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Chapter 77 Can Treat An Illness

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Just as he put his feet inside the theater, Liu Yi was slightly surprised.

    There was a little gap between this and what he imagined a Theater should look like.

    Before the giant screen, there were not rows of single-seat, but rows of big sofas.

    The sofa is very spacious, being sat by three people would be no problem.

    There is a small table in front of the sofa where the guests can put their goods on.

    Moreover, there not too many people in this. It’s extremely quiet.

    “This is the luxurious VIP room!”

    Wang Lele seemed to be able to detect Liu Yi’s suspicion, explained, “Only senior VIP members can watch a movie here.”

    “Very few people here….enough for one person per sofa.”

    Liu Yi put the popcorn on the table, and could not help but lamented.

    “No, we can’t do one person per sofa!”

    After Murong Die had heard that, she was apparently surprised.

    She and Wang Lele had arranged for the three people to huddled on the sofa together.

    According to the love principle the that these two have looked, this arrangement can increase the intimacy between two people.

    The reason for Wang Lele to squeeze them into one sofa was to make Liu Yi and Murong Die becomes a bit closer.

    Otherwise, it would be senseless for the two people to seat on the other side of this wide sofa.

    And for added atmosphere, Murong Die deliberately choose a 3D horror film.

    ‘At that time, when Liu Yi is afraid, he will cling on to me or something like that….humph, humph….’ Murong Die told herself.

    ‘When his hand starts to play rogue, I’ll give him a slap!’

    ‘It’ll definitely look cool!’

    ‘But my plan was seemingly undermined now….if he really hug me….then, I just let it like that for the time being….’

    ‘Really a cheapskate fellow!’

    “Why can’t we have one person per sofa? Aren’t these many sofas empty?”

    Liu Yi wanted to enjoy the feeling of watching a 3D movie while lying on a sofa.

    “Liu Yi gege, we only have a ticket for one sofa!”

    The nearby Wang Lele quickly said, “We have to comply with the rules! What if the place that you sit on, in the middle of the movie, come the people with that sofa ticket? Wouldn’t that affect other people’s mood in watching the movie!?”

    “Oh….ok then….”

    Liu Yi nodded his head.

    “Alright, alright, let’s quickly sit down and watch the movie.”

    Murong Die’s heart was unexpectedly somewhat excited.

    “OK! OK!”

    Wang Lele sat on the right side of the sofa while Liu Yi naturally sat on her side.

    Murong Die loudly exclaimed.

    “Hey, hey! You can’t sit there!”

    “Ah? Why?”

    Liu Yi raised his head and puzzledly looked at Murong Die.

    Murong Die’s heart was anxious.

    ‘You actually want to enjoy sitting between two girls!’

    ‘In case you get excited, what if you hold Wang Lele instead of me!’

    Although Murong Die was anxious, she can’t tell Liu Yi the reason why she would want him to move aside….

    “Forget it, just stay like this then!”

    She angrily sat down on the left side of Liu Yi.

    The three of them got very close. The two girls different body fragrant, floated into Liu Yi’s nose, making him enjoyed very much.

    He didn’t come to watch the movie in vain….

    He wouldn’t treat them to eat Hot Spicy Soup in vain….

    “Hehe….you’re living the life aren’t you!”

    Lin Tong, who lie on Liu Yi’s head, fiddled with his hair and acidly said.

    “Being surrounded by beautiful women, such the happiness of having two wives!”

    “Hey….Since when I’m surrounded by beautiful women, I’m just watching a move here, okay….” Liu Yi replied Lin Tong through the spiritual environment.

    He hastily said, “I haven’t been to cinema to watch a 3D movie….I’m anxious to have a good scare….”

    Lin Tong was speechless, thinking.

    ‘This fellow actually cares about the 3D movie, ignoring the two beautiful women next to him!’

    ‘What kind of man is this!’

    ‘No wonder he couldn’t find a girlfriend!’

    ‘Really deserve to be alone!’

    Lin Tong muttered. Suddenly the screen lit up, and the entire theater room went dark. It was peaceful and quiet.

    Liu Yi was getting more excited. He put on the 3D glass and said in his heart, ‘3D movie, come to me!’

    But the nearby Murong Die was slightly nervous. Being so close to Liu Yi made her heartbeat slightly accelerated.

    ‘But how could this guy was only looking at the screen instead of me!

    ‘This lady is sitting nicely on your left-hand side okay!’

    ‘Is this guy really a man!’

    ‘Is this movie looks better than this lady?’

    “Liu Yi, help me get the popcorn!”

    “Oh! Here it is!”

    “Liu Yi, what time is this?”

    “Around eleven o’clock….”

    “Liu Yi, do you want to eat the popcorn?”

    “No, thank you….”

    Murong Die has the urge to kill.

    She initially asked that so Liu Yi can feed her the popcorn!

    ‘Is this guy really a blockhead!’

    Murong Die currently has the screen switched off, breaking off Liu Yi’s stare on the screen so that he turned his head impulsively to look at her.

    She did that under her desperation, but she finally had to put her attention back to the movie.

    The horror movie plot was quite appealing, and soon, Murong Die were drawn into it and actually forgot her plan to chase Liu Yi.

    All three were intently watching the movie, when suddenly the movie entered its tense and scary plot.

    The heroine slowly woke up from a hospital ward inside a gloomy hospital. She seemed alone there.

    With bare feet she slowly get out of bed and looked at the dark corridor to look for others.

    This scene was very exciting, making people’s heart were somewhat oppressed.

    Liu Yi’s heart was tensed. He was a bit nervous.

    But because Liu Yi has seen a ghost baby, he was somewhat better than the other.

    The two beauty on each side of him were not that good.

    The two arms of Wang Lele, who sat on his right side, were tightly holding Liu Yi’s right arm.

    That soft and plentiful chest has put pressure on Liu Yi’s upper right arm, making his soul trembled and unable to concentrate on watching the movie.

    ‘This girl Wang Lele….’

    ‘Truly lethal….’ Liu Yi said to himself.

    Murong Die also moved closer against Liu Yi. Perhaps because she wanted to keep her Lady’s face, she didn’t hold Liu Yi’s left arm. But she was certainly quite close.

    Liu Yi can clearly smell the fragrance of Murong Die.

    Her hair was hanging on his shoulder. Liu Yi didn’t know what kind of shampoo she use, but her hair also smelled good.

    Liu Yi suddenly thought, ‘Alas, I should’ve watched a 3D movie instead of horror.’

    ‘Under these two girls stimulation, I can’t have the attention required to see a horror movie….’

    At this moment, the speaker changed its tone, the heroine on the screen finally saw the thing that she shouldn’t have seen.

    Both girls screamed again and again, then simultaneously cling onto Liu Yi, burying their heads on to him.

    Liu Yi’s whole body was stiff.

    He suddenly found the happiness of sitting in the middle of the two beauty….

    “Sis, sis’ Die….I, I want to go to the bathroom….”

    Wang Lele rubbed her legs and suddenly said weakly.

    “Hold it for a moment, we’ll go after the movie is over!”

    Although she has some fear, the action, and the story has fascinated Murong Die.

    “But…but I can’t wait for any longer….”

    The theater was dark, but Liu Yi was able to see Wang Lele’s red face.

    “This girl….I told you not to drink so much of coke before the movie, but you won’t listen!”

    Murong Die gave her a stern look, “Then quickly go!”

    “I, I don’t dare to go alone….”

    Wang Lele rubbed her legs and said with a sad face.

    “Dead girl….let Liu Yi accompany you!”

    Murong Die excitedly watched, the heroine seemed to find something.

    “Liu Yi gege….”

    Wang Lele turned her piteous look at Liu Yi.

    Liu Yi was speechless.

    He’s being asked to accompany watching a movie, to accompany window-shop, and now to accompany the girl to go to the bathroom….

    ‘This is no different than being an escort….’ He lamented.

    “Liu Yi gege….I, I beg you….I can’t hold it anymore….”

    Wang Lele strenuously talk

    “Alright, alright, let’s go, let’s go!”

    Liu Yi thought in his heart, ‘If she really pees in her pants, that would make for a real joke.’

    Wang Lele, hearing that someone was willing to accompany her, immediately felt at ease.

    She quickly stood up, holding her bladder, and marched down rapidly toward the toilet outside of the theater.

    Liu Yi followed behind her.

    The two people went outside of the theater. The outside corridor was relatively dark.

    Wang Lele hurriedly pulled Liu Yi’s arm. It seemed like the movie still has an effect on her.

    “Where’s the toilet?”

    Liu Yi, looking at the timid Wang Lele, couldn’t help but want to laugh.

    “It should be at the end of the corridor….”

    Wang Lele said.

    After Liu Yi had taken the girl to the bathroom, he was surprised to discover that the toilet interior was also magnificent. This seemed to be the legendary VIP bathroom.

    ‘The thing that the wealthy people enjoyed is really different….’ He lamented.

    Liu Yi can’t help but sigh.

    “Go, I’ll wait for you at the door.”

    “You, you come in with me…”

    After looking at the empty bathroom, Wang Lele halted.


    Liu Yi was a bit silly, thinking.

    ‘What kind of ‘accompany’ is this!’

    “Don’t worry, it’s okay….in any case, there’s nobody in this ladies bathroom….you come in….”

    Wang Lele was too afraid, thinking that she can only put this great inconvenience to her Liu Yi gege.

    “This, this….”

    “Liu Yi gege….I, I beg you….I, I can’t wait any longer….you accompany me okay….after that I’ll do anything that you like….chest push, I’ll give you the ‘chest push’ ….”

    Wang Lele can’t hold her bladder anymore.

    Liu Yi’s nose almost sprayed blood.

    “Alright, alright, I’ll go with you….”

    If this goes on, Liu Yi didn’t know what kind of words would come out of Wang Lele, so he had to agree.

    “Thank You Liu Yi gege….”

    Wang Lele finally relieved. The two of them then went into the bathroom. Liu Yi was careful of his surrounding, for fear of being seen.

    Wang Lele ran into a single toilet room. This girl was so anxious that she even forgot to lock the door.

    Soon, Liu Yi heard the ‘pitter patter’ of pee being drained, making him couldn’t bear not to start daydreaming.


    Lin Tong, having guessed what’s inside Liu Yi’s head, cannot help but loudly scolded.

    Liu Yi felt wronged.

    “I’m behaving like Lei Feng and also have the courage to sacrifice myself….since when I’m a rogue!”

    But at this time, an elderly woman hurriedly came into the bathroom. When she looked up and saw Liu Yi, who stood in front of a sink, she suddenly covered her chest and screamed.


    After shouting this, the elderly lady turned her head and ran away.

    The frown on Liu Yi’s face increased several folds.

    ‘Shit, this has to be a mistake….’

    ‘Am I right being in here?’

    But Lin Tong already laughed out loud.

    “Liu Yi gege….I, I’m okay now….”

    At this time, Wang Lele has put her pants on again and came out from the single room red faced.

    “Thank you Liu Yi gege….I, I’ll give you the chest push….”

    With that, she stared at Liu Yi as she walked toward him, who was currently frightened and back away two steps until his hands were leaning against the sink.

    “Lele! Aren’t, aren’t you just joking with me! You want to chest push me in here!?”

    ‘Fuck me!’

    ‘Heavy taste, ah…!’

    Wang Lele continued to walk to him…. ‘Damn chest push….do you really want to do it here?’

    Liu Yi looked at Wang Lele’s plentiful chest and couldn’t help but mercilessly swallowed his saliva.