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Chapter 90 Easy To Master

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     “Huhu….scared me to death….”

    Wei Yi could not help but shed tears.

    Fortunately, Liu Yi’s action was prompted enough. Otherwise, Tuantuan would definitely die.

    The feeling between her and her civet was quite deep. Wei Yi can’t imagine what would she do if something bad happen to Tuantuan.


    His prey was suddenly robbed from him, the evil ghost went furious.

    His eyes swept away and fell on Wei Yi’s body.

    Suddenly he jumped up and sprang toward Wei Yi.

    Wei Yi was still celebrating, but she suddenly saw that terrible evil spirit coming at her and immediately started to shout.

    The civet Tuantuan has suffered serious injury, unable to help her master.

    Soon, that evil spirit has arrived in front of Wei Yi. Liu Yi’s figure appeared in the back of that evil spirit again, extended both of his hands and pulled back the evil Ghost’s neck, keeping the evil Ghost from pressing down.

    Wei Yi had closed her eyes in despair, but she didn’t feel the pain that she thought she would receive. Therefore, she opened her eyes to look.


    That evil Ghost’s hideous face has stopped in front of her face. His fangs continued to bite but never reached her.

    Liu Yi’s shoulder has received poisonous wounds, but he still went all out to hold back that evil Ghost’s neck. Because the strain was too much, the wounds on his shoulder continued to bleed.

    At that moment, Wei Yi’s heart couldn’t help but be heavily shocked about it.

    This man….was not a waste wood like what she imagined him to be….

    “Get back!”

    Holding the neck of that evil Ghost, Liu Yi has almost forgotten the pain on his shoulder.

    After biting several times to no avail, that evil Ghost suddenly reached out his hands, trying to grab Wei Yi.

    Wei Yi sat on the ground in fright while Liu Yi moved his hands toward the armpit of that evil Ghost and held him on the chest, preventing his movement, while simultaneously shouted at Wei Yi.

    “Do you have any weapon? Chop him!”

    Liu Yi’s potential suddenly burst out, making him able to tightly hold that evil ghost so that the Ghost unable to struggle, and can’t reach Wei Yi on the ground.

    “I, I’m a summoner….how could I bring a weapon….”

    Wei Yi grimaced.

    “Aren’t you blessed by the God! How come you don’t have any exceptional skill!”

    “You read too many novels! How could you believe all of that favored by the God thing!?”

    “Then what should we do!?”

    “You ask me, I ask who!?”


    Just when the two people were arguing, the evil Ghost finally broke out.

    A portion of Yin qi exploded out of that Ghost’s body, impacted Liu Yi’s chest head on, flew him backward, making his body directly crashed to a tombstone with a bang, and passed out there.

    “Hei, hei! Ten steps to milk a man….you, how could you just fainted like that!”

    Wei Yi saw this scene and could not help but nervously shouted, “You can’t leave this lady alone!”

    Her civet was badly injured; the vicious wind has entered the civet’s body, so, she could not use her summon this time.

    Without her spirit animal, Wei Yi was like a girl with no clothes on, easily trampled by others.

    “Hou! Hou!”

    That evil ghost seemed proud of himself, looking at the Moon above his head and howled twice.

    “His mother….are you a ghost or a beast….”

    Wei Yi really wanted to escape, but her legs didn’t live up to her expectation, still shivering. She didn’t even have the strength to crawl away, let alone escape.

    ‘Martial brother….master….dad, mom….’ She called them out in her heart one by one.

    ‘I, I will die here….’

    ‘Huhu, I was wrong. Later on, I will not be so rude and unreasonable….’

    ‘Who is going to save me….’

    At that moment, her past events flashed through Wei Yi’s mind.

    The evil ghost didn’t care that she was a big miss on such a school. He only thought the vitality of the person in front of him was matchless.

    He got up and rushed over again.

    Wei Yi was finally in a real despair.

    She sat there, waiting for the death to come.

    But at this moment, a red light suddenly flew and wrapped around the neck of that evil Ghost, and forcefully pulled back his body.

    “Even if you want to taste the beauty, you should not do it this way.”

    A playful voice came from behind him.

    Wei Yi was startled.

    She opened her eyes again and saw that the ten steps to milk a man, who initially lie on the rubble, had suddenly disappeared.

    In an instant, the one who climbed up was a tall man.

    That man’s long hair was silver, with a bundle of red thread behind his body.

    He appeared to be wearing ten steps to milk a man’s clothes!

    But that suit was slowly changing, and soon, a black gown that was extended out from the hem appeared on his body.

    The shoes on his feet have become a nice pair of boots

    The initially pale mask was now cut in half and turned into half fox mask, hiding out the man’s face and only revealing the man’s angular jaw.

    The most striking thing was, from the man’s body, erupted out an astonishingly thick Demonic qi!

    He stood there with the overwhelming amount of Demonic qi.

    But this eruption of Demonic qi was only temporary. In a flash, it was retracted inside his body.

    Presumably, in order to not attract his enemy!

    Meanwhile, the red scarf around his neck has turned into a strip of red scarf in his hand. Simultaneously, the other section of the scarf has wound the neck of that evil ghost.

    ‘This….’ Wei Yi thought.

    ‘Is he the previous ten steps to milk a man?

    ‘My God!’

    ‘How is this possible!’

    “Such a beautiful Moon, such a beautiful girl….But why there exist such a nuisance? It’s too ridiculous.”

    That silver-haired man stood there, one hand inside the pocket of his black dress, and the other hand holding the scarf, saying with a slight smile.

    “Cute little beauty, if I beat this fellow, let’s have a date.”

    A pair of golden eyes gazed through the holes on the mask and fell on Wei Yi’s body.

    Wei Yi’s heart beat immediately sped up.

    ‘This….how could this guy say such a shameful thing….’ She thought.

    ‘Is he really that ten steps to milk a man?’


    The evil Ghost suddenly roared, turned around, and torn the red scarf around his neck.

    “Ai….you broke my clothes, you must compensate.”

    Liu Yi retracted his, now short, scarf and put it on his neck.

    The evil ghost has locked his target again and rushed toward Liu Yi.

    “Watch out!”

    Wei Yi can’t help but warn.

    “You don’t need to be too concerned about me.”

    Liu Yi turned his head and hang an evil smile on his mouth as he said to Wei Yi.

    “Otherwise, my heart will be moved.”

    Wei Yi was red-faced, thinking.

    ‘Is this guy’s mouth smeared with honey?’

    That evil Ghost flew and, in a blink of an eye, arrived in front of Liu Yi and attacked him unceasingly.

    But Liu Yi launched his spirit fox steps, acting like a completely different person from his clumsy appearance moments ago.

    He deftly walked around the side of that evil Ghost and continued to avoid his claws.

    “It turned out to be a four star, except there’s no intelligence, only brute force.”

    “I never thought I would be in such a situation where I have to play ‘catch the chicken’ with this guy. Little Fox, what method did you use to teach the other me.”

    Lin Tong, who was on his shoulder, trembled and didn’t dare to speak.

    “Pretty little Fox, you don’t have to be afraid of me. Actually, for a beauty, I’ve always been tolerant.”

    Liu Yi saw that Lin Tong was afraid and could not help crookedly smiled, “As long as you train well the other me, I will allow you to exist. However, if you want to move against me….hehe….”

    With that, his murderous aura burst out, letting Lin Tong’s heart skipped a beat.

    Not because she was moved, but because she was afraid. She thought.

    ‘This Liu Yi….is really terrible….’

    How could I….create such a monster!’

    That evil Ghost suddenly opened his mouth, seemingly wanted to use his old trick to catch Liu Yi just as he caught Tuantuan off guard.

    A sinister black wind swept out and destroyed the tombstone that blocked its path.

    But Liu Yi, as the evil Ghost opened his mouth, has quickly dodged and appeared in midair. Both of his feet was stepping on top of that evil Ghost’s head as he said with a smile.

    “Again and again, you only tossed out those kinds of moves. When near your body, you send out you claws. When you were under pressure, you burst out your Yin qi, and your big move is spurting out the vicious wind. The fellow with three tricks, your continuous usage of these three moves is lame.”


    That evil Ghost suddenly brandished both of his claws toward the top of his head, trying to capture Liu Yi.

    But Liu Yi took a step and deftly moved away from that evil Ghost’s head, and lightly touched the ground.

    “This old trick again.”

    Liu Yi said, his body flashed, and he brandished both of his hands.

    He condensed his demonic force in his left hand, and immortal power in his right hand, and then, at the same time, heavily slapped the evil Ghost’s head on both of his ears.


    One red and one white, two lights brightly blasted out, blooming like fireworks.

    That evil Ghost was directly blown off by half. The other half continued to discharge Yin qi, and his whole body staggeringly wandered on the ground.

    Liu Yi, with the help from the shock wave of the explosion, flew far away, and landed on top of a tombstone, watching the swaying devil ghost as he said.

    “Little Fox, later on, pass this to the other me. In this world, no enemy Boss can’t be thrown away. You only need a certain kind of skill,”

    With that, the evil Ghost fell to the ground with a loud bang, raising up the dust.

    Liu Yi clapped his hands, turned into the wind, and suddenly arrived on the side of Wei Yi.

    He held out a hand, then gently hooked Wei Yi’s chin, and said.

    “The evil Ghost has been removed, aren’t we supposed to have a date?”

    “I, I….”

    Wei Yi’s face was crimson red, her heart rate sped up, and her brain was a bit pale.


    Liu Yi put out a finger to her lips and gently said, “If you don’t want to make me sad, don’t refuse me.”

    If these words were said by someone else, Wei Yi would surely feel disgusted.

    But this was said by ten steps to milk a man; the result was, her face blushed!

    She didn’t know this was the effect of the Friendly Aura as well as the Golden Eyes.

    The Moonlight flowed.

    Liu Yi suddenly bent over, as if he was going to kiss her.

    Wei Yi’s body somewhat instantly stiffed.

    ‘Must reject…,must reject….’ She thought.

    ‘Huhu….how come I can’t move my body….’

    ‘Oh God….I’m going to be kissed….’

    ‘This is my first kiss….’

    ‘This ten steps to milk a man….will actually take my first kiss….’