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Chapter 68 Go On A Mission

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi didn’t know that he scared Lin Huayang so much that he is unable to get hard anymore.

    At this time, he was sitting cross-legged on the bed at home. He was immersed in the spiritual environment, wholeheartedly doing cultivation training.

    Only after today’s fight that Liu Yi discovered how naive he was.

    He can’t even beat a group of student and let his second personality emerge.

    Liu Yi was deeply aware of his own shortcomings, therefore, when he arrived at home, he didn’t go to read a book. Instead, he directly entered his spiritual environment and accepted Lin Tong’s systematic training.

    At present, Liu Yi has opened his second star jade. Properly speaking, compared to a martial art master, he was only a bit weaker, so those students should be easily dealt by him.

    But the result was, he was the first to stumble down and then to be ganged up on by many people.

    His right arm was only slightly swollen now. If not for the healing properties of the white stream of qi, perhaps Liu Yi would have to go to the hospital for a cast.

    “Liu Yi, you’re now aware of your own shortcomings, it’s still not too late for you.”

    This was the first time Lin Tong earnestly taught Liu Yi.

    “You need to seriously follow this lady’s teaching and properly hone your skills. You obviously are a cultivator, but you can’t even beat those guys, what a shame.


    Liu Yi nodded indicating his agreement.

    “Mm, what mm!”

    Lin Tong was testy, “Why don’t you use your great brilliant sun palm? Why not use spirit fox steps?”

    She suddenly snapped, “If you use both of those methods, those people are no match for you! You don’t even need the two skills that I taught you, If you throw a pile of your ice balls on them, won’t their face fell flat to the ground!”

    “I don’t want to expose my immortal cultivation strength in front of my schoolmates….”

    Liu Yi honestly replied, “After all, I’m still a student….If I showed those things…. I’m afraid I can’t properly study as a student anymore.”

    “What students? You’re an immortal cultivator, can’t you have a bit of awareness? Hello!”

    Lin Tong was somewhat angry.

    “But I indeed am a student….”

    Liu Yi replied, “My parents have put their great hopes on me….they all wanted me to be admitted to a decent university, then get a good job….”

    “That’s the life of ordinary people! You’re an immortal cultivator now!”

    “I am an immortal cultivator, but I also have parents.”

    Liu Yi stubbornly replied, “If I can’t even satisfy my parents wishes, what immortal, and what cultivator am I?”

    “You….really want me to get angry!”

    Lin Tong was helpless.

    Liu Yi really is her nemesis! How could there be such an irritating guy like him!

    He really can get under her skin.

    “In any case, I have to meet my parents wish, to get into a good college….this is my premise to become an Immortal Cultivator and cannot be changed.”

    Liu Yi said firmly.

    “I had to give it to you! This girl gives up, okay?”

    Lin Tong didn’t know what to do anymore, “You follow me everyday, I reckon your technique can’t be practiced to its full potential. If you want to really enhance your technique, you must face a real combat!”

    “Ah? How real?”

    Liu Yi blinked his eyes a few times.

    “Humph, humph, this girl already thought about it!”

    Lin Tong crossed her arms, looked at Liu Yi, who was sitting opposite of her, and complacently said, “Training here everyday, didn’t you feel stuffy about it? You practicing with this girl serves no purpose anymore. Because this girl will not use such a cruel methods on you, there’s nothing life-threatening in your training; You wouldn’t have the fastest progress!”

    “Then what should I do? Don’t tell me you want me to rob a bank?”

    Liu Yi said in his heart, ‘This is also the way to solve the problem of getting rich.’

    ‘Unfortunately, I wouldn’t do this!’

    ‘It violates my principle.’

    “Humph, humph, of course not! That’s a mere trifle. The mission that this girl will give you, is more difficult!”

    Lin Tong said and raised her small chin, saying, “This girl actually able to think of this approach….I’m really a genius.”

    “What approach?”

    “Hunting Demon!”

    Lin Tong’s words are amazing.


    Liu Yi was taken aback, thinking, ‘hunting demon?’

    “Yes, you heard me, hunting demon.”

    Lin Tong nodded her head, “Don’t you like to punish evil? Well then, as it happens, there are many monsters lurking in this human world. These monsters, some are good and some are evil. We’re going to start to pick the evil ones, and then get rid of them, what do you think?”

    “Could this thing….possible?”

    Liu Yi has some apprehension.

    He was originally just an ordinary student….

    Now Lin Tong suddenly want him to remove some demon….

    This….is not some trick is it?

    “Why couldn’t this possible?”

    Lin Tong smiled and said, “When you get rid of a demon, not only you can train your combat capability, you also save people from harm, am I right? Moreover, this demon hunter things will make you able to subdue your demonic personality, it can also make me replenish my energy, letting me free from my seal earlier.”

    “But….but….within the boundless sea of human, where would I go look for a monster?….”

    Liu Yi still hesitated.

    “Fool! What Age do you think we’re living in now? This is the internet age!”

    Lin Tong said, “Do you think us, immortal cultivator, communicate using dogs? We also use internet you know?”

    She paused, and then said, “Did you know that in the world of immortal cultivator, there are several factions? Within these factions, there are many sects. The disciples of these sects sometimes ‘leave the mountain’ to gain real experience for a time. How could they gain experience? Exactly! They register themselves in this demon hunter matter. After the completion of this demon hunting mission, they will return to their respective sects to count their achievement.”

    “Such things really exists! This is unscientific!”

    “This is science! The science to advance one’s capability!”


    “Enough, stop complaining, after you complete this demon hunting task, you can get a bonus, what’s not to like?”

    “Ah? There’s also money?”

    Liu Yi’s eyeballs immediately lit up.

    “What the….how could I not discover this! You kid, also have a greedy side!”

    “That’s nothing….come on, let’s register for an account!”

    Liu Yi quickly stood up, “Where should I register?”

    “On the internet….you….what’s the rush….”

    Lin Tong was a bit speechless.

    “What’s not to rush….of course I have to rush! Making money is an important matter!”

    Liu Yi wholeheartedly wanted to make money, so that he can help lighten his family’s burden. Therefore, he left his spiritual environment and slowly opened his eyes.

    This opening the eyes were not important, he immediately saw a pretty little face, with blinking eyes, that was looking at him.

    “Yuanyuan? Since, since when did you come in!”

    Liu Yi was startled, but he soon settled down.

    It seemed he forgot to close the balcony door again….

    “Big Ox, what kind of evil technique did you just practice? Is that Falun Gong? Humph, humph, I’m going to report you to the police so they can arrest you!”

    Ma Yuanyuan small nose wrinkled and said.

    ‘Shit….’ Liu Yi cursed in his head.

    ‘This evil little complainer.’

    “I didn’t practice any evil technique….that was just a meditation training, you understand!”

    Liu Yi lied on her face without missing a beat.

    “Humph, in my opinion, that’s an evil technique! If you want me not to report you, you will have to lend me your bathroom!”

    At this time, Ma Yuanyuan, dressed in a lovely pink pajamas, pursed her lips, and cutely said to Liu Yi.

    “Ha? Why do you want my bathroom?”

    Liu Yi was a bit surprised.

    “The water heater in my house is not working! Grandma didn’t know how to repair it, and my sister wasn’t home either….Humph, after thinking it over, I decided to use yours, stupid ox!”

    Liu Yi was depressed, she didn’t call him big brother Liu Yi anymore….

    ‘This chick is burning bridges. She has no memory of her punishment!’ Liu Yi thought.

    Liu Yi shook his head.

    “Do you want to lend me or not!”

    Ma Yuanyuan pulled Liu Yi’s arm and asked.

    “Yes, you can use it….”

    Liu Yi said, “The water heater was already plugged in, I actually want to take a bath….Just in time to use it, you can take a bath now.”

    After having a fight in the night, Liu Yi intended to have a good shower.

    But it looks like Ma Yuanyuan will beat him to it.

    “Humph, humph, that’s more like it! Big ox, no peeking!”

    Ma Yuanyuan said, stepping on the little bear slippers and bounced to the shower, leaving a room full of her fragrant smell.

    ‘This girl….’

    Liu Yi has no way to discipline her. He can’t always spank her ass.

    This girl is not a child anymore. With 1.65-meter high, her stature has good growth. She was practically a young lady now.

    Spanking her ass….what would other think about it?

    Better started registering an account!

    Liu Yi sat in front of his computer and turned it on the.

    This classic machine of Liu Yi has one great flaw, which is loud.

    After turning the CPU, it’s started to emit a sound that was similar to a motor engine.

    At that time, Chen Cai scared him by saying it emits strong radiation!

    “This is the URL….go enter it….”

    Lin Tong said a website address and Liu Yi entered it into the search bar.

    Soon, a black window pop up on the computer screen.

    It had only one entry.

    “Type Wild King sect.”

    Lin Tong said.

    “What’s that?”

    “A particularly small sect….but it’s a part of this enrollment, so you can use it.”

    Lin Tong explained.


    Liu Yi nodded his head and type Wild King sect.

    Suddenly, the page changed.

    Rows of task option were listed on the screen, but the “Accept” button was still gray.

    “First, register an account, then you can accept a task.”

    Lin Tong reminded Liu Yi.

    Registering an account is an easy task for Liu Yi, he clicked the register option on the top corner of the window and filled out some basic information.

    On the nickname option, Liu Yi slightly hesitated.

    “What cool name should I call myself….” He mused.

    “Just write some random name. After you accept a task, you will be given a code name.”

    Lin Tong said, “You have to know, immortal cultivator is a hidden identity.”

    “Oh, ok then….”

    Liu Yi readily filled the nickname option with the name of the video game about wet nurse simulation that he previously played, “Ten step to milk a man.”

    A pop-up dialog immediately showed on the screen.

    “Ten step to milk a man, congratulations on the successful registration. ”

    “What kind of name is this!”

    Lin Tong was shocked.

    “It’s the name of a video game….”

    Liu Yi was actually indifferent about this name, because this isn’t a vulgar name.

    But then, a pop-up box appeared on the screen, making Liu Yi embarrassed.

    “My god, I have to enter my bank account?”

    “Of course! Otherwise, how could they send you the bonus money!”

    “I don’t have a bank account….my ID card was just being registered, it’s not done yet….”

    Liu Yi grimaced.

    “It doesn’t matter, you, you can use mine!”


    ‘This girl….Is she really an immortal cultivator….’

    However, he can only type Lin Tong’s bank account. Otherwise, he would not be able to receive the money transfer.

    After Liu Yi was ready, the system returned to the task page.

    He dug out those tasks and began to read.

    With just one look, he immediately was taken aback, as if another world was displayed in front of him.