, every day!”

    “Ok then…”

    Liu Yi took a deep breath and then put his power into his palm.

    “This time, I will not be lenient toward you. If you want to beat this lady, that depends on your ability!”

    Lin Tong said. A shadow flickered. Lin Tong has used the spirit fox steps exquisitely, making Liu Yi envious.

    If he can perform such a high level of spirit fox steps, that would be wonderful.

    Unfortunately, he can only perform the superficial level of spirit fox steps; Their differences is huge!

    “Come and attack me! If you can touch my forehead, you win! Otherwise, I’ll never let you leave this spiritual environment!”

    Lin Tong’s shape constantly flashed around Liu Yi, trying to provoke him.


    Liu Yi adjusted his breathing according to the breathing technique to bring about the state of profound.

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    Liu Yi’s ears heard some popping sound. These should be the sounds that were produced whenever Lin Tong touched the ground using her spirit fox steps.

    Liu Yi took a few more breaths according to the breathing technique to try to figure out the direction and then stepped forward using the spirit fox steps.


    His body suddenly rushed out and landed in front of Lin Tong.

    “Vein Seal!”

    At the same time, he shot out his palm

    Because this is only a spiritual body, rather than his true right hand, Liu Yi can use his two palms indiscriminately.

    It is clear that, compared to his left hand, Liu Yi’s right hand is more powerful.

    Why is it so? This should be self-evident to most guys.

    Liu Yi’s right hand swung fast and fierce. With the howl of wind, this palm directly swept on Lin Tong.

    But Lin Tong’s body seemed like air, allowing Liu Yi to sweep past it, without hitting anything.

    An afterimage!

    Liu Yi immediately surprised.

    At this time, Lin Tong’s voice suddenly sounded from behind him.

    “Melon head, looks like you lost.”

    While she was speaking, her ice-cold hand was already placed on Liu Yi’s neck.

    The long and sharp nails hovered on Liu Yi’s quivering throat.

    “Not yet, Fox sister.…”

    Liu Yi suddenly laughed. His empty right hand suddenly caught Lin Tong’s palm.


    Lin Tong was surprised. She didn’t expect Liu Yi could execute such technique.

    After her hand had been grabbed by Liu Yi, her heart was suddenly in disarray.

    According to Lin Tong’s strength, even if her hand was caught, she can instantly break free herself. Or, she can also employ other methods to take care of this foolish Liu Yi.

    However, because her heart was now in a mess, it gave Liu Yi an opportunity.

    “Vein Seal!”

    Liu Yi launched the second palm strike along their connected hands and into Lin Tong’s body.

    Lin Tong’s body immediately shook. There was a strange print on the heart location on her chest, making her whole body unable to move.

    “Yes! I did it!”

    Liu Yi turned around, smiled, and moved his left hand to touch Lin Tong’s forehead.

    But at this time, Lin Tong’s body suddenly moved.

    The print on her chest suddenly broke. Moreover, Lin Tong’s other palm hit Liu Yi on the chest.


    Liu Yi suddenly felt that an enormous force came to his chest, making him took several steps back.

    “How can this be! I obviously have sealed Fox sister!”

    Liu Yi asked in surprise.

    “Do you think Vein Seal can decide everything?”

    Lin Tong also took advantage of the time when she freed herself from Liu Yi’s hand, to calm her heart, and then tenderly scolded.

    “Although Vein Seal is magical, you also must consider the difference in power between you and the opponent! With my four star strength, I can suppress the power of your second star palm strike!”

    “So that’s why….then how can I possibly touched your forehead….”

    Liu Yi wanted to cry.

    “That depends on your ability!”

    Lin Tong laughed, thinking.

    ‘Humph, humph, this guy actually touches my hand!’

    ‘Obviously this is just his spiritual body, not his Amorous Ripple Hand, how could I become ill-at-ease!’

    ‘Humph, no matter. In short, I should take this opportunity to punish him for his bad behavior!’

    “If you can’t touch my forehead, you can’t leave this spiritual environment!”

    With that, Lin Tong’s figure suddenly flashed. She has launched her spirit fox steps and hovered around Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi really has a headache this time.

    He just can’t handle this!

    ‘Am I never going to leave this spiritual environment ever again?’ He thought.

    ‘No can do, I promised Chen Cai to help him deliver his love letter!’

    ‘Liu Yi, you can do this, you must do this!’

    After he had said this, he collected his qi in his pubic region and did the breathing technique once again, making himself calm down.

    Right at this time, the white stream of qi in his body slightly trembled.

    Liu Yi suddenly had an inspiration.

    ‘That’s right!’ He thought.

    ‘I don’t just have spirit fox steps and Great Brilliant Sun Palm, I also have this icy-mysterious gas!’

    ‘But, Lin Tong moves too fast!’

    ‘If I casually throw out this ice ball, it will certainly have no effect!’

    Liu Yi suddenly had an idea.

    He used his spirit fox steps again to intercept Lin Tong’s figure when she was about to landed on the next position.


    Lin Tong couldn’t help but charmingly scolded, “How could you use the same trick against me twice!”

    She scolded while Liu Yi’s palm hit her afterimage. She then appeared next to Liu Yi and shot her palm toward Liu Yi’s shoulder.

    But at this moment, she caught sight of Liu Yi’s mouth, which hung a smile.

    “I got you, Fox sister.”

    Liu Yi said, and then his left foot stepped on the ground.

    Suddenly, an ice arc, with his left foot as the center, spread out.

    Although this ice diffusion was not far, Lin Tong was still within it.

    In an instant, Lin Tong’s shape slightly delayed.

    And then, at that moment, from his two hands, Liu Yi threw out two ice balls that fell on Lin Tong’s feet.

    “Bang! Bang!”

    Lin Tong’s lower body immediately blasted out and wrapped up by the frost.

    Lin Tong’s was surprised. She tried to use the spirit fox steps to leave, only to find out that her two feet were covered with frost and she actually unable to break free herself temporarily.

    This exceeded her expectations!

    “Vein Seal!”

    This time, Liu Yu had arrived before her body and shot out his palm toward Lin Tong’s chest.

    Even if her lower body part were sealed, she could still move her head.

    If this strike fails to hit her, Lin Tong will soon be able to get rid of the frost bind.

    Liu Yi only have this one chance!

    Therefore, with this palm strike, Liu Yi decided that he will strive for victory!

    When Liu Yi’s Vein Seal palm hit Lin Tong’s chest, he suddenly felt something soft….

    Liu Yi was immediately silly.

    ‘Fuck me, I think I hit the wrong place….’ He thought.

    ‘But, it feels pretty good!’

    Both of them were shocked.

    And then Lin Tong cried out in alarmed.

    “Liu Yi! I am going to kill you!”

    She tried to get rid of the frost bind, but the effect of Liu Yi’s Vein Seal suddenly appeared.

    In the presence of the mysterious icy gas, Liu Yi’s Vein Seal has a new effect!

    In addition to the print on Lin Tong’s chest, a layer of frost spread out and wrapped Lin Tong’s body.

    Lin Tong’s body instantly condensed and her pretty face covered with frost. She tenderly shouted.

    “Liu Yi….get, get out….of, of here!”

    Because of the frost, her speech stuttered.