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Chapter 95 You Are A Bastard

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi and Chen Cai looked back and saw Wang Yuzheng, who was carrying a bag, happened to pass by here. Kevin kneeling in front of Liu Yi was clearly saw by her.

    After she had found out that Liu Yi has noticed her, Wang Yuzheng went pale, turned around and ran away.

    “Boss, this chick seems to be afraid of you!”

    Chen Cai on the side seemed unaware and put oil to the fire.

    Liu Yi really wanted to kick this guy.

    Damn, aren’t this all because of him!

    He was really unfortunate that Wang Yuzheng always bumps into him at inopportune times like this.

    Are the two of them really unsuitable to each other?

    Perhaps in this girl’s eyes, he should be a heinous and evil villain….

    “Bos Liu….can, can I go now….”

    That kneeling Kevin weakly asked.


    Liu Yi let Lin Tong helped him so that when he look at the top of Kevin’s head, he saw a floating number, Fear: +40. He didn’t bother questioning the origin of that.

    ‘This guy….’ He thought.

    He turned his head and saw the beautiful back of Wang Yuzheng.

    Suddenly, he saw a number floating on top of Wang Yuzheng’s head, Fear: +10.

    ‘Sure enough, this girl is afraid of him.’

    ‘She’s too innocent. If a guy like me is wicked, then how could there be a good guy in this world?’

    ‘I, Liu Yi am a good man, a truly good man!’ He declared to himself after arriving on this thought.

    When Kevin was about to get up and ran away, Liu Yi put out a hand to stop him.

    “Wait a minute!”

    “B, boss….what, what do you want….”

    Kevin was scared and almost wet his pant.

    ‘How could this Liu Yi be so indeterminate….’ He thought.

    ‘Could it be that he find my face handsome…therefore ….want me to satisfy his unusual hobby?’

    ‘Oh! NO! Absolutely not!’

    ‘However, Liu Yi is the most powerful now….’

    ‘If he wants to do something to me….perhaps I won’t be able to resist him.’

    ‘I just hope he won’t be too rough on me.’

    Without knowing Kevin’s unscrupulous thought, Liu Yi asked.

    “Am I not a good person?”


    Kevin, who was planning to lie on the wall and take his pants off, heard such a question from Liu Yi, suddenly went silly.

    “I’m asking you, am I a good person?”

    Liu Yi asked in earnest.

    “Heaven! Boss, how could you be a good person!”

    Kevin quickly flattered him, “Good person are those that can’t find a girlfriend….You are the tyrant in our school! Your evilness is awesome!”

    The previous Yuan Shaujun likes to hear this kind of flattery, so he assumed Liu Yi would also like it.

    “Get the hell out of here!”

    Unexpectedly, Liu Yi sent out a curse instead.

    Kevin, who was unaware of the situation, scared and ran away.

    ‘Liu Yi is too eccentric, too terrible….’ He thought.

    “Ai….how could you just let him go like this….what a pity.”

    Chen Cai could not help but complain, “I haven’t take my revenge on him!”

    “What revenge!”

    Liu Yi gave his friend a dirty look, “This is just relying on strength to bully the weak. What’s the difference between this and Yuan Shaojun?”

    “Give me one good reason.”

    Chen Cai pursed his lips, “In this society if you don’t bully other people, other people will bully you!”

    “I don’t think so, there are still many good people in this society.”

    Liu Yi said, “The bad guy is only a part of it.”

    “Even if the bad guy is only a part of it, it’s still a part of a headache.”

    Chen Cai shrugged his shoulder, “Boss, I don’t have any power, but if I do, I will go and try to change this part. I don’t want to argue with you about this useless truth! I’m going to buy a pen! There’s going to be a quiz today….”

    With that, this fellow bounced downstairs.

    While Liu Yi stood there, his heart was moved, thinking.

    ‘If I have the power, I should change this part?’

    “Fox sister….can you tell me, what should I do….”

    Liu Yi found himself trapped in confusion.

    Lin Tong lay on the shoulder of Liu Yi, looking at the initially ordinary, but now face with an uncertain future teenager.

    Every immortal cultivator will face such a mental dilemma.

    When a person suddenly gains power, not everyone will want to be a superhero. Some people become selfish and act like the unscrupulous thug.

    Liu Yi was having such dilemma right now.

    Fortunately, Liu Yi’s nature was honest and kind-hearted. Otherwise, the demonic and evil qi within his body would certainly lead hit toward the path of no return.

    Under the influences of these two forces, plus the matters that he recently encountered, Liu Yi’s mind was constantly changing.

    In the end, what will he become, Lin Tong herself is not too certain.

    She thought that she is a prodigy in the Fox family. But now, she was like an ordinary silly girl, who can only walk step by step, following Liu Yi at his side.

    “Don’t listen to Kevin’s nonsense. This lady thinks that you, the fool, is a good man.”

    “Huh? Really?”

    Liu Yi’s heart was moved, he was somewhat happy.

    Lin Tong rolled her eyes, ‘oh great, now he also wants to hear people calling him good person.’ She thought.

    ‘This lady has just given you a good person card, hello!’

    ‘You actually happy about this.’

    ‘Such a rare and unusual person!’

    Liu Yi didn’t know what’s inside Lin Tong’s mind, so his heart was a lot comfortable now. He turned and went to the classroom.

    “Liu Yi, why did you run away last night?”

    Entering the classroom, Liu Yi was immediately confronted by Murong Die, who tenderly scolded him.

    “You didn’t wait for this lady, and left without any warning!”

    “What….I have something to do last night, so I left in a hurry.”

    Liu Yi quickly said.

    This girl….can not be provoked….

    “Liu Yi gege, are you alright?!”

    The nearby Wang Lele reached out with her hands and started to touch Liu Yi’s body.

    People who don’t know the situation would assume that Wang Lele is sexually assaulting Liu Yi.

    “You, what are you doing….”

    Although he was touched by a beauty, Liu Yi was still a bit nervous.

    He always thought that Wang Lele was somewhat scary.

    “I heard from sis’ Die that you’re hurt! It’s very serious! Quickly take off your shirt, let me see it!”

    Wang Lele said, and reached out to take off Liu Yi’s uniform while still happily exclaimed, “I never saw someone who has such a big scar! Just let me look!”


    Liu Yi was shedding cold sweat.


    Murong Die didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, pulled the sex-mad Wang Lele to the side, and then said.

    “In short, you didn’t even say a word to me before you left; you should not do that!”

    Thinking about yesterday, when she found that Liu Yi has left, Murong Die was at a lost, and her heart was very uncomfortable.

    ‘Murong Die oh Murong Die….’ She thought.

    ‘Do you really like this man?’

    ‘Impossible, you are the big miss of the Murong Family!’

    ‘How could you fancy such a boy!’

    ‘For so many years, you didn’t even spare a glance toward those rich and handsome young master.’

    ‘Why are you keep thinking about this fellow!’

    ‘That’s right. This must be because he doesn’t pay attention to me while I never want to lose out to someone!’

    ‘M, I must continue to pursue him, and then give him a merciless rejection!’

    ‘That’s right! Just like that!’

    “Then let me apologize to you.”

    Liu Yi said.

    “That’s it?”

    Murong Die looked at Liu Yi in surprise.

    “Of course, otherwise, what else you want me to do?”

    “You, you, you!”

    Murong Die thought that Liu Yi was just like a log!

    How could there be a boy such as him!

    “Our sis’ Die mean, you have to compensate to sis’ Die!”

    Wang Lele at the side said with a smile.


    Liu Yi suddenly understood, “Oh! That’s right, I almost forgot. I still owe you the Hot spicy soup! Rest assured. I will certainly pay it!”

    “What does this have to do with the hot spicy soup….”

    Murong Die’s face twitched, thinking.

    ‘How could it be so difficult to make this man grasp the point?’

    “Forget it! This is for you!”

    Murong Die said and pulled out a brand new cell phone from her school uniform’s pocket.

    When Liu Yi took a look, my god, it was a new iPhone!

    Suddenly, many envious eyes on the classroom fell on that black iPhone.

    It was a new iPhone!

    They heard that it was a superb machine, but unfortunately, it was too expensive, how could these students afford it!

    Liu Yi is really fortunate.

    Not only he obtained the favor of Murong Die, she even gave him a good cell phone….

    Too much of a good thing!

    ‘Murong Die is really blind, Liu Yi was inferior to me, how could she choose Liu Yi instead of me!’

    The boys thought in resentment.

    “Why do you want to give me this?”

    Liu Yi was surprised to see Murong Die handed him a mobile phone and asked.

    “Didn’t your phone break yesterday? Use this.”

    Murong Die said, “You brought me to my home yesterday, so consider this as the replacement.”

    “Thank you, but I can’t accept it.”

    Unexpectedly, Liu Yi refused, making many of the boys in the class shocked, thinking.

    ‘If you don’t want it, I want it! Give it to me!’


    Murong Die’s face was incredulous, and then, as if remembering something, smiled, “It seems your pride is at stake. Rest assured, this is for you bringing me back home yesterday. Your phone was broken, I’m also related to that. So, you can accept this gift.”

    “I still don’t want that. It’s too expensive.”

    Liu Yi shook his head. He is saying that he doesn’t want to receive any gift from Murong Family.

    With that, from his bag, he pulled out a set of folded jeans and handed it to Murong Die.

    “And here’s the jeans. I give it back to you.”

    “Liu Yi! What do you mean by this!”

    Murong Die’s complexion suddenly turned pale.

    The nearby Wang Lele was surprised to see them.

    She was unclear why these two people, who have such a good relation yesterday, suddenly became so stiff today?

    ‘Why Liu Yi gege want to return the jeans back?’ She wondered.

    ‘Isn’t this the matching outfit for the three of us?’

    “Murong Die, I appreciate your kindness. But I think, if I have to get something, it should be because of my hard work. If you consider me as a good friend and respect me, take this stuff back.”

    “Liu Yi….I ask you again, do you want it or not!”

    Murong Die put the set of jeans on the table, as well as the iPhone in her hand. Her eyes suddenly turned sour.

    At this moment, she wanted to cry.

    “I’m sorry, I’m not…”

    “Liu Yi, you bastard!”

    Murong Die took the phone and the set of jeans on the table, and directly waved them at Liu Yi’s face, and then turned to run out of the classroom.

    Wang Lele hurriedly went after her, but before that, she left some words to Liu Yi.

    “Liu Yi gege, you’re an idiot!”

    Lin Tong also spookily said the sentence, “This time….you really are a bit too much….”

    Liu Yi was a bit silly, blinked his eyes a few times, thinking, ‘what kind of situation is this?’