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Chapter 85 With Swords Drawn And Bows Ben

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi saw that Wang An is unforgiving, his heart immediately somewhat annoyed.

    ‘Why are you doing this!’

    ‘Why do force me to change school!’

    ‘What kind of people is this!’

    ‘Since you’re heartless, don’t blame me Liu Yi to not being polite!’

    Not only he didn’t turn around to run away, but he also stood still, waiting for Wang An to come at him.

    “You don’t run away this time? Excellent, you have courage!”

    Wang An laughed several times, took two to three steps to the front of Liu Yi and, with lightning fast hand, grabbed Liu Yi by the waist. It seemed he was really afraid for Liu Yi to run away again.

    But Liu Yi actually put up a smile on his lips.

    “Uncle Wang An, sorry about this.”

    With that, Liu Yi stretched out his right hand and directly grabbed Wang An’s hand that was grabbing his waist.

    Wang An was suddenly shocked.

    How could he forgot this!

    Instantly, Wang An’s body was filled with heat.

    Let alone a hard martial art, even something more powerful was useless.

    In an instant, he directly knelt on the ground, his whole body felt weak, and he lost all of his strength.

    Amorous Ripple Hand….

    Works for male and female!

    Liu Yi couldn’t help but laugh, thinking.

    ‘Sure enough, just like what Fox Sister said, this is my secret skill to face with any kinds of enemies!’

    “Humph, little fool, now you understand?”

    Lin Tong proudly said, “This is the skill that this Lady painstakingly cultivated! This skill can be use against the heaven you know! It can disregard the opponent’s skill! In other words, no matter how high the opponent’s strength is, under this lady’s Amorous Ripple Hand, they can only obediently be my sex toys!”


    Liu Yi can’t even throw a ridicule, thinking.

    ‘Although this ability is a bit on the low level….’

    ‘But, his mother, it’s too savage….’

    ‘It ignores the opponent’s cultivation!’

    ‘It seems, even that Li Biyue who I ran into that day….if she eats this move, she probably would also be finished….’

    Liu Yi guessed.

    ‘This skill is really handy….’

    Liu Yi was enjoying this triumphant feeling. That Wang An, who knelt on the ground, tremblingly said.

    “You….you kid….what, what evil skill…that you use on me….”

    “This is my secret.”

    Liu Yi didn’t loosen his pressure on Wang An’s arm, then said.

    “I initially would never use this, but you force me to do it! My grandpa said An anxious rabbit would bite a human, much less I, a living person! You this fellow went too far!”

    “You….you’re a dangerous guy….I can’t….let you get close to big miss….”

    Wang An still hasn’t changed his mind, “If you….don’t change school….I, will look for you every month….”

    “Damn! You think you’re my Aunt!” (In China, A period is called a visit from an Aunt)

    Liu Yi was going crazy, thinking.

    ‘How could this guy still persist!’

    “Humph….protecting big miss….is my responsibility….”

    Wang An said. His body shook a couple of times. It seemed he wanted to stand up.

    But the Amorous Ripple Hand was too cruel. Wang An tried several times, but he felt even more uncomfortable. His lust erupted, and he wished he could find a person to solve it.

    But what a pity, if it weren’t for this Amorous Ripple Hand has simultaneously deprived his will power, Liu Yi would be the first to meet a disaster.

    “Liu Yi….Amorous Ripple Hand can’t last too long.”

    Lin Tong warned Liu Yi in his ear, “You have to quickly solve this guy. The adaptability of the human body is very strong. Especially for an expert like him. I’m afraid if you hold on too long, this fellow will get used to it, by then you’ll be finished!”

    “Solve? How could I solve this?”

    Liu Yi couldn’t help but ask, thinking.

    ‘Such a big guy like him, how to solve it?’

    “Use the Great Brilliant Sun Palm to kill him!”

    Lin Tong said.

    “You’re testing me again aren’t you, Fox sister!?”

    Liu Yi said, “How could I just casually kill him for my own selfish desire!”

    Lin Tong didn’t know what to say.

    Behind them, the group of bodyguard, besides surrounding him, didn’t interfere, and just awkwardly embarrassed.

    Just when this groups of people were in a deadlock, a gentle voice suddenly sounded inside the hall.

    “Tonight is very lively, what kind of attraction are you guys watching?”


    Those bodyguards immediately startled, and then respectfully bowed.

    Liu Yi turned around and saw, on the stairs on the second floor, a casually clothed man, but the cloth obviously not made from an ordinary material, slowly going downstairs.

    That man was well into middle age, but his body was still vigorous.

    His moustache continued on his chin, forming a small beard. A tobacco pipe was dangling from his mouth, and his face was tucked with a gold-rimmed eyeglasses. He very elegantly walked down the stairs.

    He didn’t mind the broken furniture, but his first glance fell on Liu Yi’s body.

    “Oh, hehe….this young friend, should be little Die’s classmate. Thank you, for sending little Die home this late at night.”

    “You are….”

    Liu Yi has guessed correctly, but his mouth still automatically asked.

    “Hehe, I am Murong Hong, little Die’s father. You and little Die is in the same class, so you can just call me Uncle.”

    Sure enough….he is the master of the house.

    Liu Yi thought that the head of the Murong Family must a be very tough, very vigorous and resolute man….

    Unexpectedly, he looked so warm.

    “This is the first time you come into my house, but I already being a bad host. This makes me look bad.”

    With that, he looked at the kneeling on the floor Wang An.

    “Wang An, we have a guest here, but you’re too aggressive. Why haven’t you say your apology to this young friend here?”

    “I’m sorry….”

    Wang An was such a wild man, but in front of Murong Hong, he’s actually very obedient, letting Liu Yi can’t help but astonish, thinking.

    ‘This Murong Hong, what kind of method did he use that makes Wang An obediently became his subordinate?’

    ‘Is it because money?’

    Liu Yi thought, ‘This seems unlikely….’

    ‘That Wang An doesn’t look like someone who cares about money.’

    “Young friend, can you consider this uncle’s thin skin and let go of our family driver?”

    That Murong Hong said again.

    “O, o….”

    Liu Yi quickly released Wang An.

    Wang An sighed with relief, staggered to the side, and began to adjust his status.

    “That was really disrespectful to the guest.”

    Murong Hong slowly came close to Liu Yi, clapped his hands, and said.

    “Tidy up, how could you leave such a mess in front of a guest. What did I usually tell you?”

    Murong Hong sent a few words, and these maids immediately bustled about.

    These maids looked professional. They worked fast and neat.

    In a blink of an eye, the Hall was cleaned up by them.

    The previous fragments or anything was soon gone.

    The shelf was picked up again, and the floor looked new.

    “Hehe, please sit down.”

    Murong Hong nodded with satisfaction, then pointed to the elegant leather sofa, and said to Liu Yi.

    “Thank you, uncle….”

    Liu Yi didn’t know why, in front Murong Hong, his heart has some apprehension.

    Even when he faced with Wang An, he didn’t have this kind of feeling.

    “This man’s spirit is strong….”

    Lin Tong saw the light, and said, “Don’t look at his smiling face as if he’s a simple man. He’s actually very shrewd. Liu Yi, you have to be on your guard.”


    Liu Yi nodded his head. He also felt uncomfortable.

    Although Murong Hong’s face was plastered with a smile, Liu Yi didn’t feel any bit of happiness in it.

    Instead, Liu Yi felt that his expression was cold.

    Although this Murong Hong, on the surface, looked good-natured, Liu Yi actually felt there was an invisible barrier between the two of them.

    It’s completely different than what he felt with Murong Die.

    Murong Hong’s aura was a bit too strong.

    “Liu Yi, my daughter is untalented, making you take the trouble.”

    Murong Hong was sitting there, smoking a pipe then slowly puffed, and smilingly said.

    “Oh, that’s okay….”

    Liu Yi felt that Murong Hong looked a bit unnatural.

    Murong Hong’s small eyes, through the thin lenses, actually emitted a ray that makes people unable to look straight at him.

    When it fell on Liu Yi’s body, Liu Yi actually felt as if his body was naked.

    ‘His mother, this feeling is not good!’ He thought.

    ‘Don’t tell me this guy also has some magical eyesight?’

    ‘Why is he staring at me like that….’

    ‘Could it be….’

    ‘Murong Die’s dad, has some nasty hobbies….’

    Liu Yi can’t help but shivered.

    “Oh? So, your relationship with my daughter is quite close isn’t it?’

    The small eyes of Murong Die’s dad let out a sharp intake of light.

    Liu Yi’s whole body shuddered and hastily said.

    “Hehe….we are good….good classmate….”

    He unexpectedly wanted to let out perspiration….

    Liu Yi wanted to get out of here, go home, comfortably took a bath, and sat down to do cultivation training.

    Facing with this Murong Hong, Liu Yi felt he might as well be fighting with Wang An once again.

    At least, Liu Yi has the determination to win that fight.

    But this….

    He didn’t even have any will….

    “Hehe….Young friend’s mother should be a head nurse at the hospital.”

    At this time, Murong Hong suddenly said.

    “Eh? How did you know?”

    Liu Yi’s heart was a bit surprised.

    “Your father, should be a procurement in the XX company, right?”

    Cold sweat appeared on Liu Yi’s forehead.

    ‘This Murong Hong, why did he investigate my parents?’ Liu Yi thought.

    Liu Yi’s heart suddenly has some fear.

    He felt as if he was facing a huge monster. This monster is an enemy that he temporarily unable to confront.

    If he acts, it could mean disaster to himself….

    Even his family….

    Liu Yi tightly clenched his fists.

    Murong Hong’s eyes fell on Liu Yi;s hands.

    As if to feel threatened by Liu Yi, Wang An, who previously stood in the corner, suddenly went forward and stood behind Murong Hong’s back.

    Wang An placed his hand on his waist. Liu Yi saw that a moment ago….

    ‘He should have a pistol….’ Liu Yi thought.

    The atmosphere in the hall was suddenly somewhat stiff.

    Liu Yi began to his heart.

    ‘If I want to get out of here….how many possibilities do I have?’

    ‘The speed of Wang An drawing the gun, I don’t know how fast he is….’

    ‘If I condensed an ice ball, and quickly throw it, it should pose a threat to those two people, which would temporarily control their movement.

    ‘Then I took the opportunity to launch my Spirit Fox Steps, and ice-skate to run in an S-shaped route, to….’

    ‘Em, on the right side of the wall, there’s a window….’

    ‘I could probably be able to slip up from there….’

    Liu Yi has begun to calculate everything.

    But Wang An’s hand was also more and more closer to his waist.

    At this time, suddenly there came a nice sounding voice on the stairs.

    “Dad, Liu Yi, what are you guys talking about?”