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Chapter 62 The Road To Riches

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Zhang Yuren’s remark had to make Liu Yi burned with anger.

    In this supposed place of education, could there still be a trace of education left in it?

    Perhaps, in this place, everything is already distorted.

    This world has no clean place anymore.

    As long as there is a human and there is a benefit, darkness will always try to seep in.

    The Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra and Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra were continuously circulating within Liu Yi’s body, stimulating his blood vessels.

    His body was so cold now, but he was still clear-headed.

    Inside his head, it was like someone kept telling him how to speak.

    “You said I’m a scum. Well then, I have a question for you.”

    Liu Yi said, and slowly looked at the nearby Lin Huayang, then said.

    “You inquired our teacher Li about my grades, and that’s fine. I also want to inquire with you: Our young master Lin, in the experimental class, what are his academic results?”

    “This, this….this is none of your concern….”

    Zhang Yuren was a bit speechless.

    “Hehe, you can’t answer it can you? No problem, I’ll answered it for you.”

    Liu Yi didn’t give Zhang Yuren time to reply and continued to say, “Our young master Lin’s scores, if you consider it average scores, then it is an insult to the word average. Lin Huayang’s performance has been very, very poor and nobody in the school who doesn’t know about this. The test that he passed has been very few. Yet, with this one-of-a-kind result he can enter the experimental class, hehe….also, he molested the girls in the class, threatened the classmate, and other kinds of evil conducts! If you, Director Zhang, say that I’m ignorant and scum for harassing another student. Then, according to your own words, Lin Huayang is a scum of scum. Moreover, a certain director has personally arranged behind the back for Lin Huayang to enter the experimental class, oh, oh….that director, is you, Zhang Yuren, am I right? You are the biggest scum of all of the biggest scum!”

    With that, he outstretched his finger and pointed it at Zhang Yuren’s face.

    That Zhang Yuren went pale and didn’t know what to say. Unexpectedly, under the fiery aura of Liu Yi, he even took a couple of steps back.

    “T….Teacher Li….look how good this student of you is….”

    But the nearby Li Juanhua stood there without saying anything.

    She has to admit that Liu Yi’s words were beautiful and helped her vented some of her anger.

    Lin Huayang has been a bully in the school for a long time. But because the Principal and Zhang Yuren always covered his ass, he even looked down upon the other teachers.

    A few days ago, there was a newly arrived female English teacher. She is young and attractive and was good at teaching.

    A day later, teacher Li heard that the night before, she was dragged by Lin Huayang to an empty office and almost sexually assaulted her.

    Although she eventually escaped, she can only tearfully complain about this to her senior, teacher Li, and didn’t dare to disclose to anyone else.

    Because, in these days, it is not easy if someone wants to be a teacher. Especially in a key high school such as this.

    In order to keep her hard-earned job, this young female English teacher can only swallow this insult.

    ‘Ai….’ Teacher Li sighed in her heart.

    “Liu Yi, even if what you said is true, what’s the use?”

    At this time, with his hands in his pockets, Lin Huayang swaggered in front of Liu Yi, disdainfully looked at him, and said.

    “Even if I’m wicked and evil, so what? I am the principal’s son, Lin Huayang! And you? You’re just a third-class family with smelly background! No matter what you say and no matter how good your mouth is, it cannot cover your smelly background and can only be stepped on by me, like the other regular students.

    With that, he gave Liu Yi a stern look, “I want to pursue Wang Yuzheng, what about it? I want to take an opportunity on her, what can you do about it? And, I want to fix you, what can you do? My dad is the principal, and I can easily torment you to death! That bulletin notice is but a small penalty for you. I can easily do it again. Can you handle this? Do you dare to touch me? I dare you! Hit me, and you’ll be expelled! If you don’t believe me, then hit me, come on?”


    All the people in there looked stupid!

    They saw Liu Yi really stepped forward, raised a hand and gave Lin Huayang’s mouth a slap.

    “I can’t believe this, in all my life, this was the first time I heard anyone made such a request.” Liu Yi said.

    He clapped his hands, and then said, “Grandpa said, If others need a help, you should lend your hand. By the way, you’re welcome.”

    “Liu Yi! I want you to be expelled!”

    Lin Huayang’s face was burning in pain. He suddenly roared.

    At this time, Murong Die suddenly stepped forward, and gave him another slap, making Lin Huayang completely stunned.


    After this big slap in the face, Murong Die returned to Liu Yi’s side and then said with understatement.

    “I also meet your request, so, you need to expel me too!”

    “Smack, smack!”

    Before Lin Huayang can react, Wang Lele has stepped forward and, stepping on her toes, gave Lin Huayang another slap in the mouth.

    After that, she happily clapped her hands.

    “Haha, I, Wang Lele, am the kindest indeed! I gave you two slaps, no need to thank me! Remember to also expel me, ok!”

    After that, the three people stood there, making the atmosphere in the entire office became like an icehouse.

    “You, you….”

    Zhang Yuren even breathed heavily. He clutched his chest as if he had a heart attack.

    “Director Zhang, director Zhang!”

    The people in the office were thrown into confusion.

    Li Juanhua didn’t forget to look back and said.

    “You three, get back to the classroom!”

    “Yes, teacher Li!”

    Liu Yi also knew how to quit when he was still ahead. So, he turned around and, with Murong Die and Wang Lele, went out of the office.

    “Liu Yi, you just wait. I, Lin Huayang, will not let you get away with this!”

    From behind him, came Lin Huayang’s ferocious roar.

    Liu Yi also wasn’t sure if he will suffer Lin Huayang’s crazy retaliation. But, he knew that there are some things that he had to do.

    If he didn’t do this and other people also wouldn’t dare to do this, then, this society will be thoroughly lost.

    In any case, he has provoked the head bully, Yuan Shaojun. It doesn’t matter if he adds another Lin Huayang. No point in worrying about one debt when one has so many others.

    “Murong Die, thank you….”

    But Liu Yi was really grateful toward Murong Die. If she didn’t come to help at the crucial moment, perhaps he might really be expelled.

    If he were the only one who hit Lin Huayang, his expulsion would be ironclad.

    But because of Murong Die’s intervention, the story turned for the better.

    Who would dare to expel the daughter of the famous Murong family?

    Even Lin Huayang’s dad, the principal, would not dare to provoke this big-shot of the Beilong (Northern Dragon) city.

    “Humph, this lady was not there to help you.”

    Murong Die exaggeratedly turned her head to the side and said.

    “This lady was just unhappy, looking at that guy’s face!”

    “So, that’s why!”

    Liu Yi nodded as if he suddenly enlightened, “I thought….how could Murong Die wanted to help me back then?….yes, of course, that guy’s face is really making people angry.”


    ‘Your face also makes people angry!’ Murong Die quietly fumed.

    She really wanted to slap this guy, Liu Yi, in the head!

    “Liu Yi gege, that’s not fair!”

    Wang Lele propped her pair of bulging breast and said, “I also helped you smacked that Lin Huayang. I even slapped his mouth twice! Why don’t you thank me for it!”

    “Thank You! Thank You! Lele is the best!”

    At once, Liu Yi resolutely expressed his gratitude, “Why don’t you let me take you out to eat?”

    “You? Take me out to eat?”

    Wang Lele suddenly laughed; a laugh from a beauty that confused other people’s mind. Her astonishingly huge breast continuously rippled in front of Liu Yi’s eyes, making his heartbeat a little flustered.

    “Liu Yi gege, don’t make me laugh, ok! If you want to take me out to eat, do you have any money!?”

    “Humph, Lele, you look down on me!”

    Immediately, Liu Yi angrily said, “I scrimped and saved for several days and able to save ten yuan! Enough for you to eat a bowl of hot spicy soup!”

    “Hot spicy soup, yes, yes! Then it’s a deal!”

    Liu Yi thought that Lele will turn him down. But she readily agreed to his proposal. Moreover, she evidently very happy about it.

    ‘Could the phrase girls love hot spicy soup was real?’ Liu Yi mused.

    “Liu Yi, what is the meaning of this?”

    Unexpectedly, although Wang Lele seemed happy, Murong Die actually was not.

    She was standing in the hallway, pinching her waist, and glared at Liu Yi with her pair of almond eyes. She said.

    “You said Lele helped you. Am I, Murong Die, not also thrashed that Lin Huayang? Liu Yi, are you looking down on me, Murong Die?”

    “No, no….how could I….”

    “Then why you only ask Lele out to eat but not me?”

    Murong Die was peering at Liu Yi with a very unhappy look.

    “Of course! Of course, this offer is for the both of you!”

    Cold sweat poured out of Liu Yi. ‘Oh, mother, who knew this lady Murong was also a person who doesn’t want to lose….’

    “You invited me to watch a movie on the weekend right? I’ll treat you both to a bowl of hot spicy soup after that, ok?”

    Liu Yi said in his heart, ‘Your sister!….I have to come up with another ten yuan….’

    But today is Thursday….If he wants to save ten yuan in these two days….that’s a little difficult….

    But he can’t possibly lick back his own words!

    Ai, this is called a penny stumped a hero!

    This was the first time Liu Yi began to worry about his financial matter.

    “Humph! That’s more like it!”

    Murong Die curled her lip, and then said, “I’m telling you, this lady accepted your invitation, not because I cherish this bowl of hot spicy soup, but to return the courtesy that you make, understand?”

    “Understood, understood….”

    Liu Yi wiped his cold sweat.

    ‘Sure enough, just as my Grandpa said, women are the world’s most strange creature….’ He secretly thought.

    “Then that’s a deal! Let’s get back to class!”

    After saying that, Murong Die pulled Wang Lele and went back to class.

    Liu Yi rubbed the cold sweat on his back.

    This is the first time he took girls for a date.

    But why he felt strange.


    Lin Tong, who was laying on Liu Yi’s shoulder, launched a barrage of ridicule at Liu Yi.

    “Why am I the idiot….?”

    Liu Yi somewhat doesn’t understand, “But where would I get this ten yuan….If I save money these two days, I probably could have another five yuan by the weekend….oh, I’m really the hero who was stumped by a penny.”

    “You are a cultivator now, how could you still worry about money?”

    Lin Tong held out her paw and rested it on Liu Yi’s ear, and then said with a smile, “With this young lady here, how could you not have any money? Come, come, let this young lady tell you a few ways to make easy money!”

    “Oh? Immortal Cultivation can also make its practitioner rich?”

    Liu Yi’s eyes slightly lit up.

    His family is an ordinary family. His parent’s payroll was not high. His father’s company even missed his dad’s bonus. Liu Yi has always wanted to help share his family’s burden. But because he was still a student, it was temporarily impossible.

    “Humph, humph, you listen to me carefully!”