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Chapter 71 Ghost Baby

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Northern Dragon City’s autumn night is somewhat cool, but Liu Yi actually felt hot.

    Although he only wore a shirt wrapped by a suit, he still didn’t feel the cold. It seemed his heart sutra was protecting him from within.

    Liu Yi glided to the roof opposite of the abandoned factory and lay quietly in the darkness.

    “Sure enough, there really is some demonic energy….”

    The small fox, who was holding Liu Yi’s neck, noting the dark cloud that faintly covered above the factory cannot help but say, “Liu Yi, go downstairs. From now on, you have to be extremely careful. This is your first time in doing a mission. Don’t be reckless. Even if you can’t complete it, you have to survive. You hear me?”

    “Rest assured, Fox sister, I now have spirit fox steps. If if this will be really dangerous, I can still run away!”

    Liu Yi said.

    “Mm, just don’t be reckless. Let’s go.”

    Lin Tong nodded her head.

    Liu Yi took a deep breath and then, from this ten-storey high-rise building, jumped down.

    He was like a bullet, his body rapidly falling toward the ground. The howling wind blew in his ears.

    Liu Yi’s heartbeat was slightly accelerated. The two heart sutra inside his body were continually circulated, letting his state of mind stayed lucid. Simultaneously, he felt that his body was brimming with power.

    When he was halfway through the fall, he suddenly reversed his body. His hands and feet aimed at the ground. His Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra erupted.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    Several slight detonation.

    Liu Yi’s pair of hands exploded out the most fiercest icy-frost.

    A cold white awn bloomed in the sky and then turned into snowfall.

    Liu Yi, with the aid of such force, continued to impact the air, reducing his falling speed.

    When close to the ground, his descent has already very slow.

    Liu Yi put his hand behind him and sprayed the icy frost.

    The whole person immediately fell to the ground, stepping on ice-skates, slipped forward.

    With the aid of this force, Liu Yi fell to the ground and rapidly moved forward quite a bit far. His legs then flexibly drew a circle on the ground and finally stopped.


    Liu Yi can’t even catch his breath, his heartbeat has not yet stabilized.

    The stimulation was really too exciting.

    This power was simply too enjoyable!

    “Don’t be a fool. The nearby demon energy is somewhat strange. Quickly search around, take some pictures and go home!”

    Lin Tong cautioned.


    Liu Yi nodded his head and made two breathing technique to adjust his status.

    Under the cover of darkness, he put away his ice skates and, using spirit fox steps, letting him as lithe as a swallow, quietly walked the edge of this factory.

    This factory has already been abandoned for several years. There were many traces of motley on the walls.

    And the factory also exuded a musty damp, so that Liu Yi could not help but covered his nose.

    Will such a place, truly has people in it?

    Will the cult of the great god, truly gathered in this location?

    Liu Yi shook his head and found that the front door of that factory was already opened. He then lifted his food to go inside.

    But at this time, he suddenly felt his whole body light.

    From above the factory gate, suddenly flew down a black tentacle that directly twined Liu Yi’s leg and suspended him in the air.

    “Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool!”

    Lin Tong could not help but scold, “You stepped on a trap! You big dummy!”

    “How, how would I know….”

    Liu Yi’s leg was firmly entwined by the tentacle. His whole body was hanging upside down at the factory gate. Because some of his blood flow reversed back, he has some slight pain in the head. He was depressed and simultaneously said, “I don’t know that there will be trap….”

    “Fool, I told you to be careful! Quickly break free from this trap, otherwise, if someone find out, that would be bad!”


    Liu Yi picked up one breath, lifted up his body, and grabbed the tentacle that entwined his ankle.

    Launching his icy-frost, the tentacle immediately turned into ice, and then shattered.

    But, without waiting for Liu Yi to take a break, another tentacle grew out. This time, it didn’t even leave Liu Yi’s wrist behind. It entwined both of his wrists and solidly bound Liu Yi.

    “Fuck me….isn’t this just toying with me….”

    Liu Yi wanted to cry but didn’t have tears.

    “This lady, in her whole life, never seen someone more foolishly idiot than you….”

    Lin Tong was furious until all her hair stood up.

    “Then what should I do now….”

    Liu Yi cannot help but bitterly ask.

    “I don’t know, just wait for your death!”

    Lin Tong snappily said.

    But at this time, Liu Yi felt that there were ‘several breathing’ that slowly approached the factory.

    “Not good….it seems, someone’s coming.”

    “Humph, I want to see what you’re going to do next….”

    Lin Tong, although her mouth scolded like that, her head quickly tried to find a way on how to break free from this trap.

    It was at this moment, a female voice suddenly rang.

    “Mind your head.”

    Then, a black shadow waved, and flew past to the front of Liu Yi.

    All those tentacles were even cut off.

    Liu Yi immediately fell to the ground with a thud.

    But those tentacles came out again, trying to grab Liu Yi once more.

    But Liu Yi will not be trapped this time. Both of his hands patted to the ground. Then his body slid backward, far away from the tentacle’s range.

    Liu Yi awkwardly climbed up from the ground. This time, he found on the ground beside him, stood a woman dressed in a black trench coat.

    The woman didn’t have any cover on her face. Her perfect face was dazzling under the moonlight.

    This woman’s beauty was somewhat cool and elegant, standing there like an iceberg.

    Liu Yi felt that his icy-cold energy was enough, but compared to this woman….the differences was huge.

    And the woman’s body is also good. Though it was less clear in a black trenchcoat, a pair of slender legs was enough to prove everything.

    Looking at this woman under the moonlight, Liu Yi was actually looked stupid.

    “It appears that I was wrong….This should be a D-level task.”

    The woman, with her hands inside her pockets and looking cool, spoke with a whiff of cold.

    This time, her eyes finally fell to the side, to the embarrassed Liu Yi.

    “Your dress….is quite unconventional….”

    She pointed at Liu Yi’s scarf.

    “Ahem….thank you for the rescue….”

    Liu Yi hastily crawled up.

    “Are you the other person who took this task?”

    He suddenly remembered that someone else, besides him, took this task.

    “I am….I was also the person who issued that mission.”

    That iceberg beauty dismissively said, “I thought this was just a small matter, but there was no reply after a long time. So I picked up on my own.

    “This….you can’t do this!”

    Liu Yi can’t help but said, “I also take this task, ok! A thousand! A thousand….”

    “You’re too weak. This is not a task for you to complete.”

    That iceberg beauty lightly said.

    “This is still hard to say! Moreover, I have had accepted the assignment, so, I must finish it! This is a question of credibility!”

    Liu Yi said, patted the dust off, and stood up.

    “And this is my first time in taking a mission. I can only win and not allowed to lose!”


    The iceberg woman couldn’t help but took a glance at Liu Yi.

    “This might be a D-level task….just for this one thousand, you want to risk your life?”

    “A thousand may be nothing for you, but it means a lot to me!”

    “Moreover if I flinch from this task, I probably wouldn’t have dared to take a task anymore. I….must complete this.”

    Actually, Liu Yi didn’t say that he also wanted to try to save his face after losing it from being trapped earlier.

    ‘His mother, I must take back all that I lost just now.’ He thought.

    After Liu Yi had been determined, he clenched his fists.


    That iceberg beauty said, “How about this, I’ll help complete this task, and you can have all the reward. What do you think?”


    Liu Yi didn’t expect these good things would fall on his head.

    “I, Li Biyue never lie.”

    The iceberg beauty dismissively said, “Belief what you want.”

    “Well then, so be it!”

    Other people wanted to help one make money. One would not reject it.

    This assignment seemed difficult, so Liu Yi can only be happy someone lend him a helping hand.

    “Someone’s coming.”

    Li Biyue said, eyes looking at the direction of the factory, “The content of the task has changed….Help me eliminate these people from the cult of the great god, and consider your task is complete.”


    Liu Yi was dumbfounded.

    “Kill, kill people?”

    “They are not good people.”

    Li Biyue said, “If you don’t kill them, they will kill you.”

    While she was speaking, from that pitch-dark factory gate, suddenly came out sharp screams.


    This sound was grating and full of terror, making Liu Yi can’t bear but covered his ears.

    Shortly thereafter, a shadow slowly walked out of the factory gate.

    “Thou who rushes to my great god religion’s domain….leaves behind thy life.”

    The man was totally covered in black, with a white mask on his face.

    But unlike Liu Yi’s mask, the eyes of that man’s mask hung two lines pattern of red tears of blood.

    His whole body was wrapped around by an unnatural energy, a ghostlike energy.

    “It turned out it was not a demon energy….”

    Since Li Biyue appeared, Lin Tong has been hiding inside Liu Yi’s body. This time, she called out in alarm.

    “It was a ghost energy….”

    Liu Yi’s eyes fell on the man’s shoulder.

    Only to see a small baby, as big as one’s palm, sat on top of it.

    That baby actually looked very hideous.

    The facial features were distorted. The whole face was covered in blood, and eyes were bulging out, making Liu Yi a bit horrified.

    “Ghost baby….”

    Lin Tong exclaimed again, “It turned out to be a ghost baby!”

    “What’s wrong?”

    Liu Yi didn’t understand about these things.

    “Ghost baby is a baby that was choked to death upon birth….And then refined by some kind of evil spell….”

    When Lin Tong said this, she seemed slightly trembled, “This kind of evil spell….should’ve been long banned….how, could it possibly appears!”

    “Turned out there is this sort of spell…”

    After Liu Yi had heard this, his whole body could not help but chill. His clenched fists made a crackling sound.

    He remembered a past news: After a thief stole a car, he casually strangled the baby that was left on the car in a snowy area.

    Such a person deserved to be killed!