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Chapter 97 Porcelain King

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Liu Yi didn’t know that danger is quietly approaching him.

    At this time, he took advantage of the lunch break to buy a cell phone on a nearby mobile phone store.

    His phone was broken, which is very inconvenient.

    In any case, he has some spare cash to spend. Thus, it doesn’t hurt to buy something he needs.

    This mobile phone shop is quite large. There were a lot of people buying phones there. There was also some young pretty female shopping guide that greeted the customer with a smile.

    Liu Yi approached the store, but he didn’t understand these things and wanted to find a guide of purchase to consult.

    The present smartphone are getting smarter by the day, and Liu Yi wanted to buy a good one with internet access so that he can take the mission directly from the phone.

    Liu Yi went to the counter and looked for a long time.

    However, because he was dressed in school uniform, nobody paid attention to him.

    Liu Yi’s time was limited, so he couldn’t possibly waste it here.

    He saw the shopping guide next to him enthusiastically introduce a mobile phone to a fat man wearing a mink fur, therefore, can’t bear but come and asked.

    “Beauty, can you help me about the cell phones?”

    Who knew, that beauty gave him an eye, and said.

    “You can check out the phone by yourself. That side has a demo stage with demo models that you can play, don’t disturb our work.”

    Such a poor student who came to try and play a new phone model or just wanted to window shop has been seen by her far too many!

    How could she gave her time to provide them with the presentation, it is a waste of time!

    “I didn’t come to look for a phone. I came to buy a phone!”

    Liu Yi emphasized.

    “You? Want to buy a cell phone?”

    Because the beauty took the time to talk with Liu Yi, the fat man turned away impatiently.

    The beauty was a bit disappointed, while at the same time, unhappily said to Liu Yi.

    “There’s a shop for second-hand cell phone across the street from here, go there and take a look, perhaps it has something that suits you.”

    “You this fellow, how could you have such a dog vision (TL: Snob)!”

    “Who did you say has the dog’s eyes?”

    The shopping guide beauty suddenly pinched her waist, and provocatively said to Liu Yi, “You can’t afford to buy a cell phone but still came to stir up trouble! Humph, this is not a place for a poor student like you!”

    “Who says I can’t afford?”

    Liu Yi suddenly sneered, held out his hand and pulled out a stack of thick red Grandpa Mao (100 yuan bill) and patted it on his palm.

    In the morning, on the way to school, he took out 3000 yuan to buy a new phone.

    Liu Yi didn’t have the time to research the price of a cell phone. Therefore, he took out more than necessary in case it’s not enough.

    “Oh, young boss, what kind of phone do you want, I’ll help you recommend!”

    Seeing this grandpa Mao, the beautiful shopping guide’s eyes suddenly lit up and joyfully said.

    ‘That’s a lot of money!’ She thought.

    ‘If he buys an expensive phone, I’ll get a lot of commission!’

    “You’re not afraid I’m a poor student?”

    “Oh, how could I! Little boss look rich, your forehead shines, and you bring honor to our humble store!”

    This beauty suddenly turned 180 degrees from the rude and crass demeanor just a moment ago.

    Liu Yi felt as though he was dealing with two completely different people.

    “I better go check the second-hand store across the street, in any case, it’s not far isn’t it?”

    “Come on! How could there be any good phone on the second-hand market? Those are the worthless refurbished phones. After you buy, it will easily break! If you buy here, there’s a guarantee!”

    The beauty quickly said.

    “Hehe, very well.”

    Liu Yi’s heart was filled with emotion.

    ‘No wonder people say, money makes the world go around.’

    ‘Money can make a beauty smile!’

    “Help me find a smartphone with quick internet!”

    “Smartphone! I recommend this Samsung, it’s only 3998! It has 3G internet access and the latest Android….”

    “I want the domestic brand.”


    Liu Yi’s word made that beauty directly fell to Hell.

    Domestic phone….

    There’s only small commission in Domestic phone….

    Most Chinese brands are focused on price, a good spec could be bought around 1000.

    Although the appearance is less appealing than the imported one, the actual feature is not that different.

    Her commission in selling domestic brand is so small compared to the imported one.

    Unless it’s a knockoff.

    But they don’t have any knock off in their store….

    This student….obviously brings a lot of money, but why he’s a cheapskate!

    “How could domestic brand be compared to the imported one!”

    The beauty rolled her eyes, and said with a glib tongue, “If you want to buy a phone, you might as well buy the big brand. The quality is excellent, and it has guaranteed, the price will not fall too!”

    “Oh? The Chinese brand phone will depreciate?”

    Hearing this, Liu Yi could not help but scoff, “You’re also made in China, do you think your value has depreciated?”

    “I, don’t….mean it like that….”

    The beauty, for a time, didn’t know what to say.

    “I want a domestic brand, recommend something for me.”

    Liu Yi insisted.

    If he didn’t support his country’s own product, then how could they develop?

    “You can buy this one.”

    The beauty lazily reached out a black large screen phone from behind the counter and placed it on top of the counter.

    “Dual-core, 1GB RAM, powered by Android 2.2 system. It has 3G Network, fast, and less expensive, only 980 yuan.”

    “Then I’ll take it. With the beauty discount, it should be 400 right?”

    “Can you not tease me! This is not a grocery shopping, how could you bargain the price! 980, take it or leave it!”

    This beauty thought that she can finally be unyielding.

    A mobile phone store like this has clearly set all the price tag in advance and clearly displayed it for all to see.

    “Alright then, I’ll take it.”

    Liu Yi has no other way, sooner or later he will use a cell phone, to be able to accept the E-rank mission, which is not many, on the go.

    If he has the phone, he can easily receive the mission and whatnot.

    The beauty gave Liu Yi the purchase note, then he paid the money, and received the phone.

    Although the phone’s appearance is a bit foolish, Liu Yi thought that it’s pretty good!

    This one is easier to use than his previous phone.

    “Go to the nearby KFC, and download the app.”

    Lin Tong urged Liu Yi, “With the app, it’s even more convenient.”

    “I’ll be damn….your immortal cultivation website….actually has an Android app?”

    “Science and Technology can make life more productive….you see, isn’t this more convenient?”

    Liu Yi, hearing Lin Tong’s explanation, was helpless.

    He took the cell phone and returned the money to his pocket, and walked out.

    But Liu Yi didn’t notice the old man that came out from the phone store and followed behind him.

    Ma Yuxin was this street famous porcelain king.

    To put it bluntly, it’s the ‘bumping into porcelain.’

    This Ma Yuxin was holding a dozen of teapots that he bought on the second-hand market. Walking briskly, he soon overtook Liu Yi and went to a far away spot and then took a turn, standing around the corner.

    He was watching Liu Yi coming toward him as he thought. ‘Kid, you’re out of luck, If I don’t fleece you today, l have to apologize to grandpa Mao!’

    Liu Yi was toying with his smartphone, head down, and walked straight ahead.

    At that time, Liu Yi felt a gust of wind rushed toward him from the left.

    He unconsciously took two steps back, from the corner on the left, an old man suddenly came lunging toward him.

    The old man looked surprised, staggered two steps, then fell to the ground.

    The teapot in his hand dropped to the ground and broke into pieces.

    The old man was a bit silly, thinking.


    ‘This is not supposed to happen….’

    ‘How could this kid avoid that….’

    ‘Bad….this is not like the scenario!’

    “Old man….are you okay?”

    Liu Yi saw the old man fell and quickly asked.

    “Oh, my treasured teapot!”

    To Liu Yi’s surprise, the old man suddenly burst into tears, and then his hand held on Liu Yi’s leg, crying.

    “You pay my teapot, pay my broken teapot….This is my lifeblood, an antique from Qianlong Era….” (TL: 18th Century Emperor)

    Liu Yi was dumbfounded, thinking, ‘Your mother! What the hell is this!’

    Suddenly they were surrounded by crowds of onlookers, each trying to position themselves to the front for a better view.

    Liu Yi was somewhat anxious, the class was about to begin soon, but he was entangled with such a matter!

    “Old man, you’re wrong! You fell yourself, why do you want me to compensate for that!”


    Ma Yuxin immediately said, “My old person’s body is hard! My legs and feet are also strong, if not for you walking with head down without looking at the road ahead, how could you bump into me, how could I fall! Those teapots from the Qianlong Era are the gift from the Emperor! If you don’t settle this matter today, don’t ever think you could leave!”

    With that, he tightly grabbed Liu Yi’s leg and wouldn’t budge one bit.

    Liu Yi felt a headache.

    “Haha, idiot, you’ve bumped into a porcelain!” (TL: a person who pretend to be hit to ask for compensation)

    Lin Tong, lie on Liu Yi’s shoulder, clapped her two little paws, cheering.

    “This is so much fun! I’ve heard from my master that there’s such a person, today I finally meet with one of them! I’m so happy!”

    ‘Happy your sister….’ Liu Yi grumbled in his heart

    ‘This is taking pleasure in other’s misfortune!’

    Liu Yi’s headache was getting big.

    He can subdue the demon and slay the devil, but he was helpless against this old man’s pestering.

    ‘What should I do?’ He thought.

    ‘Hit him?’

    In any case, the man is old….Liu Yi can’t bring himself to strike an old man.


    ‘But how could I run, with so many people around plus the old man clutching my leg….unless I can fly!’

    Liu Yi was miserable beyond description.

    “My teapots….oh, my Emperor gift’s teapots….If you don’t pay me money, I won’t let you go!”

    Ma Yuxin held Liu Yi’s arm while his eyes greedily looked at Liu Yi’s right pocket.

    ‘That pocket has several thousands of cash….’ Ma Yuxin thought.

    ‘This money will be mine today!’

    “Old man….I don’t have any money….”

    Liu Yi was forced to pretend to be poor.

    He didn’t know that Ma Yuxin has been eyeing on him since he entered the phone store.

    “No money? Even if you have no money, you can’t leave!”

    Ma Yuxin thought.

    ‘Want to trick me? I know if you have money or not!’

    “I see that you’re still a student, so, I don’t want to embarrass you. 2000, compensate me for 2000, and I consider this matter settled, what do you think?”

    Ma Yuxin started using a psychological trick.

    Liu Yi’s heart thumped.

    ‘A coincidence?’

    ‘I happen to have 2000 in my pocket.’

    ‘This matter seems a bit strange….’

    Liu Yi thought that something was not right.

    But Lin Tong didn’t comment anything, she just watched the fun from the side.

    At this time, from behind the crowd, a familiar voice suddenly snapped.

    “Move away, move away! The police are handling the case!”