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Chapter 69 Give Me A Backrub

Mai Kitsune Waifu
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    The lines of task on the menu let Liu Yi to be dazzled.

    He casually clicked one of them, and it popped up a bunch of words regarding the mission.

    Mission rank: A

    Mission area: S Province, Longkou City, Huangjia Town.

    Mission duration : 3 days (urgent)

    Mission description : Buried in the unmarked common graves in the suburbs of Huangjia Town, a Millennium Corps King is about to wake up, please immediately send experts to put it down.

    It also threw in a local road map, as well as photos of unmarked common graves….

    Liu Yi looked stunned.

    ‘My goodness, it really is an organization of a group of people!’ He thought.

    ‘However, the Millennium Corps King….I’m afraid I’m not his opponent, if go there and not enough people come, we’re all going to be his meal!’

    ‘Moreover, the distance is too far from here. I couldn’t arrive there in time.’

    ‘Better find something simple!’

    Liu Yi began to rummage up, but didn’t find any mission in this Northern Dragon City (Beilong).

    “Idiot, there are regional options at the top! Can’t you check it!”

    “Ah….I just saw it now, hehe….”

    Liu Yi touched the back of his head, and then defined Northern Dragon City in the regional options at the top.

    Suddenly, a row of new task appeared before Liu Yi.

    The task within Northern Dragon City was woefully low. Liu Yi then began to look for a task that is more suitable for him.

    Mission Rank: E.

    Mission Area: H province, Northern Dragon City, Old district, gloriously abandoned factory.

    Mission duration: 10 days.

    Mission description: Trail of Cult of the Great God found in Northern Dragon City, please immediately send the forensic photograph.

    ‘Just taking pictures?’ Liu Yi thought.

    ‘It looks like it’s a very simple task.’

    Liu Yi felt that he could give it a try.

    “It’s not hunting a demon is it?…. Pity.”

    Lin Tong opened her mouth.

    ‘It can’t make me absorb some demon power.’ Lin Tong thought.

    “But….What is ‘Cult of the Great God?’”

    “I don’t know….listening to this name, it should be just some small sect. You don’t need to care about it. It’s not worth mentioning.”

    Lin Tong said, “You can use this task to collect some experience, if you immediately face off with some small demon, chances are you can’t adapt to it, better let you honed your experience with a novice mission first.

    “Ok then, I’ll take it!”

    Liu Yi was about to accept that mission, but the screen suddenly went black, and the sound of engine was also stopped.

    Meanwhile, the entire room was dark, quiet, and a bit strange.

    ‘It seemed….the power went out!’ Liu Yi realized.

    “Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

    There was a scream in the bathroom.

    Liu Yi suddenly had a headache.

    ‘I forgot, Ma Yuanyuan that girl is still in my bathroom taking a bath!’

    ‘This time….she probably a bit miserable.’

    “Big Ox, big Ox you quickly come here!”


    Liu Yi didn’t expect Ma Yuanyuan would actually call himself!

    “Big brother Liu Yi, please, come over here, I, I’m afraid of the dark….”

    Ma Yuanyuan’s voice has become tearful.

    Liu Yi can’t think of any other option.

    “Hehe….such a good fortune….”

    Lin Tong lay on Liu Yi’s shoulder, acidly said, “You can see a naked girl!”

    “Stop it, don’t equate me with a pervert, I am an honest person!”

    “Then simply don’t go!”

    “Of course, how could a decent person go!”

    Liu Yi patted his chest and said.

    “Big brother Liu Yi….I beg you, please come….”

    From the bathroom, Ma Yuanyuan cried and said, “My body still covered with foam….I can’t find my towel….please come and help me find it, ok….”

    Liu Yi’s nose has somewhat given off heat.

    “I’m a decent person! A Decent person have to willingly go help others!”

    Liu Yi coughed twice, and then discredited himself by walking toward the bathroom.

    “Boo! You big pervert! You go there by yourself. This girl want to rest!”

    Then, Lin Tong climbed up on Liu Yi’s bed.

    As long as she was within 100 meters from Liu Yi, Lin Tong can move around freely.

    Liu Yi’s face flushed a bit, but he continued to walk toward the bathroom.

    Although the room was dark, Liu Yi has opened the second star jade, his eyes can see in the dark. He can clearly see the sights in the room, so, he didn’t delay his walk.

    He went to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

    “Just, just open the door….I, I can’t find it….”

    Ma Yuanyuan tearfully said.

    Liu Yi couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t expect this little witch could actually fear something.

    But it’s normal for a little girl to be afraid of the dark.

    Liu Yi held out his hand and opened the bathroom door.

    Suddenly the beautiful scene of Ma Yuanyuan holding her breasts while sitting in the bath appeared in front of Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi almost spurted out nosebleed.

    ‘Fuck….’ He cursed in his head.

    ‘This stimulation is too much….’

    Although Ma Yuanyuan was only 14, her figure was really good.

    Especially the pair of breasts on her chest, plump and firm.

    Being wrapped by Ma Yuanyuan’s hands, it looked like it was about to burst out.

    She crouched her lower body in the bathtub, gleaming like a mermaid.

    Liu Yi quickly circulated his breath twice using the breathing technique, so as to avoid rapid heartbeat again, which can make him spurted blood.

    “This, this is the towel, take it….”

    Liu Yi took the bath towel from the side and gave it to Ma Yuanyuan.

    “Ai….since you’ve come already….Big bear, help me rub my back, I can’t rub it by myself!”

    Ma Yuanyuan said, turned around, and leave her back for Liu Yi.


    Liu Yi was suddenly silly.

    “I, I….this, this is probably not right!”

    “Ai, you even changed my sanitary napkins, what are you afraid of!”

    Ma Yuanyuan was actually a bit relax now, “When I was at home and took a bath, my grandma would rub my back for me! Sometimes I washed together with my sister, and my sister would also help me rub it!”

    With Liu Yi there, Ma Yuanyuan seemed to forget her fear of dark.

    She gently patted the water, making it splashed, and said, “Moreover, it’s dark here, you can’t see anything, humph humph, come smeared over it.”

    With that, Ma Yuanyuan even stood up from the bathtub, and splashed the water.

    With her back faced toward Liu Yi, the tempting ass completely exposed in Liu Yi’s eyes.

    She thought Liu Yi couldn’t see her, so she was quite bold.

    Then, she slowly sat down on the edge of the bathtub.

    Those pretty buttocks, pressured the edge of the bathtub.

    Liu Yi’s blood flow accelerated.

    Breathing technique….breathing technique….

    Liu Yi quickly made two deep breaths, but the air was filled with Ma Yuanyuan’s fragrant aroma.

    This made Liu Yi even more flushed.

    Fortunately, he also has Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra.

    Liu Yi pulled his mysterious ice qi into his left hand and placed it before his face, letting him calmed his mind.

    Cool feeling wrapped in the face, and he immediately became a whole lot better.

    “Big Ox, hurry up!”

    Ma Yuanyuan didn’t know Liu Yi can clearly watch her back, she still happily kicking the water cheerfully, and said.

    Quickly come and rub my back, it’s getting cold here!”

    “Well, well then….”

    Liu Yi has no alternative but to dissipate the thick icy qi in his hand, then picked up the bath towel and walked toward Ma Yuanyuan’s back.

    He wrapped the bath towel on his hand and gently pressed Ma Yuanyuan’s smooth jade back

    Liu Yi gently wrapped up and down, only to feel his heart was also swayed.

    Ma Yuanyuan sat there, although her back faced against Liu Yi, her breasts curvature can still be seen from the side, letting Liu Yi distraught.

    “Too light! Big Ox, haven’t you eat yet! Give this princess a harder pressure!”

    Ma Yuanyuan can’t help but mutter.

    “Oh, ok….”

    Liu Yi quickly increased his strength.

    “Ah! It hurts like hell!”

    Unexpectedly, when Liu Yi increased his strength, Ma Yuanyuan’s back directly printed red with his palm, making Ma Yuanyuan twitched in pain.

    “You idiot! Do you want to kill people! Is this princess your enemy!?”

    “Ah, sorry, sorry….”

    Liu Yi quickly said, “I, I’ll use less pressure….”

    With that, he decreased the strength in his hand, which made Ma Yuanyuan relax again.

    “Humph humph….This is more like it….Don’t touch there. It’s still painful….hateful….you’re too rough in the beginning….This princess’ skin almost peeled off….”

    Ma Yuanyuan complained.

    Liu Yi wanted to cry but have no tears….

    When did he ever rubbed a woman’s back….

    Therefore, he was also a bit enthusiastic this time….

    “This is my first time doing this ok….”

    “Pu….Big brother Liu Yi, you’re really evil!”

    Ma Yuanyuan couldn’t help but laugh.

    “Hey, it’s not what you think!”

    Liu Yi had cold sweat.

    “I didn’t say anything. Big Ox is too evil!”

    This little girl gave off her silvery laugh; Liu Yi was defeated.

    “By the way, Big Ox, was my sister being bullied at the school recently?”

    Ma Yuanyuan suddenly asked.


    Liu Yi was surprised, thinking, ‘How could Ma Yuanyuan ask this question?’

    “Why do you ask?”

    “Sister’s condition is quite strange recently….When she returned home, it was as if she has lost her soul. Her complexion is not good. When I asked her how she is, she didn’t tell me….”

    “This….I also don’t know about this….”

    Liu Yi acted stupid, and said, “You also know….the relationship between me and your sister….is not that good….”

    “Humph humph, that’s about right.”

    Ma Yuanyuan kicked the water, and grinningly said, “I don’t want you to become my brother in law!”

    Liu Yi’s heart had a burst of sadness.

    ‘Ai, this girl really doesn’t like me.’

    Liu Yi felt silent, and slowly gave this girl a back rub, without trying to wander his eyes.

    “Big Ox, I want to ask you a question….”

    In the darkness, Ma Yuanyuan suddenly asked.

    “Ah? What do you want to ask?”

    Liu Yi’s eyes blinked a few times.

    “In your heart, do you think I’m the attractive one? or my sister?”

    ‘Nani?’ Liu Yi was surprised.

    He was a bit in a daze, ‘How could this girl suddenly ask this question?’

    ‘Really strange.’

    “Ai, quickly answer it! Dead Ox!”

    Ma Yuanyuan seemed impatient.

    “Of course, it’s you.”

    Liu Yi told it like it is.

    Although Ma Yuanyuan was only 14 years old, second middle school, she was indeed stunningly beautiful, a lot more prettier than Ma Yixuan.


    Ma Yuanyuan seemed very happy. She suddenly stood up from the tub, turned around, gesticulating happily, and asked.

    Liu Yi went silly.

    Ma Yuanyuan’s milky-white breasts directly exposed to his eyes.

    On the full breasts, there are two tender and captivating pink pointy flesh, which were very dazzling.

    They were wet with water droplets, delicate and captivating.

    Liu Yi couldn’t help but licked his lips.

    Right at this time, from Liu Yi’s bedroom, came the roar of the vintage CPU.

    “Hou, hou!”

    In a flash, the whole bathroom was lit.

    Ma Yuanyuan, with face flushed red because of the hot steam, stood naked in front of Liu Yi, who still left a smile on his mouth.

    Two people dumbfoundedly stared at each other, blinking their eyes.

    “Aah! Pervert!”

    Ma Yuanyuan sat inside the bathtub, then lifted the water to splashed it toward Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi was frightened and immediately fled.

    Mom, what the hell has just happened….