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Chapter 81 The Fastest Way To Make Money

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Want me to wipe your ass?”

    When Liu Yi opened his eyes again, there were several traces of gold thread that flashed through his eyes.

    This is his incomplete awakening. He can’t change into his true form yet.

    But this was enough to deal with these small fries.

    Liu Yi’s right shoulder wound was slowly healing, but the blood still flowed out.

    If this continued, sooner or later his physical energy would die out.

    On his right shoulder, an invisible layer of frost suddenly climbed out and freeze the wound, stopping the blood flow.

    Meanwhile, Liu Yi quickly lifted up his right palm. This palm was condensed with icy-frost, welcoming that falling knife.


    That small fry thought that Liu Yi has become silly and wanted to welcome the knife empty handed.

    The knife was falling faster, ready to slice Liu Yi’s hand.

    But then he heard a “clank” sound, as if the knife met with a sheet of iron, making him startled.

    His knife has met with Liu Yi’s hand, but unexpectedly the knife can’t chop the hand.

    But Liu Yi has condensed more icy-frost on his right hand, freezing the knife with his icy qi.


    Liu Yi exerted his strength on his right hand, making that knife immediately broken into several pieces.

    “Fuck….are you kidding me….”

    That small fry instantly went silly.

    “This annoying power….I don’t like to use it….”

    After displaying the power of this icy-qi, Liu Yi’s complexion became slightly ugly.

    “Better stop using it….”

    Then, he suddenly rushed to the front of that punk’s body and put his palm on that punk’s chest.

    “Desolate Flame….”


    A red light that can’t be seen by ordinary people, was seen by Liu Yi’s black and white vision. It instantly spread out and directly affected all the people within five meter radius from his palm.


    A group of punk have all been affected, vomited blood, and fell to the ground.

    “What the hell is this!”

    “How could they dropped to the ground and vomited blood!”

    The other punks were shocked, wondering about the situation.

    But Liu Yi sneered as he went forward, continuously plunging into the crowd, swatting those thugs with his palm.

    This display of great brilliant sun palm by Liu Yi’s other personality seemed to have a difference in strength than the naive Liu Yi.

    The resulting area effect of this palm made these thugs started to shriek wildly howled.

    Previously they were all chasing Liu Yi, but now it’s Liu Yi who pursued them.

    Liu Yi at this time was similar to a fierce tiger that pounced into a flock of sheep. Those punks were running away crying for their father and mother.

    “What, what is happening there….”

    Seeing this scene, Lin Huayang’s whole body froze.

    “What are Black Dragon gang doing there!”

    Lan He climbed to look on the window and was also surprised, “How could they run away from Liu Yi! Are the suddenly turn lazy!”

    Just then, his phone rang.

    When he picked up to look at the caller, it was Ma Wei.

    “Young Master Lan!”

    As soon as he answered the phone, Ma Wei’s loud shout immediately came through.

    “It’s brother Ma, you….”

    Without waiting for Lan He to finish his speak, the opposite Ma Wei cried.

    “Young master Lan, what is wrong with that student from your school! He’s fucking too violent!”


    Hearing Ma Wei’s angry shout, Lan He was momentarily stunned.

    “I bring many of my brother to deal with him, but was hit face down by him! This fellow is not an ordinary martial art practitioner, he’s basically a martial arts master!”

    “What? Liu Yi is a martial art master?”

    Lan He didn’t quite believe it

    ‘Previously, Liu Yi, in the class, was obviously a waste wood….’ He thought.

    ‘How could he suddenly become a martial arts master?’

    ‘This is too fantastic!’

    ‘More fantastic than Thailand’s fantasy stories!’

    “The police are coming! Young master Lan, we must go!”

    “What? Then what about our agreement?”

    “We’ll talk after we back in our base! I’ll come looking for you!”

    With that, Ma Wei hung up the phone.


    Lan He angrily put the phone on the table, he was extremely furious.

    ‘A single Liu Yi!’ He thought.

    ‘Wasn’t it just a single Liu Yi!’

    ‘Why I can’t even handle him!’

    “Bloody hell! Is that Liu Yi has met with a deity!? He actually turns the tide against the heaven’s will!”

    Lan He didn’t know that he actually almost guessed correctly.

    But he probably didn’t believe this matter.

    “Young master Lan….is your classmate Liu Yi, previously, has always been so violent like this?”

    Lin Huayang watched how, down below, Liu Yi aggressively chased a fleeing punk, and can’t help but ask.

    “Why….previously, I never heard the existence of such person….”

    “Violent his dick!”

    Lan He couldn’t help but cursed, “Fuck it, before this, he was a shit! Who knows how he could become like this!”

    “He’s gone!”

    Lin Huayang looked out at the street, and saw there were only a few remaining fleeing thugs, but Liu Yi was nowhere to be seen.

    “I’ll look for him!”

    Lan He picked up a pair of binoculars, rummaged around and, sure enough, Liu Yi’s figure was gone.

    But the sirens in the distance were getting closer and closer, pulling Lan He’s heart so that he’s 1000, 10000 unhappy.

    At this time, Liu Yi was hiding behind the huge advertisement board in a two storey building.

    A moment ago, in the confusion, he carried Murong Die, launched his spirit Fox steps and leapt to hide.

    Although right now, he is Liu Yi’s second personality, his physical strength isn’t unlimited.

    A moment ago he was so aggressive. That was because he overdrew Liu Yi’s strength.

    After forcing back those punks, he’s also flat tired.

    Thus, he seized the chance to hide here to rest secretly.


    After Liu Yi had come up, he sat on the floor.

    But Murong Die was still on his body. He didn’t have the strength to push down Murong Die anymore.

    “Ai….this matter of swatting ass thing….later on, I must looking for my own good….however, this chick is actually quite fragrant….”

    Liu Yi sighed twice then leaned against the advertisement board and slowly closed his eyes.

    The sirens were getting closer. He didn’t know what was happening down below and just languidly slept.

    The two forces in his body were automatically up and running, continued to treat his injuries and simultaneously restored his strength,

    “Young master Lan, we need to talk.”

    As the police began to block the street, a man with a scar behind the ear opened the door to the reserved room and strode into the room.

    His style of outfit is a mink fur, and he was accompanied by two mighty younger brothers.

    “Brother Ma, you’re really impressive as a hall leader now.”

    Lan He looked at dangling-cigarette-on-the-mouth Ma Wei, who came in with his two younger brothers and can’t help but smile.

    “Young master Lan is flattering me.”

    Ma Wei said with a wry smile, “I, as the hall leader, can’t even deal with a high school student?!”

    “Liu Yi is indeed somewhat tricky….What are you gonna do about it?”

    Lan He asked.

    “Ai….to be honest, I am in a difficult position right now.”

    Ma Wei smiled bitterly and said, “Young master Lan, you see me with a happy face like this, but in private, I actually have some difficulties. Just because I’m now a hall leader, it doesn’t mean my position is secure. Many of my foundation are still unstable. Now with this sort of thing, a lot of brothers have been injured. My hands are empty….At this time, if other gangs snatched my territory….”

    “I’ll give you the money to recruit more members.”

    Lan He’s family doesn’t lack in money.

    Moreover, this money can be recovered once Murong Die becomes his.

    Murong Die’s family was extremely wealthy. This is something that everyone knows.

    “Since young master Lan has said so, I can rest assured then.”

    Ma Wei suddenly had a smile, “Young master Lan is indeed young master Lan, you’re really not lacking in money.”

    “But I want the result.”

    Lan He’s eyes slightly narrowed.

    “Hehe, young master Lan, rest assured, as long as you have the money, this thing will be easy.”

    Ma Wei suddenly sneered, “Even if that kid is a martial arts expert, I have a way to get rid of him.”

    “Oh? What way?”

    Lan He could not help but ask.

    “I have a little brother, who knew martial arts.”

    Ma Wei said, “He can beat an ordinary martial arts practitioner but he said he can’t defeat an expert. However, he said his master is really powerful. In the past he is unrivaled in Guangdong. But because he made so many personal enemies in his youth, afterward, he went incognito and opened a small martial art school.”

    “Oh? So you want to invite this master to leave the mountain?”

    Lan He guessed correctly.

    “Hey, his master is a martial arts expert, not a hermit who leave the mountain to become an official.”

    Ma Wei hastily said, “The one that we want to invite, is my younger brother’s fellow disciple.”

    “Could it work?”

    Lan He didn’t quite believe it.

    “Rest assured!”

    Ma Wei smiled and clapped his hands.

    “The second, you can come in. Show some of your skill to young master Lan.”

    With that, a man with a sturdy frame walked out from behind Ma Wei, went before Lan He and cupped his hands across his chest as he said.

    “Young master Lan, forgive my incompetence.”

    With that, he stretched out his palm and slightly lifted it in front of his chest.

    Then, aiming at the corner of Lan He’s table, patted down.


    A piece of 4-5 cm thick table corner immediately fell down and hit the ground.

    Lan He and Lin Huayang were dumbfounded. Lin Huayang’s mouth opened up big time while Lan He was slightly better.

    “Powerful Kung Fu….”

    Lan He finally muttered a few words.

    “To be ridiculed….”

    That big guy chuckled and said.

    “My martial brother alone can defeat ten of me. My ability is not enough to do a sparring with my martial brother.”

    “Your martial brother is really that good?”

    Lan He’s hope has rekindled.

    “Of course. My master said, among all his disciple, that martial brother of mine is the most talented one and also has the biggest determination.”

    That big guy said.

    “Good! Then let’s invite your martial brother to leave the mountain!”

    “This….young master Lan, an expert can’t just leave the mountain like that.”

    Ma Wei said, twisting his fingers, “I think, young master Lan should understand what I mean….”

    “I understand, an expert has his own way. Inviting a celebrity needs money, let alone a martial art master.”

    Lan He nodded his head, “Say the price.”


    Ma Wei said his price.

    Actually, 100000 is sufficed to invite the man’s martial brother to leave the mountain.

    The remaining 200000 will naturally enter his own pocket.

    That big fellow was just standing there and didn’t say anything.

    He can’t possibly spill out his boss’ plan to get money.

    “No problem, but I have to say upfront.”

    Although Lan He has the money, he is not the fool.

    “If his martial brother can defeat Liu Yi, I naturally can give this 300000. But if he can’t, then….hehe, this money, I won’t pull it out of my pocket.”

    “Haha, relax, relax, young master Lan. Leave this matter to me.”

    Ma Wei laughed, thinking.

    ‘That martial brother is a genuine martial art master. Moreover, his skill has surely advance step by step all these years.’

    ‘How good is that Liu Yi, that martial brother can surely beat him in one on one fight!’

    ‘Humph, humph, this 200000, will surely be mine!’