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Chapter 92 I Am Your Dad?

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Wenren Qian’s face became even more depressed.

    “Don’t pay attention to their envy. You are the reincarnation of the Great God, the hope of our Great God Religion. This Leader at that time, after seeing your true body, decided to save you and raise you to this day.”

    Wenren Qian slightly shook her head.

    “Dear daughter, I know what you’re thinking.”

    That leader quickly added, “Don’t be confused. All that we’ve done was to strive hard for the New World. There might be some sacrifices to this endeavor. But, since the ancient times, those who struggle will bleed. Those people did not die in vain, they will ultimately return into the arms of the Great God.”

    With that, his face looked upright, and said, “Don’t forget, how your parents died. This world is dirty, messy, full of corruption and desire. What we want to do, is to wash the sins of the World, and establish a New World. For this New World, you have to work hard.”

    Wenren Qian nodded. Her look gradually became firm.

    “Good. Dear daughter, since the Ghost servant was dead, continue to develop a new Ghost servant. For our plan, for our Great God Religion, for the New World, you can do it. Dear daughter, this Leader believes in you.”

    Finished speaking, that fire changed into a pointed flame and instantly dissipated.

    Wenren Qian stood up, her gaze suddenly locked onto a section of a red piece of cloth on the ground.

    She picked up the rag in her hand and gently sniffed twice.

    A fire came up in front of her, which formed the image of Liu Yi.

    First, it was the black suited Liu Yi, then the demonic Liu Yi.

    But, no matter what image, there was a mask on his face.

    ‘Who could it be….’

    Wenren Qian thought in her mind, ‘He should be a human, but, why would he have a demonic energy? Strange.’

    Compared with the matter of the Ghost servant, Wenren Qian was more curious about this person.

    She didn’t know if in the future she can have the opportunity to meet with this guy.

    It seems like, in this world, there is another strange existence other than herself.

    But at this time, the man that made Wenren Qian curious suddenly woke up from the bed.

    “Wei Yi, quickly run!”

    Liu Yi sat up with cold sweat.

    “Run your sister!”

    Lin Tong lie on his bed, lazily stretched herself and said.

    ‘This version of Liu Yi is the best….’

    Lin Tong said in her heart.

    When this version of Liu Yi emerged, Lin Tong felt a strange kind of intimacy.

    “You’re in your home now.”


    Liu Yi was surprised and looked around to discover that he was not in the cemetery anymore, but on his bed in his home.

    There was no light in the room, only the faint Moonlight reflected into the room from the outside.

    ‘When did I come back….’ Liu Yi thought.

    His last memory was pulling the evil Ghost away from Wei Yi….

    But after that….he can’t remember anything?

    “Was my second personality awakened?”

    Liu Yi anxiously asked Lin Tong in a hurry.

    “Could you possibly sleepwalk back into your house?”

    “He awakened again….”

    Liu Yi touched the headache in his forehead, “What about Wei Yi, what happened to her? And what about that evil Ghost?”

    He asked as he took off the mask.

    Wearing that mask made his breathing somewhat uncomfortable.

    “The evil Ghost was killed by you.”


    Liu Yi was stunned, thinking.

    ‘That was a level four evil Ghost!’

    ‘With my two star strength, I was able to kill him?’

    “Yes, the other you want me to tell you that, even if you face with a superior opponent, as long as you understand their skills, you can find a way to defeat them.”

    The little Fox yawned and said.

    After a big day without resting, she was a bit tired now.

    When Liu Yi haven’t woke up just now, she has stood by his side.

    And now Liu Yi was awake, his injury was also a lot better now. So, she felt relieved.

    Her eyelids have become somewhat heavy.

    Her spiritual strength was spent….

    She didn’t know when she would be able to break from the seal, and return to her original body….

    “These words are difficult for me to accept….”

    Liu Yi rubbed his temples, feeling a headache, thinking.

    ‘The other me….’

    ‘Is actually so formidable….’

    He vaguely felt somewhat afraid.

    ‘Will there be a day, the other me confront and attack me and then become the real me?’

    ‘It looks like the only way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to go all out and make myself formidable….’

    ‘Previously, when the other me awake, I, at the very least, can still retain my consciousness.’

    ‘Now….I immediately stay unconscious….’

    “So what if it were difficult….this lady haven’t said anything difficult….”

    Lin Tong was talking, but her voice was getting smaller and smaller, and finally fell asleep.

    Liu Yi came down from the bed and decided to throw this matter into the back of his head, and looked for a task again.

    He skillfully turned on the computer and checked on the mission that he took today.

    He initially wanted to just casually check, but he was suddenly surprised and almost shouted out.

    ‘Fuck me….’ He exclaimed in his heart.

    ‘How could this mission automatically became a D-rank mission!?’

    ‘The bonus also directly turned into 10000!’

    ‘I am rich. I am rich….’

    ‘Did Wei Yi change it?’

    ‘Unexpectedly, this girl also has such a good side….’

    ‘Although she was a bit tenderly barbaric, but at least her heart is quite good.’

    ‘She can still be reformed, hehe….’

    Liu Yi can’t help but please.

    After earning ten thousand for the night, he was very excited.

    ‘If only everyday I can earn ten thousand, I could make three hundred thousand in a month! And my yearly salary will be three million!’

    ‘Fuck me. This would make me the Prince Charming for the girls!’

    Liu Yi can’t help but fantasize all kinds of things.

    Afterward, he suddenly remembered that the didn’t have the ability to complete the D-rank mission yet….

    But for now, an E-rank mission was actually not bad….

    In addition, the E-rank mission in Northern Dragon City was not particularly many. In a month, six or seven mission can already be counted as a lot.

    It can be said, he can earn money up to seven times in a month….

    However, that was still a lot.

    For a student like him, he can be counted as fairly well off.

    If he persist in doing this for a year, at least, he wouldn’t have any issue with the college tuition.

    ‘Yes, Liu Yi, come on, you can do it!’

    Liu Yi believed he would achieve this goal.

    ‘What Murong Hong? Could it be only the rich who can decide everything!?’

    ‘Money, I Liu Yi, can also earn!’

    ‘Now I am only a two star. If I continue to cultivate, my strength will continue to make progress.’

    ‘When one day I have the same strength as that Li Biyue, I will be able to do the high level mission!’

    ‘When the time comes, a single A-level mission will give me a ten million….’

    ‘I will definitely earn money much faster than Murong Hong!’


    Liu Yi’s eyes already began to emit golden light.

    If Lin Tong was awake, she would think that Liu Yi has opened his golden eyes.

    When Liu Yi was still in a state of euphoric, there was suddenly a thumping sound on the balcony door.

    Liu Yi suddenly awoke.

    ‘This must be that girl Ma Yuanyuan!’

    ‘This girl doesn’t know how to enter through the main entrance!’

    ‘Fortunately, I remember to close the balcony door. Otherwise, this girl will definitely run into my room to make trouble.’

    Liu Yi cleared the task and shut down the computer, and then came to the front of the balcony.

    Soon, the cute little girl in pink pajama came into Liu Yi’s view.

    This girl was lying on the balcony door glass. Her cute little mouth angrily looked at him.

    Her protruding chest was pressed against the glass, making Liu Yi’s heart slightly beat faster, thinking.

    ‘This girl….did she ever pay attention to this….’

    ‘She is so used to be unbridled in front of me….’

    Liu Yi stepped forward and opened the balcony door key.

    “Hateful silly ox, why did you lock the balcony door!”

    After Ma Yuanyuan entered the room, she directly came to his face to criticize him.

    “Don’t you know that it’s Autumn now! This princess almost froze to death outside! You actually locked the door!”

    With that, Ma Yuanyuan folded her arms and shook twice.

    “Why don’t you come to your home!”

    Liu Yi can’t help but say, “If you can’t open this door, you can always go back to your room….”

    “There’s nobody home. Grandma went out playing Mahjong, and sister have not come….”

    This girl pursed her mouth and said.

    ‘Ma Yixuan haven’t come home?’ Liu Yi thought.

    Liu Yi’s heart was slightly uncomfortable, but it was soon gone.

    His feelings for Ma Yixuan has indeed reduced a lot.

    “By the way, big silly ox, do you have any plan on the first of October (TL: A Week Long National Holiday in Mainland China, on 1st May, and 1st Oct)?”

    “I don’t know….I still don’t know how many days it will be for my school….”

    Liu Yi was quite vexed.

    Each time there was a Holiday, it will only for a few days….

    His school cheated him of his holidays….

    But this will be a compulsory National Holiday, so the school must give the students their vacation days on this holiday.

    On the other hand, the school has put some counter measures. On Saturday and Sunday, the students actually have to attend the classes.

    In summary, it’s basically the same as reducing the vacation days.

    And to make up for the holidays, the optional seven days class will be a compulsory now!

    This is a total rip-off! Truly a catastrophic disaster!

    Thinking about this holiday, Liu Yi became even more distressed.

    ‘Might as well not to have this holiday!’

    When Liu Yi was depressed, Ma Yuanyuan also said.

    “Big silly ox, in that Holiday, for several days our school will hold the Autumn sports competition! There’s an event that needs the parents participation….you, can you come and act as my parents?”


    Liu Yi was surprised, thinking.

    ‘How could I look like this girl’s parent?’

    He touched his chin, ‘Do I look old?’

    “What should I do if you don’t go!? I initially want to ask my sister for that event! Who knows she has no free time now! Do you want me to be laughed at by my schoolmates?”

    “This….do I look like your father….”

    Liu Yi asked.

    “Die! Die!”

    Ma Yuanyuan immediately stepped on Liu Yi’s foot, and angrily said, “Can’t you pretend to be my brother?”

    “Ah, right, ha….now you see how my brain is….”

    Liu Yi patted his head, thinking, ‘So many things happened today, letting my head somewhat insufficient.’

    “Humph, that’s why I call you big silly ox! This matter is settled. Our games will be on wednesday, you must come at that day!”

    “Wait a minute! I still have a class that day!”

    Liu Yi said in his heart, ‘My school used to have the Autumn sports competition!’

    ‘But my school is cheating! Now, my school only have one sports competition, and that’s in spring.’

    ‘The second and third year students used to participate in these events, but then the school decided that studying is more important. Those sports event, thus relegated to the younger students.’

    Thinking about this, Liu Yi was almost in tears.

    “I don’t care, no matter what, you’ve promised to this princess! It’s settled! You must come on Wednesday, or else you die!”

    With that, the girl happily went back to her home through the balcony, bouncing and humming.

    Liu Yi’s head hurt; hurt from various problems.

    “This is bad….How could I explain this to teacher….oh, no, fuck! This father hasn’t written my weekend homework! It’s finished….It’s completely finished….”