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Chapter 73 Principal’s Invitation

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “What’s wrong? Do you still think about that Li Biyue?”

    Early in the morning, Lin Tong asked Liu Yi, who was somewhat restless in the classroom.

    “Em….I was just thinking….The God Cult, and the Hunter Organization….What exactly are those….”

    “About Great God cult, I also heard it for the first time. But I actually know about the Hunter Organization.”

    “The Hunter Organization doesn’t belong in our cultivation realm. I heard some of them had natural psychic power. Using each other’s different abilities, they established this organization. The purpose of this organization’s existence is also to eliminate the demon.”

    Sworn Enemy….

    This is Lin Tong’s implied meaning.

    “Different ability….is it fierce?”

    Liu Yi cannot bear but ask.

    “Some are powerful, some are lame. They were also divided into many ranks! That Li Biyue who you run into….is very powerful….”

    Lin Tong said with some apprehension.

    Using her eyes of star jade, she can see that Li Biyue….is at least has the power of ten star jade or more….

    Because Lin Tong’s power was too shallow, she can’t see through Li Biyue’s real strength….

    ‘Unexpectedly, Liu Yi can met with a rare to see Earthly Realm expert…..’

    ‘I don’t know if this will bring good luck or bad luck to Liu Yi….’

    ‘More importantly, although this Hunter Organization’s mission is to eliminate Demon, from the beginning, they didn’t deal with immortal cultivator….’

    ‘But that Li Biyue actually willing to invite Liu Yi to enter The Hunter Organization….’

    ‘What kind of idea was this!’ Lin Tong thought.

    ‘Friendly Aura actually can be so powerful like this….’

    Lin Tong could not help but be a little envious toward Liu Yi.

    ‘However, to re-encounter Li Biyue, seemed a bit hard.’

    ‘In the Hunter Organization, this woman’s position must be one of the important ones. Thus, she should seldom go out.’

    ‘This time, Liu has the luck of a lottery winner. It would be difficult for him to meet her the second time.’

    “In short, The Hunter Organization and the Immortal Cultivation world didn’t deal with each other. It’s better if you have less contact with them.”

    Lin Tong cautioned

    ‘If demonic Liu Yi was to be discovered by the Hunter Organization….I’m afraid, the consequences would be unthinkable.’ Lin Tong thought.

    ‘That Li Biyue’s strength was so terrifying….’

    ‘If she wants to move against Liu Yi, perhaps in just a matter of seconds, Liu Yi would be sliced in two….’

    ‘Oh, master….’

    ‘Please give Liu Yi your blessing….’

    ‘Don’t let him come across the people from Hunter Organization again!’

    Lin Tong silently prayed in her heart.

    “I know….”

    Liu Yi nodded his head, touching the red ring on his right hand, and then sat down.

    He seemed to come to school a bit early. There were only a few people in the class. Murong Die and them haven’t come yet.

    Chen Cai was also quite early. He was lying on the table, writing something.

    “What are you writing about?”

    Liu Yi can’t help but curiously ask.

    “Love Poem! This lover wants to pursue a beauty in the fourth class….Using these love poems, I’ll be able to capture her heart!”

    Chen Chai said as he wrote.

    “I think….Your method is too old-fashioned!”

    Liu Yi can’t help but ridicule, “Nobody sends Love Poems anymore….”

    “You don’t understand….This is called, against the tide!”

    Chen Cai rolled his eyes at Liu Yi and then said, “If I follow what’s currently the hit, then I will be called as someone who has no ideas!”

    “I think, you might as well search her name on WeChat, see if you can add her!”

    Liu Yi said, “Now everyone use WeChat….”

    “Love Poem is the way of the King, OK!”

    Chen Cai quickly defended his love poem, “Moreover….I have searched in WeChat. She’s not there….”

    “Damn….then try your poem to someone else.”

    Liu Yi said, “Find a girl, and tell her your poem. If she’s moved by your speech, then you know she will like you.”

    “Hey, your method is quite feasible!”

    Chen Cai’s eyes lit up, “Even If I have to send hundreds of my poem to hundreds of girls….someone will surely like it!”

    “That’s right…this is called scientific!”

    Liu Yi nodded his head.

    Taking advantage of your auspicious words, I’m ready to go!”

    Chen Cai intended to take advantage the time before the class to give this method a try.

    Just then, a pretty figure suddenly entered the classroom hesitantly.

    Liu Yi and Chen Cai simultaneously looked and immediately surprised.

    “Fuck me! It’s Wang Yuzheng!”

    Chen Cai’s eyes shimmered. Although he said he has given up on pursuing her, seeing this big beautiful flower Wang Yuzheng, he was still a bit excited.

    Hearing this sound, Wang Yuzheng also noticed Liu Yi.

    Immediately, from hesitant, she turned aggressive and came toward Liu Yi.

    “You….why are you here….”

    Liu Yi didn’t know why she seemingly rushed toward him.

    “Liu Yi! I return your love letter!”

    Wang Yuzheng said and threw the love letter in Liu Yi;s face.


    Liu Yi was taken aback, thinking, ‘What is the meaning of this?’

    “Next time if you give other people love letter, please put on the correct name!”


    Liu Yi’s head was a bit foggy.

    But there were a few students came to the classroom. Judging from their rascally dressed uniform, they seemed to be the students who used to hang out with Yuan Shaojun.

    Those students immediately came forward and bowed at Liu Yi one by one.

    “How are you brother Liu….”

    “Good morning brother Liu….”

    “Liu Yi, you really are not a good thing! Later on, please don’t harass me again!” Wang Yuzheng thought that those students are Liu Yi’s friend.

    With that, Wang Yuzheng stormed out of the classroom.

    Liu Yi was silly, thinking, ‘What the hell this is all about!’

    After those several students had finished their greeting, they saw Liu Yi’s complexion turned bad and immediately slipped away.

    They were scared….

    Liu Yi was so brutal that night….He even put Yuan Shaojun to hospital….

    They didn’t dare come to Liu Yi to apologize….for fear that they will get into trouble….

    These students didn’t expect that Wang Yuzheng would think that Liu Yi was one of them.

    “What has just happened….”

    Liu Yi opened the love letter that he previously sent. After he had opened it, he saw the several names that were encircled with red ink.

    Liu Yi took a glance at it and immediately stunned.

    “Fuck! Chen Cai, what’s wrong with you!”

    Liu Yi slapped Chen Cai’s face with that love letters.


    Liu Yi’s crooked nose showed how great his anger is.

    “You wrote a love letter to Wang Yuzheng, but why you put another girl’s name on it!”


    Chen Cai took the love letter and read it. “Fuck me! Why did I write the fourth class girl’s name in this….my mistake, my mistake….”

    “Fuck, not only that, but you also signed this letter!”

    Liu Yi almost exploded in anger, “Wang Yuzheng originally thought I sent this letter, but now she must’ve thought that I was just playing with her! You hurry up and help me explain to her!”

    “Ai….Boss….Wang Yuzhen has no appeal to you anyway. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what she thought of you….”

    Chen Cao wretchedly smiled twice, saying, “If I go to her and help you explain, words will spread out to that fourth class beauty. By then I will be finished….My happiness, destroyed….Boss, you wouldn’t let your brother down would you….”

    ”Fuck….count your luck, I listen to you this time….”

    Liu Yi stared daggers at Chen Cai.

    “Hehe….Boss, I’m going to that fourth class beauty, wish me luck!”

    With that, Chen Cai swiftly ran out of the classroom.

    Liu Yi was depressed, he has inadvertently picked a bad friend!

    But being hated for no reason is always uncomfortable.

    Especially being hated by a pretty girl….alas, the whole body is uncomfortable!

    When Liu Yi was upset, Ma Yixuan suddenly pushed open the door and entered.

    Noticing Liu Yi, who was sitting there, her whole body suddenly stiff.

    Liu Yi also noticed her gaze, looked up at Ma Yixuan and saw each other in the eyes.

    Ma Yixuan was scared and hung her head. She then returned to her seat in silence.

    Liu Yi was slightly sad.

    It seemed like Ma Yixuan was drifted further away from him.

    He opened his eyes of favorable impression and took a glance at Ma Yixuan.

    Favorability, -95!

    It’s actually negative 95!

    Can the number be this low!

    Liu Yi thought that the reason the number didn’t reach -100 was probably because of his friendly aura….

    Alas, this Ma Yixuan’s character is too invincible.

    Yesterday he can even give Ma Yuanyuan a backrub, but today he saw Ma Yixuan hated him to the bone.

    “After negative 100, the level is called hate.”

    Lin Tong, lying on the shoulder of Liu Yi, said, “Your eyes of favorable impression is incomplete. When you opened the third star jade, your eyes of favorable impression will have the full firepower. At that time, you will see different things….”

    “What things?”

    “Well….I can just show you!”

    Lin Tong said, turned into a red light and entered Liu Yi’s body.

    Suddenly, Liu Yi felt his eyes slightly bulged.

    In an instant, Liu Yi saw that there’s not only a string of number on top of Ma Yixuan’s head.

    But it has the added word: Common -95.


    Liu Yi was surprised, thinking, ‘She still can’t be considered hating me?’

    The classroom door opened, and then Lan He walked in.

    Liu Yi saw the words on top of his head reads, Hate +18.

    ‘Holy shit!’ He thought.

    ‘Now that is a real hate!’

    “What you usually see is just the number on the common level. When the favorability reaches 100, it will automatically move to the next level. For example, Chen Cai. He should have a friendly level favorability toward you.”

    “How to differentiate all of these?”

    Liu Yi thought that the eyes of favorable impression were getting more and more amusing.

    “Em….Above the common level, there is the friendly level. After that, there is Love level. Below the common level, there is hate level. Below that, there is blood-feud level.”

    “So that’s how it is…really interesting….”

    Just when Liu Yi was playing with his eyes of favorable impression, Kevin unexpectedly entered into the classroom!

    When Liu Yi glanced at him, Kevin immediately frightened to shrink his neck.

    The words that floated above his head made Liu Yi slightly startled.

    Fear +20.

    “Fear? This level actually exist?”

    “Yes, that’s right. This is a different level from the common level. When people afraid of you, they show you this option. If you want to build a relationship with them, you need to reduce their fear until it reaches 0. That’s when you can turn it into the common level.”

    “Forget it….who wants to build relationship with them….”

    Liu Yi shook his head. For someone like Kevin, he always keeps them at a respectful distance.

    If they don’t want to approach him, so much the better. He will be as happy as a clam.

    Liu Yi was fortunate, the classroom door was opened again.

    Murong Die and Wang Lele two people walked hand in hand.

    Seeing the numbers on top of their heads, Liu Yi got into a surprise.

    Wang Lele, favorability 30.

    Murong Die, favorability 28!

    ‘My god, these two chicks, how could they like me this much?’ Liu Yi thought.

    “Liu Yi gege! Good morning!”

    Wang Lele openly greeted Liu Yi, “The money for the hot spicy soup, have you gathered enough of it?!”

    “Yes, it’s enough now….”

    Liu Yi’s eyes blinked a few times, thinking, ‘Fuck, Were their increased favorability was caused by the hot spicy soup?’

    ‘Yes, it’s possible….’

    It was at this moment, Li Juanhua rushed into the classroom.

    “Liu Yi, come with me. The Principal is looking for you!”