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Chapter 87 Flame Cive

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “It’s depressing, he is really that kind of people.”

    After Liu Yi had returned home, he put away the jeans in exchange for his uniform.

    After hearing the speech from Murong Hong, he felt strange to wear the Jeans from Murong Die.

    It’s better not to wear it, so as to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

    When Liu Yi turned on the computer, Lin Tong quickly said.

    “Hey, hey, you can’t just admit defeat to Murong Hong and vent your anger by playing Minesweeper!”

    Liu Yi’s type 486 Computer came with built in Minesweeper and Fight The Landlord game.

    “Of course not. I want to do a mission, to make money.”

    Liu Yi said in his heart, ‘Money can be earned, so no one will remain poor all their lives.’

    ‘Even those wealthy people, they also begin from scratch.’

    ‘I Liu Yi, must make my own path.’

    Liu Yi opened the website that was previously told by him by Lin Tong, entered his account and password, and then searched for an available mission.

    He was surprised to find out the recent task for Northern Long City were many.

    He never thought that the city that he was living in, in the darkness, has so many dangerous things.

    Sure enough, human world and immortal cultivation world are two different world.

    But no one is willing to be vindicated; everyone are striving to get the upper hand.

    Liu Yi dragged the mouse and continued to rummage.

    There were a lot of missions that he can’t accept because of the rank, but there’s an E level mission, which attracted Liu Yi’s attention.

    Mission Level: E

    Mission area: H province, Northern Dragon City, Crouching Dragon District.

    Mission time: September 20, 2011, 11 o’clock in the evening (Only limited to that day).

    Mission Content: To accompany the training of Celestial Sect’s disciple to carry out a night vigil duty.

    ‘Huh?’ Liu Yi thought.

    ‘This mission is very strange. It turned out to be an immediate task. Moreover, it’s asking for a training partner?’

    ‘Celestial Sect? What is that?’

    “I never told you this.”

    Seeing the doubt in Liu Yi’s face, Lin Tong gave him a glance, and then said, “The world of immortal cultivation is divided into several major sects. Each major sects is divided into some small school. This Celestial Sect is one of those major sects. It cultivate five elements magic and summoning technique. Under this Celestial Sect, there’re many small schools. This mission should be a novice trial for a new disciple. It’s probably some wealthy young master or young lady that were sent by their family to became a cultivator in some small school.”

    “Another rich people….”

    Liu Yi’s heart was slightly sour. It’s not hatred for the rich, but he felt that these wealthy people is too convenience in dealing with everything.

    ‘While I have to cultivate hard to be able to do the mission,’ he thought.

    ‘They directly posted their task online and find someone to help them complete it.’

    ‘But, this was also good.’

    ‘I can earn money by doing this.’

    “A level E task, should not be difficult. What do you think, are you interested?”

    “Of course, this is an honest way to earn money!”

    Liu Yi said, “The more I do this kind of task, the better!”

    With that, he looked at the time. It’s ten p.m. now, so, there’s still enough time to go to the mission area.

    He lightly clicked the mouse and accepted the mission.

    “Come on! It seems like this is my night.”

    Liu Yi said, activated the red ring, and put on the “red scarf hero” outfit.

    Lin Tong looked at the red scarf around Liu Yi’s neck, and could not help but sigh.

    ‘Ai, it’s too one of a kind.’ She thought.

    “Come one, let’s go!”

    He said, opened the window and directly jumped out of the window.

    Shuttling between buildings has become more and more effortless for Liu Yi.

    He continuously left out traces of ice mark wherever he stepped on, wandering under the curtain of the night

    Crouching Dragon District is a cemetery in Northern Dragon City. Liu Yi didn’t know where exactly the spot for the trial of that Celestial Sect’s disciple within this cemetery.

    But in any case, this is only a training partner duty, so, it should not be difficult.

    He moved very quickly. The curtain of the night was his best cover.

    After about half an hour’s time, Liu Yi came to the Crouching Dragon District area.

    This Crouching Dragon District is a huge cemetery. In the evening, it’s quite eerie.

    Liu Yi stood on the nearby hill, watching the dense rows of tombstones beneath him. His heart was a bit scared.

    ‘Liu Yi, get hold of yourself! This is because this is the first time you come to this place!’ He talked to himself.

    ‘There will be a first time for everything….’

    ‘Liu Yi, come on, you can do it!’

    “Our objectives seems to be there.”

    Lin Tong’s vision is quite good and said as she pointed in one direction.

    Liu Yi immediately looked along the direction where the small paw of Lin Tong is pointing at. He saw in the center of the cemetery, there’s a young girl wearing a red and white school uniform. She was sitting on top of a tombstone while kicking out her small feet. Her mouth was humming a song as if she was trying to drive away her fear.

    “It’s a girl….”

    “How could it be a girl!”

    Liu Yi and Lin Tong cried at the same time.

    “Why this girl wore a school uniform?”

    “Do you think immortal cultivators wore ancient clothing? Come on, we should be punctual with the mission time!”

    Lin Tong rolled her eyes.

    “Okay….I hope this time, the task will stay simple, and not like the previous time!”

    Liu Yi said.

    “Just give it a try….who told you this fellow to be so greedy….”

    Lin Tong has no other choice.

    “Gentleman loves money, in a proper way!”

    Liu Yi chuckled twice, then stepped on the ice-skates, and jumped down toward the cemetery beneath him.

    “Who is it!”

    The girl, who initially sat on the graveyard, suddenly looked up and faced at the direction where Liu Yi was falling.



    With the shout of this girl, a bundle of crimson flame suddenly bubbled out from her feet.

    Liu Yi’s vision is good; he immediately saw that was a red furred civet with all of its body in flame.

    That civet was very small, probably as big a one’s palm.

    But the flame on it’s body was very powerful; The distance between them was still far, but Liu Yi could feel the heat from above.


    The young girl put out a hand to point at Liu Yi and tenderly ordered.


    That flame civet suddenly let out a meow, then it’s entire body rose into the air, turned into a ball of fire, and moved to hit Liu Yi in midair.

    “Liu Yi watch out! The flame of this civet is very powerful!”

    Lin Tong quickly shouted.

    “I know….”

    Liu Yi thought of an idea. He rubbed his hands while in midair and created an ice ball and then threw it toward that civet.

    But that incarnation of fire civet drew an arc in the air, and deftly dodged Liu Yi’s ice bomb.


    The ice ball fell to the nearby tombstone, and that tombstone suddenly covered with a layer of ice.

    “Mysterious Icy qi?”

    The little girl was taken aback and hastily shouted.

    “Tuantuan, come back!”

    That ball of flame had arrived in front of Liu Yi. Liu Yi felt his mask was somewhat burning hot.

    But at this time, along with the girl’s shout, that flame flew back, landed on the shoulder of that girl, turned into red furred little civet, and lovingly lie on top of the shoulder while licking it’s paws.

    ‘Hot damn….’ Liu Yi exclaimed in his heart.

    Cold sweat appeared on Liu Yi’s back.

    ‘His mother, it’s too damn dangerous.’

    ‘Is she trying to test me….’

    “Mysterious Icy qi, it turned out you’re also a member of our Celestial sect.”

    That girl touched the civet head and slightly smiled.

    “I thought an enemy has come.”

    “How could I look like an enemy.”

    Liu Yi landed on the ground, and pointed at his neck, “Don’t you see this? I am the red scarf!”

    “And I am a hardcore cultivator….”

    That girl shook her head, looked at the phone, and asked with a strange expression, “You are….ten steps to milk a man?”

    “Yes, that’s me.”

    Liu Yi wanted to make a red scarf hero pose, but after thinking about it, he felt it was rather uncomfortable, so he asked, “Are you the one who published the mission?”

    “It was indeed issued by this lady….Mr. Ten steps to milk a man!”

    The girl nodded her head but thought that this name was extremely odd.

    “My name is Wei Yi, the disciple of Linglong School of Celestial Sect.”

    Wei Yi generously introduced herself.

    “But, I suggest you to not have any ideas toward me. Though this lady is young, beautiful and has many fans, I’m not interested in men for the time being!”

    “Are you a Yuri?”

    Liu Yi expressed his concern toward this girl’s narcissistic tendency and sexual orientation.

    “Pei! You’re the Yuri; your whole families are Yuri!”

    Wei Yi suddenly glared maliciously at Liu Yi, “This lady is wholeheartedly focusing on cultivation! Those men and whatnot, are all trash!”

    “You’re the trash; your whole families are trash!”

    Liu Yi immediately, unrelentingly retorted.

    What Liu Yi dislike the most, is those bunch of man-hater females!

    Now a lot of girls has said that not just one man, but all of the men were not good things.

    Liu Yi wanted to say this to each and every one of those girls.

    Just because of the bad action of a small portion of a group of people, they can’t just paint all member of that group of people as bad!

    “Bah, is it not? Could it be when you see this lady, your eyes didn’t drool, and wanting to woo this lady so that you can put your hands on me?”

    “Shit, I’m not!”

    ‘This girl is really….too damn narcist; her whole families are fucking narcists!’

    “Then you’re certainly not a man. Perhaps, you’re a gay.”

    Liu Yi was depressed, thinking, ‘What’s wrong with this girl!’

    He wanted to give up the mission. To accompany this girl on her training would surely irritate him.

    But before Liu Yi can say his intention, that Wei Yi has opened her mouth first.

    “With such a weak cultivation….can you really be able to help me?”

    “My cultivation is not weak! You’re the one whose cultivation is weak!”

    Liu Yi immediately got angry because Lin Tong has said to him about the strength of this girl.

    “Aren’t you a two-star cultivator?! Moreover, this is an E level mission; the reward is only one thousand, yet you still want a master to help you?”

    “Make sense….”

    “If I had known earlier, I would not feel bad in spending my money….and publish a D level mission instead. Oh, well, just make do with it. It’s too late to upgrade the mission level now.”

    Liu Yi really wanted to kick this girl into the grave.


    ‘Be calm, be gentleman.’

    “Then can you help me?”

    “If you give me the money, I’ll help.”

    Liu Yi stiffly said.

    ‘His mother, even though this was embarrassing, I can’t be embarrassed about money.’

    “Okay, I’ll give it to you. In any case, the time is almost up, and no one else has come.”

    Wei Yi said, and sat back on top of the tombstone again.

    At this time, Liu Yi thought that her courage was a bit bigger than him.

    “What exactly is this mission?”

    “I made a bet with my martial brother.”

    Wei Yi opened her mouth and started to talk, “My martial brother said, recently, there’s a thick concentration of evil qi in this place, perhaps there’s a girl eating malicious ghost who appear at night. He laughed at my fear of ghost, so we took a bet. As long as I can stay here for a night, he would get down on all four and bark like a dog.”

    “This kind of bet seems to have no purpose at all….”

    “Hey, hey, are you the employer here? In any case, I’ll pay you, so, just accompany me okay!”