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Chapter 86 Freedom Is Priceless

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     At this time, suddenly there came a nice sounding voice on the stairs.

    “Dad, Liu Yi, what are you guys talking about?”

    Murong Die wore a loose family-friendly outfit at this time, but still can’t conceal her beauty and quality.

    Murong Hong, seeing his own daughter, the smile on her face was even more thicker.

    Wang An quietly put down his hand while Liu Yi also turned his head.

    The previously tense atmosphere in the hall, instantly relieved a lot.

    Liu Yi also quietly relaxed.

    It really was a pistiol….

    Liu Yi didn’t have that big of a courage to face a gun.

    Not being able to fight, was the best course….

    “What are guys talking about?”

    Murong Die didn’t think her father would personally come out and actually spoke to Liu Yi. She thought her father couldn’t be bothered to see Liu Yi.

    “It’s nothing. We’re just chatting.”

    Murong Hong chuckled, “But you better give that girl Lele a return call. She had made more than a hundred phone calls to the house today.”

    “Ah! That’s right! How could I forget this girl!”

    Murong Die was surprised, and quickly said, “Liu Yi, you should wait for me, I’m going upstairs to call Lele first!”

    With that, this girl went upstairs in a hurry.

    “Actually, you don’t to be worried.”

    When Murong Die’s shadow completely disappeared, Murong Hong turned around and said to Liu Yi.

    “Your family background is actually very easy to look up. I don’t need to take much effort for it. I did that, because of my desire to protect my daughter, nothing more. I think, if someday you have a daughter, you would do that too.

    Finished speaking, smoked from his elegant and upscale tobacco pipe, and said, “You should know, she is my Murong Hong only child. Her mother died early, which mean, basically she was brought up by me alone. In my heart, this girl is my treasure. Since she was a child, she always listens to me. But I found recently she started to get a little rebellious, and would talk back to me her father.”

    Then, he gave Liu Yi a look, “Today, I was initially going to take her to a VIP party, but she refused and sneaked outside….It is said, she went to the movie theater with you, am I right?”

    His vision fell on Liu Yi’s clothes, with eyes flashed a slightly jealous look, as well as disdain.

    “And she also bought this lover’s attire with you, right?”

    “Uncle, I think you are mistaken.”

    Liu Yi thought he understood something, “Murong Die and I are very good friends. How you love your daughter, that’s your business, but please don’t interfere with my family and my life.”

    “But young friend, you have interfered with my family and my life.”

    Murong Hong bit the pipe, and said, “My, Murong Hong career in the business world can be counted in years. In this Northern Dragon City, my saying, more or less, has some weight. To tell the truth, I Murong Hong can control the Economy on this Northern Dragon City. But there is one thing I can’t control, that is, my daughter.”

    With that, he slightly squinted his eyes and just stared at Liu Yi.

    “Young friend, perhaps you want to experience the feeling of someone in my position. If you want, I can help you. However, please don’t try to achieve that by using my daughter.”

    Liu Yi’s heart somewhat irritated.

    “Uncle, what do you mean?”

    Murong Hong didn’t directly answer but pointed to his house.

    “See this house? Beautiful isn’t it?”


    “Do you like it?”

    “No, I don’t like it.”


    Murong Hong slightly taken aback.

    “Why you don’t like it? You have pretty maids to serve you as well as bodyguards to protect you. Here you can live a life of an Emperor.”

    “Because it’s cold here.”

    “Cold? How could it be? The temperature here is warm; It’s controlled by the thermostat.”

    “Uncle, what I mean is, your house lacks the human’s touch.”

    Liu Yi clenched his fists, and sneered, “I in this house, only smell the stink of money and the taste of hypocrisy.”

    Murong Hong’s face stiffened, after a long time, he said with a smile.

    “Young friend, I heard a taste of irony, were you just satirizing me Murong Hong?”

    Then, the pupil in his eyes, let out a stunning light.

    But this time, Liu Yi remained unmoved.

    He silently circulated the forces of the two heart sutra in his body, thinking, ‘Grandpa said, when the heart is upright, the body is fearless.’

    ‘Even if he, Murong Hong is the Emperor of Northern Dragon City, what’s that have to do with me!’

    “Uncle, think too much.”

    Liu Yi said, “The thing that you like doesn’t mean I would also like it. I understand what you said; You think, I want to use your daughter and be the son-in-law of Murong Family to enjoy this luxury. I, Liu Yi am telling you, you’re wrong.”

    With that, Liu Yi pointed to his surrounding.

    “This house is big, but it is also a cage. I thought that Murong Die, as the Lady in this house, would live a life much better than me in my small house. But after listening to uncle’s words a moment ago, I come to an understanding that Murong Die is actually very, very miserable, making feel sorry for her.”

    “You feel sorry for my daughter?”

    Although Murong Hong has high self-control, he could not bear but say these words, “Do you have the qualification to say this?”

    “Qualification? If you mean the qualification based on values, then I’m very qualified.”

    Liu Yi stood up from the sofa and proudly said, “Compared with money, the value of freedom is much more expensive! Uncle Murong, seeing that you are unhappy, I also have some matters I need to attend. Thus, I’ll take my leave now.”

    With that, he turned and walked toward the door.

    Several bodyguards were going to stop him but was held back by Murong Hong.

    “Let him go. He really does not belong here.”

    Murong Hong looked at the back of leaving Liu Yi; Light flashed through his eyes.

    “This kid actually has some backbone.”

    Wang An could not help but say.

    “Hehe….Everyone has a price.”

    Murong Hong sat down on the sofa and faintly smiled, “I’m running my business for so many years and already saw all kinds of people. People who initially try to fool other people like Liu Yi, I already met many of them. If I give him an offer that he can’t refuse, he will become spineless.”

    “Sir, you mean….”

    “I think we two should meet face to face.”

    Murong Hong said these words with profound meaning with a smile.

    In his heart Wang An has some slight regret. ‘This kid has annoyed the master….I’m afraid he will meet with a disaster.’

    “Liu Yi, have dinner in my house ok! Our family chef is very good!”

    Murong Die ran down from the second floor, only to see the two people, Wang An, and his dad in the hall, making her surprised.

    “Where’s Liu Yi?”

    “Oh, hehe….your classmate has some matter to attend and already went back.”

    Murong Hong said with a smile.


    Murong Die was slightly lost, thinking, ‘Liu Yi this guy….why can’t he stay here a bit longer….’

    Murong Hong’s gaze caught the feeling of lost of his daughter, making him unable to bear but to tightly grip the tobacco pipe. But he quickly loosened it and slowly said.

    “Little Die, later on, don’t just go running around. Even if you want to go out and play, you have to bring Wang An by your side. If you go alone, I will not be at ease.”

    “I know….”

    Murong Die blankly said.

    “Like when you went out today….that was really dangerous. If there’s Wang An, you wouldn’t be chased down by that many people.”

    “Today, if it were not for Liu Yi, I would be miserable.”

    Murong Die quickly spoke defending Liu Yi, “For me, he has suffered a knife chop!”

    “Today’s matter, has nothing to do with you.”

    Murong Hong waved, and said, “I have investigated, the people who attacked you came from Black Dragon Gang. They were after Liu Yi.”

    “They were after Liu Yi? Not to kidnap me?”

    Murong Die immediately shocked, “This is not right. With Liu Yi’s character how could he have a conflict with the underworld gang….”

    “My daughter, to know a man’s face doesn’t mean you know the man’s heart.”

    Murong Hong said, “Although I have said I would not interfere your private life before you reach 22 years old, be careful when you choose a friend. It will make me feel at ease.”

    “There’s nothing wrong with Liu Yi.”

    Murong Die actually insisted this time.

    “What’s wrong? You don’t listen to my words now?”

    “Ai, you said you will not try to control me before my age is 22! No matter what, Liu Yi is my friend! I don’t like what you’re saying about him!”

    With that, Murong Die turned and headed upstairs.

    “Little Die….”

    Murong Hong shouted twice, but was ignored by Murong Die, and soon disappeared from his sight.

    “Wang An, did you see that?”

    Murong Hong sighed, “Because of this Liu Yi, little Die has changed. Before this, she never talked back to me. But look at now!”

    Wang An stood on the side and did not say anything.

    “No, Liu Yi is indeed a walking time bomb. Wang An….have you looked up, why would Black Dragon Gang went after Liu Yi?”

    “I did look up, it seems this was the work of Black Dragon’s new Hall Leader, Ma Wei.”

    “Ma Wei?”

    Murong Hong slightly frowned, “Before this, I never hear this name….”

    “I’d seen him.”

    Wang An recalled, “That day, when big Miss asked me to deal with that Kevin….I’d met with him. That day he wanted to make a move on Liu Yi. But because I was just about to fight with Liu Yi, I easily handled him. At that time, he was just a small fry.”

    “So it is.”

    Hearing that his attendant has hit the new Hall Leader of Black Dragon Gang, Murong Hong actually didn’t mind that at all.

    Black Dragon Gang walks on the ‘black path,’ while he deal with the ‘white path.’

    Black Dragon Gang not only never try to threaten him, but sometimes they even have to curry his favor.

    In today’s society, the white path is the king.

    Those fellows on the black path, eventually will have to work hard to whiten their path.

    Otherwise, no matter how great they are, their end would only have one word, tragic.

    “This small fry, what’s his problem with Liu Yi?”

    “If I’m not mistaken, it’s because of big Miss.”

    Wang An previously worked as a police captain in the criminal investigation unit.

    At that time, he was know as the Investigation King. Although he has retired now, he still retained his investigation ability.

    “Oh? What’s the relation little Die?”

    “Yes….I’ve investigated, the young master of Lan Family has some kind of relationship with this Ma Wei….As for the young master of Lan Family, Sir, you already know about him.”

    “I understand.”

    Murong Hong nodded his head, viciousness flashed through his eyes.

    “This Lan fellow….unexpectedly, for his personal enmity, didn’t hesitate to let my little Die fall into a dangerous situation….He and Liu Yi, deserve to die.”