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Chapter 89 Great Battle Between Human And Ghos

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     That drunkard staggered and, in front of a flower, a shadow suddenly appeared.

    “M? Dad, are you greedy for this wine, so as to come out here looking for me?”

    That drunkard sense was quite fuzzy, looking at the shadow and said with a smile.

    “Come, Dad. Cheers….”

    He stumbled to handed out that bottle facing his “Dad,” and said.

    The green eyes of that black robbed evil Ghost fell on that drunkard’s face.

    He suddenly stretched out his withered right hand, pinched that man’s neck, and lifted him into the air.

    “Ah, ah….”

    That drunkard was pinched in the neck. The feeling of pain and suffocation sobered him up.

    “Help, help me….”

    He finally saw the man in front of him. That frightening appearance immediately made him wet his pant in scare.

    He continued to struggle, but the astonishingly big strength of the opposite party made him unable to move.

    That evil Ghost’s mouth slightly opened and aimed at that man’s face.

    Suddenly, some vague green gases flew out from within that man’s body and went right into the evil ghost’s mouth.

    It was in this moment, Liu Yi arrived at the back of that evil Ghost.

    “Let go of him!”

    Liu Yi’s hand pressed on the shoulder of that evil Ghost, and another hand held up high. The great brilliant sun palm was very dazzling.

    “Desolate Flame!”

    This full of violence palm, directly shot the back of the head of that evil ghost.


    A basketball sized sun print appeared on the back of the head of that evil ghost.

    At the same time, the tremendous strength shook that evil Ghost forward, roaring again and again. The hand that sucked that drunkard vitality also loosened, making him fell to the ground.

    Wei Yi’s figure immediately followed and took the man by the collar and lifted him up. Her figure then ran away zig-zagging and, in a blink of an eye, went far away to throw that fainted in fear drunkard into safety.

    “Go! Bring him out of here!”

    Liu Yi’s palm hit that evil ghost and was thrown backward several meters. He then loudly yelled toward Wei Yi’s position.

    “Don’t underestimate this lady!”

    Wei Yi shouted from afar, “How can the boss leave their employees to run away! Moreover, this lady is fierce, and not afraid of this evil ghost!”

    With that, she started to make a seal with her hands, seemingly wanted to launch her skill.


    But that evil Ghost, who suffered under Liu Yi’s palm, suddenly stretched out his arms and roared.

    A plume of black smoke suddenly billowed toward the sky

    The dark cloud in the sky immediately scattered and the Moon essence converged into that evil ghost’s body.

    The injury on the back of his head was instantly cured.

    “I’ll be damn….I want that skill….”

    Liu Yi opened his eyes wide in surprise.

    “But that evil Ghost is a four star!”

    Lin Tong quickly reminded him, “Quickly took this opportunity to escape! We are no match for him!”

    Liu Yi shook his head and said, “No, we can’t leave him, this fellow is a menace! Even if I run away today, another day he will be a scourge to other people! Since I have the power of immortal cultivator, I will use this power to deal with him!”

    With that, he rapidly circulated the two forces within his body and did a breathing technique so as to concentrate his mind.

    Every move and every action of that evil Ghost was within his grasp.

    “Hou! Hou!”

    That evil Ghost recovered from his injury, looked up, and his green eyes fell on the opposite side Wei Yi.

    Suddenly, he roared, and jumped toward Wei Yi.

    “Watch out!”

    Liu Yi quickly cautioned.

    “Relax, a mere evil ghost can do nothing to me. Watch this big miss!”

    Wei Yi said, finished executing her seal technique and pointed at that evil ghost.

    “Tuantuan! Civet Raging Flame!”

    “Meow! Meow!”

    That red civet fell from Wei Yi’s shoulder and onto the ground. It’s whole furs were covered with burning flame.

    She opened her small mouth, aimed it at the incoming evil ghost body, and, unexpectedly, spewed out a massive column of fire.

    This column of flame directly sprayed that evil Ghost, and immediately, sent him flying while simultaneously burned his body in the red roaring flame.

    “Haha! Now you know how powerful this lady is!”

    Wei Yi proudly said, “This is the fate for anyone who annoy this lady!”

    But when she was still in triumphant, that evil Ghost suddenly let out a huge roar. Dark smoke burst out and directly washed out the burning flame.

    The evil ghost stood up. It looked like he was unscathed.

    “How…how could this possible….”

    Wei Yi was stunned seeing the impressive display of Yin qi (previously evil qi; to differentiate from evil ghost) of that evil ghost.

    “My spirit flame….actually invalid!”

    “It’s because he’s a four star evil Ghost!”

    Liu Yi’s throat yelled, “Don’t confront him in a battle!”

    “This lady doesn’t need your command!”

    Wei Yi shouted back, unconvinced.

    “Tuantuan, don’t let others look down on us! Show them our skills!”


    That little cat let out a cry, her fur trembled. She seemed to fully support her master and roared at that evil Ghost.


    The evil Ghost was still standing there. Suddenly he opened his bloody mouth wide and loudly roared at the direction of Wei Yi.

    The sky changed its color.

    A sinister black wind suddenly howled out and curled along the ground toward Wei Yi.

    That sinister black wind swept the ground, cracking layers upon layers.

    Even the surrounding tombstones were cracked.

    Thus, it can be seen how terrible and frightening this sinister wind of that evil Ghost.

    That civet immediately wilted, whimpered, and returned to hide behind Wei Yi’s back.

    Wei Yi also cried in fright, with tearful eyes, and both legs slightly trembled.

    That evil ghost is seemingly without intelligent; He didn’t fully used his skills and can only moved according to his primitive impulse.

    After he frightened Wei Yi like that, he directly pounced toward her.

    “Wei Yi, watch out!”

    Liu Yi shouted. Both of his hands held an ice bomb. Then he threw it toward that evil ghost.

    “Plop! Plop!”

    Two ice balls blasted out on that evil ghost one after another, immediately freezing him in a layer of ice.

    But that evil Ghost burst out his Yin qi from his body, which immediately made the ice broke into pieces.

    “Ten steps to milk a man….your skill is too low….you can’t beat that evil ghost….”

    Wei Yi shouted.

    “Don’t look down on others, it’s you whose skill is low.”

    But Liu Yi actually used those two ice balls to delay that evil ghost. Seizing this chance, he stepped on ice-skates and rushed to the place between Wei Yi and that evil ghost.

    Meanwhile, his body jumped high and rushed toward that evil Ghost.

    “Ten steps to milk a man! You’re insane!”

    Wei Yi was scared silly, thinking.

    ‘This ten steps to milk a man, is he crazy?’

    “Hou! Hou!”

    Seemingly felt Liu Yi’s provocation, that evil ghost was even more brutal. His pair of claws moved toward the incoming Liu Yi to capture him.

    “Ugly, don’t be so arrogant!”

    Light flashed on top of his left hand.

    The sun print constantly glittered.

    The power of the great brilliant sun palm, this time, was used by Liu Yi to the max.

    He wanted to use this palm to remove Wei Yi from danger.

    At the same time, he wants to prove himself with this palm.

    “Liu Yi….you really are crazy….”

    Even Lin Tong couldn’t help but exclaim, again and again, thinking.

    ‘The opposite is a four star monster!’

    ‘It’s practically the same level as me!’

    ‘In front of him, Liu Yi is extremely weak!’

    ‘But Liu Yi unexpectedly want to make a direct confrontation with him!’

    “Go fuck yourself for me!”

    The evil ghost has arrived before Liu Yi. Liu Yi ruthlessly struck out his left palm.

    Immediately, that glittered sun print shiningly burst out.

    The chest of that evil ghost was directly hit, but he also grasped Liu Yi’s shoulder.

    Blood sputtered into the air.

    That evil ghost wailed. His entire body was shot down and smashed a large tombstone with a bang.

    “This guy….”

    Wei Yi stared, “Even a four star evil ghost was knocked down by him…My eyes didn’t deceive my right….”

    But Liu Yi’s body also fell to the ground. His shoulder was constantly bleeding.

    Liu Yi’s clothe was ripped on the shoulder, revealing three shocking scratch marks where blood constantly poured out. There’s a piece of black, covered the surrounding of those marks.

    “The yin poison has entered your body….”

    Lin Tong worriedly said, “Liu Yi, quickly expel the poison! Otherwise, it will be too late!”

    “I know….”

    Liu Yi was slightly weak. This yin poison has made his eyes slightly blackened.

    This afternoon, Liu Yi already had a fight, so, he haven’t had a good rest today.

    Now he received such a big wound, letting his life seemingly lost by half.

    “Truly a lunatic!”

    By this time, Wei Yi has run up to Liu Yi’s side and pasted her hand on his shoulder. A portion of immortal power rushed to enter Liu Yi’s body through his shoulder.

    Suddenly, Liu Yi’s shoulder was in pain. Black blood violently came out.

    Liu Yi almost screamed in pain.

    ‘Fuck me….’ He cursed.

    ‘This girl’s hand is heavy.’

    ‘But, she seems to try to help me….’


    Although Liu Yi succeeded in knocking down that evil Ghost, That evil Ghost didn’t completely collapse.

    He looked up from the ground. His gloomy eyes were fixed on Liu Yi and them.

    “Tuantuan! Let him experience your power!”

    Wei Yi was still helping Liu Yi expelling the poison and can’t be distracted.

    The civet, although she has some fear, she was loyal to her owner. Turning into a ball of flame, she rushed toward that evil ghost.

    The civet was very clever; She changed into a red fireball, constantly flying around, escaping from that evil Ghost’s claws.


    The civet suddenly fell to the ground, flew between that evil ghost’s crotch and finally hit his back.

    Immediately, that evil ghost staggered, and could not help but growled.

    The vicious wind continued to intermittently spined around that evil Ghost’s body.

    The fireball continued to fly around and, again and again, escaping from that evil ghost’s claw.

    “Tuantuan, you’re amazing, just hold on for a moment!”

    Wei Yi can’t help but yelled in pleasant surprise.

    ‘In just a moment, the poison on ten steps to milk a man will be completely expelled.’ She thought.

    But at this time, that evil ghost suddenly locked his gaze toward that fireball and blasted out a vicious wind.

    This vicious black wind swept across the air and attacked that fireball.

    Immediately, Tuantuan started to feel dizzy, staggered, and fell to the ground.


    Seeing that the cat fell to the ground, that evil ghost roared and rushed forward, ready to shred this cat who had angered him.


    Wei Yi suddenly alarmed, but it seemed too late if she wanted to save her civet.

    In a moment, that lovable civet will be caught by that evil spirit. Wei Yi‘s hand suddenly felt light.

    Liu Yi, who previously was still on her arm, has turned into a shadow and rushed out without her knowing it.

    His feet treaded on ice skates, still bleeding on the shoulder. But he nimbly folded his arms and saved Tuantuan from that evil ghost’s claw.