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Chapter 83 I Am Not A Vase

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “You actually….carry me back home….”

    Murong Die, lying on the back of Liu Yi, currently stunned, unable to believe the fact at hand.

    But Liu Yi was also in shocked, looking at the front of this enormous estate, unable to form any word.

    ‘My goodness….Although I’ve heard how beautiful the estate in this location is….’ Liu Yi thought.

    ‘But after seeing this for myself, it’s truly shocking to me!’

    ‘This Villa is huge!’

    ‘It’s even bigger than the size of my school!’

    ‘The vastness of this place is endless.’

    Liu Yi looked around and found out that this estate has woods and an artificial lake….

    ‘My God…’

    ‘Rich people were really on another level.’

    In front of the estate stood two men in black bodyguards.

    When they noticed Liu Yi, they first looked alert.

    But after noting the beautiful girl that he carried on his back, they immediately had a huge shock.

    “Big miss! Big miss has returned!”

    “Quick, quickly report this!”

    Another bodyguard immediately pressed the communication headset on his ear and shouted.

    “Report, big mis is back! Yes! Yes! But she’s carried by a boy! Ok, I’ve got it!”

    The two bodyguards immediately stepped forward and said to Murong Die.

    “Welcome back big miss!”

    “How is home?”

    Murong Die slowly came down from Liu Yi’s back, then asked.

    “The whole home was in a mess….a lot of people went out to look for big miss.”

    A bodyguard hurriedly said, “The master want big miss to come quickly inside!”

    “Then let’s part here.” Liu Yi said.

    He was also somewhat weary. He planned to go home to cultivate and rest.

    “See you at school tomorrow.”


    Murong Die didn’t want to let Liu Yi leave like that. After being together for almost a day, she already has a feeling of yearning….

    But she’s the Lady of the house, so, to persuade a man to stay, she’s somewhat unable to speak out.

    “My friend, please don’t leave just yet.”

    Unexpectedly, a tall bodyguard in black, stood in front of Liu Yi.

    “Our master has invited you to sit inside.”

    Murong Die’s heart was happy, thinking, ‘Dad is really considerate, asking Liu Yi like this will make me able to be with him a bit longer.’

    “This….is already late, it’s not good….”

    Liu Yi was anxious to go home.

    To enter this estate, he still has some reservation.

    “What are you afraid of!”

    Lin Tong emerged again, lying on the shoulder of Liu Yi, and said, “You’re not a nobody now, you‘re an immortal cultivator! So what if he has money? If you want, you can be richer than him! Moreover, you’re more powerful than him, and has more time! This money thing, can’t be brought to death, so you mustn’t put on too much value on this! Liu Yi, give this lady some grace, and openly walk in!”

    “Liu Yi, my dad would rarely see a guest!”

    Murong Die also said from the side, “If you don’t want to give this lady a face, it’s okay, but you must give my dad a face!”

    “Ok then….”

    Liu Yi nodded his head.

    ‘Looks like I have to enter this estate.’ Liu Yi said in his heart.

    ‘Let’s have a look then….In any case, I never enter this kind of Villa. Consider this as adding my experience.’

    Liu Yi and Murong Die followed the black clothed tall bodyguard to enter the gate of this estate.

    Then, that black clothed tall bodyguard led them directly to a nearby four-wheeled white vehicle.

    This four wheeled vehicle is not large. It’s a bit like the vehicle on the golf course. It seemed, this vehicle is specifically used as a transportation vehicle in this estate.

    Thus it can be seen that this estate is vast.

    “Get on the vehicle.”

    Murong Die and Liu Yi sat behind the driver seat of this four wheeled vehicle. This vehicle is a bit small, so, Liu Yi and Murong Die were huddled together.

    Murong Die’s face was slightly red, but at night, it’s not very obvious.

    Her fragrance wafted into Liu Yi’s nose from time to time, making him distraught and a bit lost.

    ‘Alas, she’s a rich girl….’

    Liu Yi himself would never believe that one day he and Murong Die would become so close like this.

    Although they were classmates, their previous distance was to far away, like the distance between the heaven and the earth.

    Surprisingly, the situation was reversed right now….

    All this thanks to his Fox sister….

    Liu Yi has to sigh with emotion.

    “Murong Die, your house is really beautiful.”

    Seeing the beauty of this estate, Liu Yi can’t help but sincerely praised.

    “It’s fine….”

    Murong Die smiled wryly.

    Surprising Liu Yi a little bit.

    ‘What? With such a huge house and so much money, you’re still unhappy?’ Liu Yi thought.

    “You’re not happy with this?”

    “If you’re me, I’m afraid you will not be happy either.”

    Murong Die was sitting on the car, with chin leaning on one hand, looking at the estate under the curtain of the night, and spookily said.

    “It’s like a beautiful cage, and I’m just like a canary in the cage.”

    After that, her face became somewhat somber.

    ‘This girl is deliberate!’

    Liu Yi thought in his heart, ‘Looks like I don’t have the same worries as these rich people!’

    ‘When this miss was feeling dejected, I was working hard fighting bad people for the money to treat her Hot Spicy soup,’

    ‘Speaking of which, because of today’s fight, I haven’t had the chance to treat Wang Lele and Murong Die for that Hot Spicy soup!’

    ‘His mother, this turn of event is actually good. I still have 20 yuan left in my pocket!’

    ‘No, it should be 30. I have to eat it myself!’

    ‘Hahaha, this is good, this is good….’

    Murong Die would never think that Liu Yi would think this kind of things.

    Along the way, the car was very steady, and before long, they came to the front of an enormous castle-like house.

    “We’re here.”

    Murong Die lightly jumped and then, accompanied by the black clothed tall bodyguard, led Liu Yi into that Castle.

    When the front door was opened, Liu Yi was taken aback, thinking.

    ‘My goodness, such a nice luxurious place!’

    The Hall was spacious, the carpets were fine, and the chandeliers are all made from crystals!

    This kind of place was only seen by him previously on the television.

    He never expected to be able to see it now!

    Liu Yi looked at the large overhead chandelier and thought.

    ‘If this stuff is not strong and all that crystals fell down, I could take it and sell it for quite a bit of money!’


    ‘How could I make it fall….’

    “Welcome back big miss!”

    At this time, a chorus pulled Liu Yi back from his daydream.

    He looked down and saw, stood before them, two row of people.

    On the left, there’s a row of maids in maid uniform. On the right, stood a row of black clothed bodyguards led by the previous tall bodyguard.


    ‘Such an imposing show….’

    As a wealthy Lady of the house, Murong Die usually came home receiving this treatment.

    A young maid came forward. With hands holding an evening dress clothes, she stood by Murong Die’s side.

    “Big miss….”


    Murong Die nodded her head and turned to Liu Yi and said.

    “I’m going upstairs to take a shower and change clothes first. You wait for me downstairs for a while. Just sit down and make yourself at home.”

    With that, Murong Die hurriedly went upstairs.

    This afternoon was a nightmare. She felt that her body was sticky and dirty.

    Liu Yi foolishly stood there, waiting for her, not knowing what to do.

    This hall was a bit seemed too big for him

    Moreover, the many bodyguards and maids that stood by the side were looking at him as if he was an alien, making him really uncomfortable.

    When Liu Yi was at a loss, from another corner of the Hall, a person walked out.

    “Young fellow, we meet again.”

    Seeing this man, Liu Yi’s whole body suddenly shivered!

    ‘Fuck me!’ He cursed in his heart.

    ‘He’s that day man in black!’

    ‘This guy is actually Murong Die’s bodyguard?’

    Liu Yi is not stupid, he suddenly realized.

    ‘No wonder that day he fought with me, thinking I am Kevin….’

    ‘But….to mistakenly thought me as Kevin….there must be something wrong in this guy’s eyes.’

    “You are a dangerous person….if I don’t deal with you….big miss will be in danger.”

    With that, he walked over on the general direction toward him.

    Liu Yi stepped back a few steps, feeling ill at ease, thinking.

    ‘I only have the power of the second star jade now, while this tough guy has the power of three star….’

    ‘It seems the power difference was still too big!’

    When Liu Yi’s heart was still unease, that black clothed man has arrived in front of a tall vase and said as he pointed his finger at it.

    “Brat, do you think just because you’re silently standing here, I’m going to let you off!? This Wang An doesn’t look for you, but you actually deliver yourself to me! If I don’t break your teeth off today, my Wang An’s name will be written backward!”

    Liu Yi was speechless, thinking.

    ‘What the h*** is happening here.’

    Those maids behind the man in black could not help but smile.

    While the bodyguard’s faces were full of sweat.

    This Wang An is their boss….

    But his mother’s face lost big time….

    “As long as you kid swear that you will go far away from our big miss, to transfer school and leave the Northern Dragon City, I will give you one more chance! Well then, speak! What do you think?”

    “Hey, why you don’t say anything? Are you deaf? I’ll count to three, if you don’t say anything, I’ll make my move.”

    “One! Two….Good, you’re going to fight me is it? I Wang An already saw every kind of criminals, even the one who pretend to be deaf! You force me to do this! Oh, you stare back at me? I dare you to stare at me once again!”

    The nearby Liu Yi was sweating profusely. He thought.

    ‘Do I really resemble that vase….’

    “Chief, Chief Wang….”

    At this time, the nearby bodyguard finally could not bear but to remind Wang An in a low voice.

    “That is not Liu Yi….That’s a vase….”

    “Vase? What vase?”

    Wang An reached out and touched, suddenly his face twitched.

    ‘His mother….’ He thought.

    ‘I’ve lost my face big time this time.

    He quickly reached out to his pocket and pulled out a rimless eyeglasses and then held it in front of his eyes.

    “You kid are doing this intentionally!”

    Wang An finally saw Liu Yi. This time, he found his target. He pulled down his eyeglasses and gave it to the nearby bodyguard and fiercely said to Liu Yi.

    “You finally lock your target….”

    Liu Yi wanted to say these words, but he didn’t dare.

    In case he angered this fellow.

    “Brat, you actually dare to make fun of me!”

    Wang An could not help but feel embarrassed, thinking.

    ‘This eyes problem….give me a big headache.’

    ‘It seems I really need to get a pair of contact lense in the future….’

    ‘However, this student dare to make fun of me! Humph, he haven’t taste my beating yet!’

    “Today, for our big miss, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

    With that, he locked on his second target and, aggressively took a great stride toward Liu Yi.

    ‘Bad….’ Liu Yi thought.

    ‘He seems really angry….’

    Liu Yi began to take a deep breath.