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Chapter 60 My Name Is Liu Yi

Mai Kitsune Waifu
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    After Liu Yi return to the classroom, he blinked his eyes a few times.

    Although he is quite slow, he can tell that his sister Fox is angry.

    Moreover, it was not the usual angry….but more like….very, very angry….

    ‘Was it because I won the spar?’ He thought.

    ‘But I clearly haven’t touched her forehead yet….’

    ‘That’s right….’

    Liu Yi suddenly looked at his hands….

    He seemed to have accidentally….touched her Fox sister’s chest…

    ‘Oh, mother! I really didn’t mean it!’

    At that time, he was obsessed with winning the spar over his Fox sister and didn’t think about anything else….

    But when he thought about it now….It did feel good….

    ‘It turned out Fox sister is quite a material….’

    Liu Yi couldn’t help but think.

    ‘Hey! Hey!’

    ‘What am I thinking!’

    ‘Liu Yi, Liu Yi. You’re really a beast!’

    ‘Fox sister is so good toward you, how could you have thought such things!’

    ‘Liu Yi, Liu Yi. You’re a bastard!’

    ‘No wonder Ma Yixuan doesn’t like you!’

    Liu Yi maliciously cursed himself.

    At this time, the classroom bell rang.

    Chen Cai hastily looked at Liu Yi with a look that is full of anticipation, or, one could also say miserable.

    “Boss….my happiness (sex life)….will depend on you….”

    “Damn, your happiness must depend on both of your hands!”

    Liu Yi received the envelope from Chen Cai while giving him a stern eye.

    ‘Chen Cai’s wretched thoughts must’ve rubbed on me. That’s right. This must be it!’ He thought.

    “Boss, please!”

    After millions of urging and millions of cajoling, Liu Yi gave him a reassuring gesture, and then took the love letter and leave the classroom.

    To be honest, although Liu Yi has given Chen Cai his promise, his heart has some apprehensions.

    Although he liked Ma Yixuan for quite a while, he actually never sent her such love letter like this…..

    Even a slow learner like Liu Yi knew that sending a love letter like this….is too unsophisticated.

    He knew that, in these days, love between students is no longer the same as before.

    With several direct talks, in addition to have a look that is pleasing to the eye, one can start a relationship.

    Of course, this method only works for those rich and handsome students.

    A student with a poor background such as Liu Yi, will not be on any girl’s radar.

    Liu Yi sighed, and then stood in front of the door of the experimental class.

    This experimental class is the best class in the school. Which consists of the most brilliant students, who have passed the past exams with excellent result.

    Liu Yi thought that there was not only honor for a student who attended this experimental class, but also a sense pressure.

    “Schoolmate, who are you looking for?”

    A female student walked out of the experimental class. When she saw a student, who stood at the door, she suddenly couldn’t help but curiously asked.

    “Em, I’m looking for….”

    “Hey, aren’t you the one who’ve defeated Lan He? Liu Yi, right!?”

    When this homely, freckled girl recognized Liu Yi, she suddenly shouted in a pleasant surprise, “It is you, right?”

    ‘Em?’ Liu Yi thought.

    ‘Why am I suddenly become famous?’

    Previously, he used to walk to the school without anyone recognizing him; He was an invisible student….

    Liu Yi suddenly has some excitement plus some small sense of satisfaction.

    Although they all said that fame portends trouble….But the feeling of being recognize by others is actually pretty good….

    “Yes, I am Liu Yi.”

    Liu Yi began to trace his trouser pockets, to see if there is a pen in it.

    In the event this girl wanted him to autograph something, it would be awkward if he didn’t have a pen!

    “It really is you!”

    The girl was excited for a moment, but instantly, she disappointedly said.

    “Why you have to be so ugly like this? I thought that you’re a hunk!”

    Liu Yi instantly has the urge to faint.

    ‘Oh, mother….’ He cursed in his heart.

    ‘Since when did this father become this ugly!’

    Although he is not a handsome guy, he also a fellow who had a nose and a pair of eyes!

    “Why do you come to our class?”

    “I, I am looking for….Wang Yuzheng….”

    ‘This should be her name.’ He thought.


    The girl quickly pulled Liu Yi aside into the corridor, looked around, and then relaxed and carefully said.

    “Are you crazy….”

    The girl stared at Liu Yi and said, “Luckily, Lin Huayang didn’t hear you say this name….Otherwise, you’d be dead!”

    “Lin Huayang? The principal’s son?”

    “Yes! His grades were poor, but because of his father’s backing, he can enter our experimental class. He then had a liking for our class leader, Wang Yuzheng.”

    The girl suddenly smiled, “But, although Lin Huayang had bad characters, he is actually quite handsome. If he is willing to chase me, I will certainly accept him!”

    Heavy lines appeared on Liu Yi’s face.

    “Nevermind, I’m just delivering a love letter from a friend.”

    Liu Yi shook the love letter in his hand and said.

    “You’re crazy!”

    The girl was shocked, “Sending a love letter! You, you’re dead!”

    “What are you afraid of? I don’t believe this Lin Huayang will be able to eat me.”

    Liu Yi said and, despite the warning from the girl, walked toward the experimental class.

    Liu Yi lingered for a while and then went into the class.

    He has promised this matter to Chen Cai, so, he must accomplish this.

    “You silly fork….you’re hopeless….”

    The girl behind him repeatedly shook her head and then went as far away from Liu Yi, to avoid being implicated.

    Liu Yi took a deep breath and marched in front of the classroom.

    This is indeed the experimental class. After he entered the class, Liu Yi suddenly saw a group of student who still earnestly studied even after the class is finished. They wasted no time at all.

    ‘My goodness….’ He thought.

    ‘They really go all out!;

    Although Liu Yi never attended the experimental class, he has heard the things about this class.

    He heard that these students study seven days a week. They even have the night class. They only took a rest on Sunday afternoon.

    If he were to attend this class, it would be the same as entering the hell!

    “Which of you is Wang Yuzheng?”

    Liu Yi’s announcement instantly changed this peaceful classroom.

    A group of students raised their head and looked at Liu Yi as if they were looking at a monster.

    Liu Yi was shocked, ‘Is my face, really that ugly?’ He thought.

    All the students didn’t say anything. They just looked at Liu Yi, making him feel quite weird.

    “Who is Wang Yuzheng?”

    But Liu Yi didn’t forget the task from Chen Cai. So, he asked again.

    “I, I am….”

    A lean and delicate person, with a ponytail, suddenly made a sound.

    Although she wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses, it didn’t hide her beauty.

    Her kind of beauty is different than Murong Die. Murong Die is a stunning beauty, while she, is a quiet beauty.

    Moreover, she also carries a clean a refined feeling that Liu Yi had never seen before.

    Such beauty….should only appear in the ancient era.

    How could she possibly appear in these days and ages?

    “Who are you, boy?”

    Before Wang Yuzhen even finished, a nearby tall student stood up and looked at Liu Yi with a constipated look, and then asked.

    This youth is very handsome and tall. His appearance is almost as hunk as the stars on the television.

    But the gloomy look on his forehead made Liu Yi very uncomfortable.

    “I am looking for Wang Yuzhen. Are you Wang Yuzheng?”

    Liu Yi asked in a bad mood.

    “I am Wang Yuzheng’s boyfriend. What? Do you have an opinion?”

    “I, I am not….”

    Wang Yuzheng anxiously tried to say something. But that handsome youth smirked and said.

    “Yuzhen, be careful, if you say you’re not, I may have to kiss you in front of the class?”

    This simple threat already made Wang Yuzheng’s face pale.

    She didn’t dare to say anything again and lowered her head.

    Noticing this, Liu Yi can’t help but be a bit uncomfortable. He thought, ‘How could this boy threaten a girl using this method!’

    “I just want to look for Wang Yuzhen. Please step aside.”

    Liu Yi couldn’t help but make his tone of voice a bit firm.

    “Hey, you’re a crazy boy aren’t you!”

    That handsome boy immediately sneered and said, “Do you know who I am?”

    “Do YOU know who I am?” Liu Yi asked back.

    “Don’t know.”

    “You don’t know me, so, why would I want to know you? You’re crazy.”

    Liu Yi gave that handsome boy a middle finger and went before the stunned look of Wang Yuzheng and then said.

    “Student Wang Yuzheng, please accept this love letter.”

    After that, under the dumbfounded look of all the people in the class, Liu Yi put the pink-envelope love letter on Wang Yuzheng’s table.

    “Ah? This, this….”

    Wang Yuzheng had a sudden panic.

    “Motherfucker, you court death!”

    That handsome student suddenly shouted, “You dare to have ideas with my, Lin Huayang’s, woman?”

    ‘Lin Huayang. So, he is that Lin Huayang?’ Liu Yi thought.

    “Lin Huayang, don’t go too far!”

    At this time, Wang Yuzheng, who was sitting there, suddenly stood up and mustered up the courage to loudly shouted at Lin Huayang.

    “I, Wang Yuzheng, am not your woman!”

    “Yuzheng, I, Lin Huayang, like you. So, you are my woman.”

    Lin Huayang folded his arms and proudly said, “This point, is known to everyone!”

    “Lin Huayang, you’re too overbearing!”

    Wang Yuzheng’s anger turned into tears.

    “Humph, so what if I’m overbearing? When I, Lin Huayang, like a girl, how could that girl be able to escape? Wang Yuzheng, be a darling and obediently be my girlfriend.”

    With that, he turned around, looked at Liu Yi, and said.

    “As for you. If you don’t want to die, quickly take back your love letter and get out!”

    “Lin Huayang, other people may be afraid of you, but I, Liu Yi, am not afraid you.”

    Not only he didn’t go, but Liu Yi also said to Wang Yuzheng.

    “Wang Yuzheng, please keep the love letter. Also, you better stay away from this guy.”


    Lin Huayang suddenly shouted, “You’re a dick! You dare to meddle in my affair!”

    Seeing Lin Huayang acted like this, other students didn’t dare to speak. The all lowered their head and pretended to be invisible.

    “Who am I? I’m just an ordinary student.”

    Liu Yi stood there, without any fear of Lin Huayang’s aura.

    “But the things that you, Lin Huayang, do, even a mediocre student such as me is unable to watch it. As a boy, if you like a woman, you should take care of her and please her. But you, relying on the powerful backing of your family, actually bully a girl like this. Are you still a man?”

    “Hey, you’re good.”

    Lin Huayang couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re trying to put an act in front of me, Lin Huayang, aren’t you? If you have the courage, announced me your name. See how I, Lin Huayang, am going to punish you. Do you dare? Do you have the guts?”


    Wang Yuzheng wanted to prevent Liu Yi from speaking out his name.

    But Liu Yi, with chin up, and chest out, roared.

    “My name is Liu Yi! The second class of the second year student, Liu Yi!”