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Chapter 84 The Zealous Wang An

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Liu Yi, today you came to my landscape manor, don’t plan to get away!”

    With that, Wang An arrived before Liu Yi in a threatening manner.

    Liu Yi’s heart sank, and he made two breathing technique.

    His spirit rose up, and his entire Lingtai meridian became pure and bright.

    Lin Tong also cheered on Liu Yi’s shoulder.

    “Fool, come on, you have spirit fox steps. Even if you can’t beat him, you’ll still be able to cope with it. Don’t meet with this fellow head-on. Use hit and dodge!’

    “I know….”

    Liu Yi nodded his head, and then stared unblinkingly across Wang An.

    His spirit has never been this anxious and never been this engrossed.

    This was the first time Liu Yi faced with an expert who has a higher star than him.

    Although Lin Tong is a four-star expert, she never ruthlessly dealt with him.

    While the fellow opposite of him….let’s just say he is bad news.

    Standing in front of him, Liu Yi felt threatened.

    Wang An initially walked unhurried, but when he was less than two meters away from Liu Yi, his figure suddenly flashed.

    In a flash, he arrived in front of Liu Yi and sent a fist to Liu Yi’s abdomen.

    Liu Yi was surprised, this punch came too fast!

    Although he was prepared, Wang An’s movement was contrary to his expectation.

    This punch came fast and hard, making Liu Yi has little time to react.

    But Liu Yi, after all, has experienced repeated devastation by Lin Tong on their training. Although his head didn’t react, his body has subconsciously moved.

    He waved his left palm and swatted down Wang An’s punch.


    Wang An felt his fist sank, and his heart suddenly surprised a bit.

    “Good boy, you improved a lot since the last time!”

    After just several days, Wang An felt that the boy has progressed a lot!

    The last time this kid didn’t have any method in fighting, completely relying on a wild ass style.

    But now, the kid began to have his own style!

    ‘Could it be there’s an expert behind him, giving him advice?’ Wang An thought.

    ‘But no matter what, I have to get rid of this Liu Yi!’

    ‘I can’t let him continue to mingle with big Miss; He’s simply a human time bomb!’

    Wang An’s right hand was pressed down, his momentum sank.

    His right hand suddenly turned and grabbed Liu Yi’s left wrist that was pressuring him..

    Then, he lifted his body and moved his shoulder toward Liu Yi’s left armpit to hit it.

    If this shoulder slam connects its target, Liu Yi’s left arm would probably dislocate.

    But Liu Yi didn’t hesitate.

    While his hand was caught, he jumped up, closed his feet together, faced Wang An, and mercilessly kicked his shoulder.


    Both Wang An’s shoulder and Liu Yi’s feet slammed together.

    The two people’s bodies shook.

    Wang An backpedaled three to four steps backward. His face filled with shocked.

    Liu Yi’s strength progressed too much!

    After Liu Yi had rolled mid-air, he fell feet first and, while his body slightly tilted, soon steadied.

    His heart calmed a lot, thinking.

    ‘It seems that although my strength was only two star, aided by multiple methods, I can still cope with this Wang An.’

    ‘Sure enough, immortal cultivator can go against the expectation….’

    ‘This Wang An, I don’t know how many years he has been training. He has perfected his skill.’

    ‘But me, with just a few days of doing immortal cultivation, already have such strength.’

    Liu Yi was unaware that his progress is actually amazingly quick.

    If ordinary immortal cultivator wants to resist an expert such as Wang An, they would need, at least, two to three years of cultivation training. But then, they would still can’t defeat him.

    His exceptional talent that he still unaware of, made Lin Tong jealous to death.

    “Kid….your three days achievement is something to be proud of!”

    Wang An rubbed the aching in his shoulder and said, ”But, this ability is still not enough to defeat me!”

    With that, Wang An put his two feet on the ground and took two deep breaths.

    Liu Yi suddenly felt the opposite Wang An’s aura has become somewhat different.

    Lin Tong, surprisedly issued a cry.

    “Hey! This fellow unexpectedly became stronger….But where exactly the change….I can’t fell it….”

    “Then let me try him….”

    Liu Yi glanced around at this spacious and ornate hall.

    Unexpectedly, Liu Yi has regarded this place like a battlefield!

    This is a bit extravagant!

    When Liu Yi was considering his surrounding, Wang An suddenly ran at him.

    At this time, Wang An had held out his hand to directly grab Liu Yi’s shoulder.

    ‘A grappling technique?’ Liu Yi thought

    Liu Yi quickly waved his right arm, trying to change Wang An’s arm direction.


    But when he knocked on Wang An’s arm, Liu Yi suddenly felt as if his arm dashed against a rock, making his arm numb.

    Meanwhile, Wang An’s left hand has pressed on Liu Yi’s shoulder.

    “Get up!”

    Wang An put his other arm on Liu Yi’s belt and then lifted both of his arms, making Liu Yi directly lifted up into the air.

    “I’ll be….”

    Liu Yi didn’t think he would be so easily eaten by this move.

    His body was held in mid-air and can’t do anything.

    “Get down!”

    Wang An said, and threw Liu Yi’s up.

    Liu Yi was thrown into the air, making his body looked like a parabola.

    Finally, with a loud thud, Liu Yi’s body directly hit a beautiful coffee table in the middle of the hall, smashing it.

    Liu Yi’s body was burning in pain and lie in distress on top of this broken coffee table.

    ‘His mother, I lost big time.’

    “Hahaha! Now you know how powerful I am, boy!”

    Wang An laughed and came forward and then moved to put his foot on Liu Yi’s chest.

    Liu Yi quickly held back the pain, reached out both of his hands and pressed the ground.

    His body immediately turned, bounced up, and fell on the nearby sofa.


    Wang An’s foot stepped on the ground, shaking that table’s debris.

    “Good kid, you’re quick to run away aren’t you.”

    Wang An laughed, “But you can’t hide!”

    And then, with a tank-like rumble, he ran toward Liu Yi.

    “Fuck me….this fellow is too fierce….”

    Liu Yi got up from the couch, but Wang An has come to his front and tried to bear-hugged him.

    Liu Yi quickly lowered his body, slid down from the sofa, and fell to the right side of Wang An.

    Meanwhile, his right leg made a sweep and directly kicked Wang An’s waist.

    Liu Yi had wanted to kick Wang An’s head, but Wang An was too tall, close to 1.9 meters.

    His height was less than 1.8 meter, so it would be a bit strenuous if he wanted to kick Wang An’s head.


    Liu Yi’s sweeping kick was very violent. If an average person received this kick that person would directly be incapacitated.

    But when his foot fell on Wang An’s waist, Liu Yi actually felt as if he kicked a sheet of iron, making his foot unbearably hurt, then numb. His foot then fell to the ground, and he was almost unable to stand still. He thought.

    ‘How could this fellow suddenly become so hard….’

    ‘His mother! This is too evil!’

    “Your leg numb isn’t it?”

    Wang An turned around, smiled to Liu Yi and said, “Mine is a hard martial art, that is difficult to practice. Come, come, we continue.”

    With that, he rushed toward Liu Yi again.

    Liu Yi panicked.

    Could not move!

    How to beat Wang An!

    He’s a hard martial art!

    ‘His mother, I only heard this thing, but never saw it in real life!’ He thought.

    “Liu Yi, this guy has poor eyesight! Don’t forget!”

    Lin Tong reminded Liu Yi in his ear.

    “That’s right….”

    Liu Yi’s eyes lit up.

    He suddenly turned and ran. Wang An immediately shouted.

    “Brat, where are you going to run? You can’t run away from this house!”

    Wang An shouted from behind him.

    Liu Yi ran two steps and, sure enough, several bodyguards blocked in his front.

    “Hehe….I’m just waiting for you to show up.”

    Liu Yi smiled and then, without slowing down, directly rammed his shoulders into those group of bodyguards

    These bodyguards were suddenly in a mess.

    Although they were responsible for the blocking, they can’t help out.

    Wang An’s temper was known to them. He absolutely does not like someone to intervene his fight.

    At this time, Liu Yi came ramming at them, making them immediately floundered.

    “Boy, where are you going to run!”

    Wang An ran three steps and directly grabbed a bodyguard and then lifted him into the air.

    “Chief Wang, chief Wang, it’s me! It’s me! Hai Dafu!”

    That bodyguard shouted in fear.

    “Fuck, I got the wrong man!”

    Wang An quickly put down the bodyguard.

    “Blind man, I’m here!”

    Liu Yi smilingly said from among the bodyguards.

    “You dare to mock me!”

    Wang An shouted, “Do you think I can’t see you! Everyone move away!”

    Wang An rushed into that group of bodyguards, making them hastily scattered in panic, for fear of being slammed into a mackerel.

    Wang An stretched out his hands and grabbed a man into midair.

    “Chief Wang, it’s me, it’s Hai Dafu again!”

    At this time, he heard a shouting from above his head.

    “Fuck, why don’t you guy fuck off already!”

    Wang An quickly let go of him.

    At this time, that figure suddenly stretched out his feet and directly wrapped Wang An’s neck.

    Then that figure went to the ground and, propping himself with both of his hands, exerted out the power from his waist and with a loud roar, used his clamping legs to directly raised Wang An. Wang An was pulled up, flew into the air and, drawing an arc, slammed into the nearby shelf with a thud.

    The many porcelains that were arrayed on the shelf were instantly smashed by Wang An.

    The shelf was pressed by Wang An, and many of the porcelains broke into pieces.

    Liu Yi was speechless, waved his hand, and said, “This Wang An did this. It has nothing to do with me….Don’t find me to sue for damage….”

    Just now, when he was lifted up by Wang An, the lie on the shoulder Lin Tong actually imitated the voice of Hai Dafu.

    In the past, only him can hear Lin Tong’s voice. But this time, everyone unexpectedly can hear it.

    ‘Fox sister is amazing….’

    ‘She can even do this….’ Liu Yi thought.

    “Good boy! You actually can use a ruse!”

    But when Wang An pushed the overhead shelf, he was unexpectedly unscathed. After patting the dust, he got up and said.

    “Interesting, let’s continue!”

    Liu Yi’s heart trembled, thinking.

    ‘How come this guy so similar with Yuan Zhenyue, both are too zealous!’

    “You’re a psycho! Who wants to fight with you!”

    “Then immediately change school for me!”

    “Change your sister! Do you want to bear the responsibility of providing my college tuition!”

    “If you don’t want to change school, we continue our fight!”

    Wang An was unmerciful, and once again rushed over toward Liu Yi.

    ‘How can I deal with a hard martial art practitioner like him?’ He thought.

    Liu Yi suddenly turned fierce.

    “Fine! You forced me to do this!”